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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



  • The Boot:
    A boot the size of a mansion filled with blood snakes/ blood snake queens. Obviously where so many snakes got their fondness for boots.
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    The cement swamp. An entire swamp where the water is replaced with cement. Tree's and plant's somehow still grow. And the local crunchodile population has evolved to swim in the cement. That's pretty much it. The cement also never dries
  • The Roaming Castle
    It's a Castle-Sized Elemech that the Beenu made for whatever reason (I thought it could be a portable research outpost/town) however since the Beenu have died it now just roams around in a certain area. It is peaceful and tries it best not to harm anything unless something thing tries to board it or blocks it's path. It could also be a hub town for elementals/elemechs. 
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    Sword Cemetry 
    The aftermath of a great battle in the First Ageless War. The weapons lay embedded in the ground. Used as a memorial for the Elves who had fallen. There is a pillar of swords in the middle called "The Sword Tree" where Ravens perch and make nests. Some believe they can hear the whispers of the dead if you stand close enough to the tree. 
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    Brewery Island
    The worlds biggest brewery where most Dwarven Ale is made, this place caused so much pollution and got so big that eventually they decided to separate it from the mainland and chose an entire island to just be a brewery every aspect of the island is a brewery hell there are even lakes made of alcohol, the factory also is sort of like Willy Wonka's factory as in it's extremely experimental with alcohol and has all sorts of weird cool things in it and there are sometimes tours
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    That Prison City from LoM
    I thought it was super cool that there was an isolated city in the middle of of the world where the people inside never went outside, and the only people who could travel back and forth were high up officials. They were surrounded by civilization, yet trapped in their own globe. I'd like to see that again, having them develop their own cultures, laws, accents etc.

    Underwater Steam-punk City
    Inhabited by an ancient people who went extinct yet were so technologically advanced they uploaded their consciences to robots to continue surviving. The robots believe they are people, and damage to their electronic/steam punk bodies hurts them. Yet they can't reproduce and believe they and others of their kind are still in the flesh when they're really just robots. Kind of a mix of beenu and elemech come to think of it.
  • Millitary mountain. A giant mountain devoted to training people to become aces by being an eternal combat encounter. It’s home to the gem clans, an eternal waring group of gem lords who are the closest gems to become a gemporer only stopped by there fighting and the trainees
  • abandoned mass pot puppy plantations: a long time ago pot puppies seeds were rare and one capitalist was like "what if I got a fuck ton of pot puppy seeds and start mass producing puppies I could be even more rich!" so he/she did just that also realizing that paying employees is expensive had partnered up with a gnomish engineer who created a ton of machines for the plantations and the money flew in and then sales plummeted as it turns out people who bought the pot puppies grew more pot puppies and sold them demand went into the void wile supply went so high it hit phanto this event was now nicknamed "the great pot puppy bubble" the capitalist and the gnomish engineer now bankrupt decided to cut there loses and skedaddled out of there now the machines not being maintained have become hostile do to rampant glitches in there programing causing them to attack nearby villages, cities and any poor traveler who happens to walk by 
  • The Lake of Death
    Following the use of a legendary spell, a blanket of death encased this body of water, causing all those who drink from it or venture across it to become ageless thralls, similar to those killed by the dragon aspect Golestandt. The lake has no effect on the ageless, however, and a small island in the center of its waters has been turned into a hidden village by those fleeing the Grand Paladin Order.
  • Super Venice. The elf navy has a ship that’s a city, it has everything a normal city would have, including some suburbs around it. But on the day of its maiden voyage they only then relised it was to heavy to move, luckily it hadn’t sank as they had put enough airbags under it. Now instead of a very fancy battleship it is an actual city, although by regulation everybody still has to know how to help if it did see battle. 
  • School of fleshweaving 
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    The East Hamtons
    Where only the most "rich and sophisticated" Porcs go to enjoy themselves and to get away from the big city life for a while. Big beaches, open pastures, wineries, golf courses and dance clubs, all available to enjoy the finer things in life. Located East of New Porc City.
  • I bet they placed it right beside NewPort City. Like, Right beside it. :)
  • Ruins of silver mine mountain 
  • The Black Sun Spot

