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A Goodbye to DvZ

Hello to everyone who reads this, I just wanted to make a thread so that I can get some of my thoughts out and say goodbye to Dwarves vs Zombies, one of Rob's old Minecraft minigames. 

So, with DvZ being officially closed, I really felt compelled to write this letter of sorts to honor what I consider to be one of my favorite games of all time. Yes, games. Although I don't think I should count DvZ as one of my favorite games of time, considering it's simply a Minecraft minigame, my time with DvZ rivals and surpasses nearly all other games I have played, including my favorite game of all time. In Minecraft alone, DvZ accounts for nearly half of my time in the game. I remember the days before AI zombies were even a thing, and how epic the game felt after they were added (this is when I really started playing the game a lot). My personal favorite update was when all the various weapons, potions, and armors were added for dwarves, allowing for a range of customization that ignited my interest in the game. I truly, truly have loved every iteration of this game, and that's why I needed to make this post. 

Among the games I've played, DvZ has such a unique concept in that the ultimate outcome of every game is always predetermined, with (nearly) no exceptions. That means that each game centers more around everything leading up to that definitive end, or to quote a certain book series, "Journey before destination." Some people might think that the predetermined ending would imbue players with a sense of apathy towards the game as a whole, but instead it does the exact opposite. This predetermined finale makes the dwarves strive to fight harder, to delay and kill the monsters until their armor is broke and their mana is out. For the monsters, it compels them to play smarter until they get just the right opportunity to crush through the walls and take the shrine. From the games I've played, this is a completely unique way of forcing player interaction that I have never seem recaptured in any other game. 

All multiplayer games, to me, are about the interactions between players. In DvZ, I'd argue that this comes from the little victories either side achieves throughout the course of the battle. For the monsters, these victories are much more obvious: draining the gold of a shrine, killing a dwarf, destroying a wall. Some of my personal favorite monster experiences are: rushing the shrine as a bunch of regular gobos, stealing gold as a rat, chinking away at dwarven armor as a wither skeleton, melting walls as a spiderling, burning down dwarves with venomburner (when it was still in the game), and absolutely demolishing dwarves as a golem or heroes as Krungor (my best ever was 2 out of 3). Each of these, plus the many other little victories, brings you that much closer to the monsters' ultimate victory.

However, for the dwarves, these little victories will never prevent you from losing, just merely buy time for your inevitable demise. For example, I recently got to play in my final game as the dwarven hero Bruce Willakers. We were on the map Hazel Peaks, and the tunnel right in front of first shrine was being completely overrun. When we got a doom clock, I took the time to place three slabs in that tunnel: two on each side to create a PROC hall, and one just a bit in front of the tunnel to block immediate gobo and skeleton projectiles. This sticks out in my memory as one of these little victories because we were then able to reclaim that hallway and hold it until we ran out of shrine gold. Now just because I was a hero when I did this does not mean that this experience is exclusive to that hero. In fact, any dwarf could do the same thing, as long as you have slabs in your kit. Some of my other favorites include: beating a golem 1v1 with longbow, lighting up a hall both literally with lamps or figuratively with a well placed emerald bow shot, assassinating those pesky special monsters, using slabs for basically anything, and, back when warhammer PROCed, hammer PROC sniping with dragonskin bow. 

There are many more things I could talk about with DvZ. Like how the uniqueness of each hero subsequently creates unique experiences, how, despite making the game more approachable to newer players, the game continued to offer an incredible amount of depth for those willing to experiment and improve, how emerald bow is actually incredibly designed, or how the game kept the same spirit to the end of its life, despite the plethora of changes since the beginning. But this post has gone on long enough, and I'm sure those of you who chose to read it are ready to be done. 

Although I'm terrified by the thought that I won't be able to play this game ever again, considering just how much I like it, I also have never experienced a true loss of something in the game world. Every game I've played I can always re-downloaded, repurchased, dug it out of my closet, etc. But not so with this. It'll ultimately be a good experience to have, and I'm truly glad that I got to play for some last games this month.

Anyways, I'll leave with a thanks to Rob. Rob, thank you for all the hours of work you have put into this game over the years for free. You have brought enjoyment to countless people and I hope you are proud of the development you put into the game. Thank you. 

P.S. For any previous DvZ players who read this, I encourage you to write your own goodbye note if you feel the same sense of loss. I know that, for me, writing stuff down really helps me work out all my emotions. In any case, thanks for reading!


