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A couple doodles of some randomly generated characters



  • Say @Etellek ; when you get a attribute/cornerstone that gives you extra stuff, do you roll for the random items and incorporate those into your designs or nah?
  • Oh man, I seriously love your drawings! I see many people asking if you do comissions and I really am not surprised!
  • @Dart nawh I just use the race, class, attribute and cornerstone. Probably if I wanted to make a highly detailed character I'd go all out with items and stuff
  • @Etellek He looks like an Ilo, also if you pronounce it ee-lo then the eel part kind of sounds like "ild" the Norwegian word for fire. He's a fire Wizard, right?
  • Holy cow that Kobold Wizard is amazing! <3
  • @Etellek Dang these are some fine looking drawings. 
    Keep up the great work. :)
  • These are awesome. I think my favorite is the Kobold Wizard as well, but I really like your Porc, Gnomes and Elves. Could we use your art on tiles in fan games?
  • Going to just.. revive this thread here to just say how awesome these are @Etellek ! Hopefully you start these up again
  • @Toruk Good man, good man. 
  • When someone sees amazing art I do my best to make sure it is always recogonized. Like these were awesome, but my personal favorite one honestly would be the furry dwarf seeker
  • @Toruk Thank you! I've been buried under commissions the past 2 months I'm hoping to find some time to do more of these soon <3
  • imageThese are amazing. How often do you stream?
  • @Ozoner I stream Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm est :)
  • Twitch i am guessing?
  • By the power of thread necromancy and amazing art that shall never die, I say be alive again thread!
  • I agree. And I am looking forward to seeing some of your doodles after the next character creation @Etellek ;
  • Heyyy it's been a minute :drunk:
    I'll be doing more of these on stream on Friday!

  • Bro you could absolutely sell these
  • Well done, don't know if I commented on this thread before but I'm a fan! Keepem coming!
  • Oh wow!!! Im all about elves but jeez your porks are so CUTE its hard not to love them. 
  • MORE!! :drunk:

    For those of you asking if you can use these in your games feel free
    (except the kobold magician... he's mine :| )
  • (I love theseeeee. My favoirte of this new batch is hands down th flamboyant keen)
  • All these drawings look awesome, so I'm gonna compliment them the best way I know - criticism:
    the suicidal dwelf - you could have made the ropes around the neck look like they were digging into the skin and the eye-shadow could have used a little more detail
    the sandbender dwelf - i don't quite understand the orange plates on his face but it looks cute so it passes
    Honestly I can't nitpick any more than this, so bravo. :smile: 
  • @GemLivesMatter I agree there could always be more detail but these are meant to be very quick, off the top of my head, make it up as the lines flow, sketches.
    As for the Sandbender, I was thinking of a desert tribe type character and the markings were meant to be tribal-esque. If I had more time for more detail I definitely would have made that clearer :)
    Thank you for the compliments and criticisms though I do love to hear what people think <3
  • edited September 2017
    May I make a request? Just something I wanted to see in your art style
  • Cool! Hadnt known I missed so many cool arts
  • These are hands down some of my favorite art pieces on the forums. Keep up the great work. :smile: 
  • These look amazing! Keep up the amazing work!
  • The Dwelf with humble beginings seems like the person who would be running a bar or a inn in a fantasy game or manga 
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