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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



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    The Noon Valley
    Now the valley isn't the important part but the mountains that make it up, Sun Mountain, and Moon Mountain both of these mountains are inhabited by almost strictly Sun Hounds and Moon Wolves on a never-ending quest, they constantly venture out into the wild or into cities and things gathering material and adding it to the top of their mountains making them grow larger and larger, their ultimate goal is to reach the Sun, Kallisto, and the Moon, Phanto respectively, they often fight in Noon Valley (hi chat) 
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    The Elemines:
    A series of mine-shafts and caverns once used by the Gnomes to mine resources for their inventions, now imbued with magics of the six major elements following a serious accident involving a swammie, a giant keen and some EXP. Following this catastrophe, mining operations have been set up to harvest elemental gems and supply them to the realm, said crystals being used for many popular weapons, most notably the elementalmagegauntlet1, as well as jewelry for those with the gold to buy it. Many miners and explorers have gone missing, however, when they ventured too deep and found themselves overwhelmed by the hordes of elemental spirits protecting the caves.

    Not my best idea, not my worst, i'm not sorry.
  • The Elaphelk Wastes:
    An area where Elaphelk bones are scattered around. The area has a strange myth that this is the place where Elaphelks go when they're about to die. The area is swarming with Vharks and other carnivores that prey on the dying Elaphelks.

    The Frostbomb Minefield:
    Said to be Yvander's first line of defense against people trying to meet her. This minefield of Frostbombs litter the entrance to the Mountain where Yvander sleeps. Due to the harsh and freezing climate, those that fail to make it through the Minefield are left there as frozen statues.

    The Magician's Stone:
    A huge stone of condensed Arcane Energy located near Abracadab that is said to be the place where Magicians hone their craft. New Magicians, as their coming of age quest, perform a ceremony where they cut a piece of the Stone and set forth on their Quest. 

    An old ancient city that was once the experiment of a mad Wizard. After the experiment went completely wrong, 50% of the city turned into Ageless Wraiths. This is where the Ring of Armsukaa originates from, as the Mad Wizard created these rings to protect those from the Wraiths.

    Just a few ideas I had, if anyone's interested, I could make a few more  :)
  • This is a basic thing but this area is just known as It’s Home, which is a massive system of caves, sprawling out underground, it’s said that it expands all across the realm, with many entrances from smaller caves. It’s Home is said to contain vast treasures, but also a Massive Beast. The tunnels are from the creature literally eating the earth and rock and minerals. No one has seen the creature since before the Birth of Magic. In fact the creature itself very well could be dead now. All that remains on it is a Single Book, titled It. There is no mention of the creatures name, which holds some sort of power.

    i dunno it’s just a area I keep in mind.
  • that one place you know what im talking about
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    Oooh that place is so cool. I’d be surprised if they don’t add such a place
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    The Porco Sangrio Family Vineyard is that of legend. Established shortly after the creation of Porcs, the deeply secretive tradition of making the finest wine ever known to the realms has remained unchanged within this ancient Family. However, Porco Sangrio is not only sought after for its exquisite taste, but also its natural rejuvenating and equally destructive properties. Many self proclaimed "Banditos" have even taken it upon themselves to cheaply replicate the family's recipe utilizing the power of watered down puke wine with fiesta and molotovcocktail Yet the worst of the worst criminals have made it their sole duty to steal the Family's Secret Formula and will stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious goal.
  • The Forest of Yes
    The Forest is highly enchanted and known by the people of Abracadab as, Yes. Various magical flora and fauna grace the thick magical mists of this enchanted forest as a side effect of its proximity to Abracadab through an effect called Magic Pollution. Due to frequent spell castings and practices the forest had adapted and absorbed many of the magics that graced its woods. Many who enter may find the magic power here overwhelming and/or intoxicating leading to wild and unstable magic casting. Some who return often talk that forest whispers to you, "Yes", as if it were reaching out in the mists.
    The Trees in these groves also produce a Magical Fruit and Tree Sap, which are ingredients often used in AbracaJam,
  • I don't have any new ideas for landmarks. But building on the Shroom Trent not all Fungus need sunlight to grow, maybe they should grow in moist, warm subterranean networks under the sea that spread out across the realm and the Shroom Trents  above ground are connected to this network/ act as guards to the entrances. That way there isn't a need to designate a single forest to their home.
    Or it could also be they are constantly at war with the Forn.
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    Scaramantula's Fallen Kingdom.