    Once a large temple created by elves for the glory of the sun god Phanto, it has since been neglected and left to fall apart after the death of the one it was meant to give reverence to. What was once a beautiful silver temple which brought joy and awe to all that had witnessed it has since become an overgrown, blighted area where ancient magics pulse uncontrollably and cause chaos upon the once grand temple. Now with the surrounding area cloaked in eternal night and strange twisted creatures making it their hunting grounds, it has become very dangerous for those unfortunate enough to find themselves lost in the maddening dark unprepared. Some say a new fanatical cult has made their way there and are attempting to salvage it for the return of the second sun dragon, but that couldn't possibly be true... could it?
  • Garbage island. Sometimes trash cans are magically enchanted to teleport the garbage in it to garbage island, Same for the bottoms of enchanted sinks. Many adventurers come to the island in search of there lost artifacts such as rings. Although the adventurers may regret coming after finding that scavengers had already taken it, not to mention all the convicts that had escaped by jumping into trash cans although it isn’t much better. 
  • giant statues representing all the Grand Paladins, as well as multiple wheels of different colours representing the Dragon Aspects. This would be in the elven capital , or it would be in the area where Bruce and Virgo first met. I guess if the idea of Thor being turned into a statue will be brought over to current canon, then that stone prison could also be in the same area. 
  • The Quicksilver Potion Factory. It's a factory that was once very prosperous and well known throughout the realm, accounting for the copious amounts of quicksilver potions in the early campaigns. However, something bad happened to the production line causing the factory to be abandoned and with it's abandonment, the loss the the famous quicksilver recipe. 
  • I'm a big fan of Elemechs and seeing ones like the Unnamed one in Zarlin Catacombs who was basically just an average guy who bought apples from Franky Rosebud and was just trying to live or Larry who just talks shit all the time, I like the idea that there are a group of them that are essentially another race. I always had this idea that since they are machines they could survive basically anywhere no matter the atmosphere, and thought of a secret society of Elemechs that lives near the Winter Stone since they can survive the intense cold.
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    Mirage Lake - There is only one point of entry to this lake, yet you can easily view and enter it from any point. How? Well from any point where you can see it, it looks just like an ordinary lake and you can even swim in it. However there is a mountain that stretches far in to sky on the north side of the lake and if you climb the mountain and make your way down it towards the lake what you will find at the bottom is a lake with waters made from every color you can think of and some that are impossible to comprehend. Some say there is a beautiful maiden that will allow you to gaze upon the wonder for as long as you would like, however if you try to enter it she will stop you by any means.

    Because Rawb and DB both think this needs a picture to understand here you go.

    So on the top image this is what you see from almost any point when looking at the lake, a lake with trees all around and a mountain to the north

    Now the bottom image, if you are looking at the lake from on the mountain then you will see many colors on the water (I am a bad artist so image its literally different colors of water flowing together)

