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Theory of pre-dragons

I believe that there were originally dragons and that we the old gods caused the previous dragons to be killed. This ends up barring the planet of most life forms until the new ones showed up. what do you think?


  • Well since theres no moons other than phanto they could have abandoned that world when old gods appeared. or king slime was the old dragon reduced to a pile of slime  >_<
  • It's possible, but the old gods only do stuff in relation to what we watch, right? I think Rawb said we wouldn't be looking at the pre-Dragon world, so I doubt we'd be the reason there was only limited life on the URealms world. Plus, the old gods like to watch stuff. Killing the dragons giving life to the world is not entertaining because then everyone dies, except for a petrified slime, some non-speaking foxes, the groundbolds roaming the surface or caves or whatever, and underground bird people.

    I think it's more interesting to have the Beenu and a few other beings be fledgling life or the last embers of the planet that are barely managing to hold on in a rejuvenated world. And whatever is more interesting is what the old gods tend to do, since we are them and we like interesting stuff.
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