    The Unforgotten Realms are a harsh place - humble fish amphibians lived in their kingdom, and it was fairytale like. Everyone was happy, a kind king and prince - lived in harmony with monkeyfish. However, like in all fairytales, a dragon came and ruined it. Golestandt did a friendship driveby and the kingdom became lifeless.

    Overtime, it became an evil swamp with ruins. A home of dark spirits, ghosts, ageless and spiders. There is tale of treasure, several manors and a large medieval castle - however who knows what horrors lay within?

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    The Arena of Valere, Titans Ring.

    King Méborn Valere rules his dwarven kingdom with an iron fist - he is a bloodthirstiy, Romain like king who enjoys blood sports and is war hungry. The pride of his kingdom, the capital city, surrounds a giant Arena labelled the Titans Ring. Here, he hosts multiple fights to the death and tournaments. Fighters come from the entire realm to Compete in a tournament of Valere.
  • The Coarth Valleys.

    The Coarth Valleys are the border areas between the dvergr dvergrs, dwarves and kobolds. It's a large crimezone, with drugs on the high and run by mafia and street gangs. The only formal power in these areas are bandits and gangs. Very rundown, low income. 
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    Land of Lotus
    During the birth of magic, Quintara had some trouble keeping her chaotic energy under control, and some of it got released in the lands around the palace where she used to live before the birth of magic (which is why she moved to the tower). Quintara herself is kind of pissed about the existance of this land of pure chaos since she was stuck there for a while but since she's Quintara she also decided to make it a a rite of passage: if an elf wants to be part of the Lotus family they have to stay in the Land of Lotus for a full day, which is still pretty difficult since it's like living inside of her mind for 30 hours. Some of the Lotus family members claim to have even seen magical portals that lead to other dimensions, like the realm of holding, the realm of the Dead and a weird realm where some strange looking people were looking at them through some advanced technology (the realm of the old gods).

    Basically a chaos zone where anything can happen, which could also be a logical place to put the deadrealms campaigns that become canon

    Edit: also kind of a random thing but I was rewatching the campaign trailer animatics and I just now got the pun with the name of Sacred Blue and I love you Rob/Deadbones for coming up with it 
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    The forgotten land
    A seemingly ordinary place in the realms. Filled with green grass and valleys. The biggest difference being that anybody who enters and then leaves it. Immediately forgets all about it. The land is uninhabited aside from a few people who decided to form communities and never left the land after that.  But is filled with a whole host of ancient ruins. Some of elf origin. Some of unknown origin.
    Of course none of this might be true. As nobody has any memory of the land even existing. All maps skip over it. And the mapmakers who try and find out what lies there obviously can't remember afterwards. As even the maps have all of their contents erased.
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    Nah I'll just credit the guy who's trying to discover it... Duke Niki
  • Fire nation. An entire nation was set on fire after an argument started by the two greatest fire wizards of the time on who was better. Everybody in the country was super excited, they had heard tales of the pyroblasts from these arsonists they had saved there people from death. So they gave them the two biggest trees in there land and let them have at it! 20 years, 25, some said even 30 years, everybody was excited. Then the fire spread, but that’s fine right? Why lessen the party! Then it spread to the tavern, then the library, then the castles where on fire, finally even the sewer rats saw light. Before they knew it the fire had spread so much that it would burn more then they could put out. The worst part about it is 30 years was an underestimation. The only thing stopping the fire from spreading was yvander who had recently started global cooling about the same time the arsonits saved the people.
  • Hound's Haunt
    An old researcher's lab - a carcass of a house. It would appear as though someone was experimenting with Pot Puppies and Hell Hounds here. Some old notes claim that she was reaching a breakthrough in what causes Pot Puppies to morph so violently.