    I hope somebody understands what I am trying to say now...
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    I’ll copy and paste all my campaign location ideas from my google doc after I get home. This thread is fantastic!!! Great work everyone!
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    Harpy Mountain. A mountain made of Harpies, ruled by the king of Harpies.
  • @NeroFireKick That sounds like the book that Usu would have been obsessed with to believe he is the king of harpies or something, and I guess someone wrote a book about his obsession which was possessed by a believer? idk. (Roamins Believer character from Den of Devils)
  • THE SKELE-MECH RUINS (working title)
    Basically it was a key elemech manufacturing facility located in bleak and barren rocky cliffs overlooking the rough nearby ocean, When Bopens ageless (not nessicarily his crew but maybe some of his overzealous followers) raided it for the gold and treasure bopen desires which lined the ancient halls of the facility they awakened the ancient security detail of mostly preserved elemechs and battle ensued. When the ageless curse was preformed upon some Elemechs by The unknown ageless pirates, as this had never been attempted before it lead to a terrible catastrophe. Hybrid Half Skeleton Half Elemech abominations were born known to the world as Skelemechs. This was made possible due to the fact that elemechs do indead contain a living spirit and thus meet the requirement for the ageless curse. soon the facility and probably nearby towns were overrun as the ageless mechs began repairing the facility to the best of their abilities in order to create an ageless elemech army to help bopens campaign against the living.... I know this would half to be very recent in the timeline but like maybe it could have happened in one of the earlier ageless vs. living wars that Rupert revealed in A Night to Remember. I just think the idea of spooky skeleton robo-warriors is too goofy to not suggest for a goof filled show like urealms. and BTW if Rawb or Debbie Boners reads this I love your work and will definitely buy a physical copy of urealms. The whole team deserves lots of cheese rupert  :D

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    The Bone Zone. A forest that is home to the largest ageless population in the world. Any unfortunate person to enter this forest starts hearing the trees speak skeleton and then gets shot 5 times. They then get turned into an ageless and given a bow, repeating the process. 
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    Warning Giant Rant Dump 

    You have been warned!

    The Four Gates of Heaven and Earth

    Four gates are in different places depending on there name, the color of the gates are separate from each other, the gates looks like a torii or paifang/pailou gate

    Gate of Heaven: located somewhere high in the sky where there are floating islands with ruins and vegetation surrounding the gate
    Gate of Sea/Ocean/Lake: located in a body of water that deep enough for people to reach the gate if they decide to swim or use a device to delve deep in the water and  filled with sea life surrounding the gate
    Gate of Mountain/Land: located inside a mountain having cave mazes with ruins leading to the gate. The mountain itself is surrounded with other mountains, valleys, and fog
    Gate of Earth: located deep underground with pits of fire and ice caverns surrounding it. Inside there luminous stone, mushrooms, and moss all over the caverns leading to the gate

    Before the Arrival of the Phanto and Kallisto
    Nobody knows when or why the gates were created not even the now extinct beenu, all is known is about the gates are there names that change to the viewers associated language and strange carvings on each of one. During the arrival of the sun dragons not even they notice the ruins and remaining life of this supposedly dead world, it was as if they never existed in the first place, when the sun dragons discovered there were life it was already too late they inhabited the world with life giving it a second chance, knowing that the sun dragons messed up they decided there were two options either kill there creations and try to find a real dead world to create life or keep moving on, directly interacting with their creations and remaining world inhabitants

    Before the Birth of Magic/Utopia 
    As many years pass after the arrival of the dragons ruins started to appear over time when life was created eventually the gates appears as well with it the gates having portals that transport you to a unknown  location. Many people chose to take the risk to see what was on the other end, they were never seen again until the dragon Rokesh decided to venture forth inside to find the missing people. When Rokesh returned he brought back the missing people and information of what lies beyond the gate. He told of a land like ours but with life that weren’t alive having the appearance of being alive but truly dead, he traveled through the land stumbling upon the missing people all unconscious in a floating ruin city over a large lake surrounded by mountains inside the city where he woked the missing people up they had no recollection of going across the land only remembering going through the gate. He’d decided it’s too dangerous for non dragons to enter the gates and took the people out of this place ever since the gates have been forbidden place to enter. 

    Birth of Magic
    When Phanto died the birth of magic corrupted the gates making them spew out corruption across the land only the children and creations of Rokesh have been fighting against the corrupted gates ever since to seal them.