    Silverflat Vhalley
    A large stretch of the Silverflats, deserted due to the high population of Vharks. Certain scarred explorers claim there is a massive Vhark somewhere in this area, who feasts on scattered dragon scales and even other vharks.
  • Thors Party Gym
    The Dvergr Dvergrs had a proper temple worshipping Thor, until Thor arrived at the temple. He turned it into his favourite party place, with the Miracle Keg, several Divine Exercising equipment, a bar with an eternal bartender, and one hell of a dance floor. 

    The Golden Lake
    Near the Party Gym, there is a legendary lake famed for it's healing properties and it's light golden colour. Thor himself is said to have blessed this lake, and many dwarven children come here to be baptised. It is said Thor encouraged this. The water of this lake is magical, and the view is said to have inspired some of the great literary works of Urealms. Of course, the lake is filled with Thor's Piss.
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    A roaming island paradise, said to be powered by Quintara but is instead powered by the Old Gods. It is the meeting place of the Arcane Council, and is hand crafted to be a magical island paradise. Many of the worlds best mages live here, and it is known as the best magical research institute. It appears only when it is story-relevant, however there are teleportations of Dankdong, you can only teleport to it when it is story-relevant.

    The Australia of Urealms, said to be in a different dimension all together, where all the bad ideas created by the Old Gods, all the failed concepts, all the strange beasties. All the fan campaigns, and fan ideas go. Declared a no-go zone by most of the realm, however the daring do enter, for there is old god crafted legendaries and riches in DongDank. Those who return are different. It generally has no impact on the rest of the realm, beyond the few who dare enter, and manage to return.

    In Dongdank, there is a dwarven king trapped in a never ending fight against monsters.
    In Dongdank, A fish was kissed and it became a prince. 
    In Dongdank, there is a playable goblin race. 
    In Dongdank, all unexpected discovery redux's are canon.
  • The Squirrel Tree

    The Largest Tree in Urealms, said to be the birth place of Squirrels and several animals. Famed for it's immense squirrel population, and it's record number of deaths by falling Squirrels and Walruses. It is a common Walrus Sport to try and climb the tree to get the Squirrels. It is considered the cultural home of Tree Law, and whether it belongs to the Elves, Walruses or the Squirrels is considered a huge tree law debate. 
  • The rift city:
    A city that is stuck in a timeloop/stuck in time and it has been turned into a tourist attraction.

    a beenu training facility (it was secret because it was upcoming), that house the last breeding beenus, who are secretly surviving, preparing for war. They where uneffected by the poison silver for the only reason that they got a good big supply of experimental silver. That aloud them to survive the poison silver dose untill it was discoverd.
  • The isle of fortune, a massive bubble inside the realm of holding about 500.000km Squared. that houses a couple billion gold’s worth of items and treasures not to mention legendary items, the owner of this area however is very tricky and does not take kindly to would be thieves 
  • In the side quest guild of explorers went into the realm of holding it would be cool to put the bubble kingdom on the map I dont know how you would do it maybe have a realm of holding map?
  • The Freeboot Coast- A large coast with many pockets of sand that has seen better days. Legend has it that in one of these pockets hides the Porc Skin Armoire, a legendary Armoire made from the skin of dead Porcs that's very threatening to look at. Just off the Freeboot Coast are the Honor Chains, a chain of islands beloved by the GPO. The two largest islands are called the Targets- one often described as stunning, and the other... burning? 
  • Golestandt lands on an island/continent/thing somewhere.
    The sunswords and ageless fight for control of the land around the dragon.
    One side wins and sets up the Ostralia penal colony to farm scales or hide Golestandt or whatever it is we do in Ostralia.
    Maybe they cover Golestandt in red sand, call it a rock and give it a name.
  • The Sharpening Field
    This was once the site of a major battle but neither side won and this was so long ago that nothing remains of the soldiers who died here... besides their weapons mainly sharp metal swords. This has attracted a large population of Steel Beaks who live around the sharpening field sharpening their beaks on the lost weapons. Because they've been able to sharpen their beaks to the point of actual blades they're much more capable than Steel Beaks anywhere else and therefore get more food making them physically larger and more powerful.
  • Greenwood forest. A forest with trees so big the leaves create land like platforms. 
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