    Birth of Magic Corruption
    Gate of Heaven—> Gate of Chaos
    When the sun dragon Phanto died the Gate of Heaven was corrupted by birth of magic resulting in the sky islands to ever changing and moving around the gate, strange creatures are spawn from these islands. The beings born from the chaotic islands are golems comprise of arcane and earth magic that spread out from the gate if these are creatures are not destroyed in time they will form a new island that spawns more in order to stop them, there are regularly hunts are commence and destruction of the islands yearly. It still impossible to destroy the islands that were there before the birth of magic and exploring the area to seal the gate is nearly impossible to find. But it seems that gate will never be sealed due to materials that were produce by golems and the islands when destroyed.

    Gate of Sea/Ocean/Lake—> Gate of Spirits
    When the sun dragon Phanto died the Gate of sea/ocean/lake was corrupted by birth of magic resulting in the surrounding water to be a toxic freezing sludge, strange beings are born from this sludge. The creatures born from this sludge are shadowy corrupted spirits who can take shape to any form that will attack anyone even ageless they are made of ice and dark magic. The creatures are comprise of two types attackers armored by ice that will physically attack and use magic then deceivers that sway the hearts of people to betray your allies, silence, and bind you the only way to kill deceivers are through magic. The gate itself has been contained for now and consider as weapon against the ageless from research report that they are more likely to attack the ageless then the living because they can convert ageless to spirits.

    Gate of Mountain/Land—> Gate of Mind
    When the sun dragon Phanto died the Gate of Mountain/Land was corrupted by the birth of magic resulting in the surrounding area to cover in a fog that make people dream, strange beings are born from this dream world. When people enter the area the further in they go, the more likely to enter the dream world itself where you dream of what you think is the most perfect dream, most people will slowly lose there sense of self turning into puppet for the dream world to use trick people to enter the forest, kidnap people, or kill people to be used as sacrifice for the dream world. If you have strong enough will or come prepare to get yourself in a lucid state then it’s recommend to enter your party members dream to turn them lucid and find a nightmare to kill before the dream world notice you gone lucid and send more nightmares into the dream. Nightmares are the creatures that live in the dream world nothing is known about which magic they created from. They manifest as any person worst nightmares there always one nightmare in respective person dream, when there in disguise they look like any type of person the only way to tell the difference are they someone that’s close to you in your perfect dream and when you discover its them they will transform into the true nightmare after you kill it you able to escape the dream world for now. The gate has been nearly sealed and dream mist is slowly retreating it only needs one last run to finally seal the gate.

    Gate of Earth—> Gate of Flesh
    When sun dragon Phanto died the Gate of Earth was corrupted by the birth of magic resulting in the gate cavern into flaming pit, strange beings are born from these pits. The cavern are filled with fleshy abominations who sizes depend on how much they eaten, there gluttony know no bounds where they can eat anything. They can spew lightning and fire out of there mouths even have there own equipment created by the surrounding area and their own flesh. There’s no possible way we seal the gate with these monsters there, all we can do is slowly contain the area the only way to seal the gate is if there were another divine helping.

    Note: can someone give me some advice to explain this more clearly like where to add commas and edits

    Note 2 more ranting: I created the heaven and earth gates due the fact when watching the latest lore stream that rawb and deadbones never touched the fact why Phanto and Kallisto choose to colonize a living world if  rawb is going keep the lore that originally Phanto and Kallisto come from planets where they become sun dragon gods then went sun dragon space station where they fall in love then go to create there own life wouldn’t they learn how to know if there’ll be life on a planet so I created some “my own made up lore” that the previous inhabitants was some race that knew about the sun dragons then created a device to house there species against the armageddon event but it was too late there race were wiped to the event except for few other races that went underground and never knew about device that can hide the fact there’s civilization and life on a planet from even gods to trick them bring back life because there’s only two more way why sun dragons fucked up one we the old gods place the idea in there heads or the great hatching event that sun dragons were so ignorant that were life on the planet. Also I did this because there’s no lore on Rokesh at all except for the fact that he makes drugs so I gave something why he’s gone
  • The ruins of Silvermine would be cool, unless of course Golestandt really was the entire thing.

    Also some of these ideas would be amazing for a horror themed campaign.
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