  • DvZ was always a blast to play, I used to play it allot a couple of years ago (I mean all the time multiple games a day), But sadly when I got into college I was unable to find time to play it, not even my summers allowed me the time as I needed time to study, or to go to summer classes, I am sad  that DvZ is closed, but it was fun while it lasted.
  • I found Minecraft because of PaulSoaresJr.'s Survive and Thrive LP WAY back in like 2010 or '11. I ended up staying for Etho's LP I found about a month later.

    Then I found Rawb because of that ONE GAME where Etho played, back in the time of Clocks.
    So Y'know. That's why I'm still here - Been around ever since.

    I kind of fell off the Minecraft train when I found Terraria (Terraria 1.2 is E-Zed), but for nearly four years, I would come onto my computer and play some DvZ. I was never really good at it though. Always ended up being monster early on - Still had fun though. I've always been a big fan of the Spiderling Horde.
    Anyway, then JIMMY JUICE came out, and I could play as Dwarf for longer than the setup time. Made the game even more fun than I remember. I still fondly remember a select few games where I (Momentarily) save the day. Ah, it will be missed. But I'm honestly not sad it's going - Everything must end some day, and if it helps Rawb, then it makes me happy.
  • I found DvZ first through Etho then he ran out of DvZ Videos than i went to pause but i ran out of those a little to fast, then finally i found Robs channel and the Ip. My first server for this was Bruce's Gym, so I would say i have been playing since 2013 basically when i bought minecraft. I knew how to play a little bit through watching Rob play but I sucked at combat so i died early quite a bit but that was pretty normal. I hit my best years of the game during the PMC Days. This was when i lasted to about the 8th last to 3rd last and could fight up with many of the veterans at the time. During this time I played my first (and only time ;-;) as Roamin. I was a pretty bad Roamin but then the dwarves got smart when the second shrine fell on Frost Hold. They walled me off into the new mob spawn causing me to spam left click and make sure I didn't die to the many creepers exploding and zombies running into the hole i was in. After about 40 monsters dead from my never ending PROC, a creeper freed me and i ran to the final shrine. After that I believe died to a wolf or zombie but thats how it ended there. I played until the end of the current server. Heres some stuff i remember though.

    Total amount of games: I have no idea but definitely not as much as some of those pro dudes but at least over 2000

    Longest Game Played (Not Epic Games): Somewhere between 2-3 hours i believe as a monster (Plauged)

    First Hero: Gold Founder Pause on the gym but his bow didn't work and i sucked sooooo yeah that ended fast :P 

    Favorite Map: I may be in a minority here but i loved the Bellows and Daragor. Such great maps for their time especially hiding in deadlantis in Daragor as a Dwarf and all the mobs come and murder you. haha that was fun.

    Least Favorite Map: Honestly out of all the maps i have played Molten Grotto was my least favorite. Wouldn't say I hated it but it was extremely monster friendly.

    I thank Rob and Nisovin for continuing the game for as long as they have and all the heart and soul they poured into the game and I hope we can get to play again one day.
  • I'm so sad that DvZ is closing down. I never even heard about it happening  :( I had tons of fun playing it and I'm really gonna miss it.
  • I’m a weird one with dvz. I found it from on and off watching Bruce’s gym and build your own keep videos for about a month until I found the pmc ip.

    A lot of pmc is a blur to me, I remember staying down in the ravine of grapevine farming shovel kills and that’s about it.

    My first real memories where from the early buffalo wizards server days. That ship on friendship town was 5% of my entire dvz career. I remember all the games of it enough but still a blur.
    Where I really got into the game was when I heard dvz was shutting down. So I watched the old Minecraft commercials for streams and got a rush of nostalgia although I really didn’t have anything to be nostalgic about. So for like half a year the only game I played was dvz was because of a whim. 

    I’ve played about 2000 games of dvz. Wasted around 2 months on it. I have no regrets, although nobody will see how rewarding it was to kill 2000 monsters on first shrine or getting 1000 kills out of 500 somehow, all only with a sword, 13 wrench’s, and better armor. Now that I think about it I really did waste 2 months but god damn I still don’t regret it! 

    Dvzs really done a lot and I don’t think I would be complete without having the experiences it’s given me. It's a shame it’s gone but everything has to have come to an end. I’m glad I got to experience this game to its very fullest of my extent. 

    Thanks for keeping it up longer then you probably should have rob!
  • I only played the game starting last year, but it was my favorite game to play. Sneaking behind the dwarven walls as an infiltrator or ghostblade, finding a good spot to wreak havoc, or simply being a dwarf in his final stand. Those will always be my favorite memories, and while the game is gone, memories and recordings still remain. I'm going to binge-watch all the dvz videos later. 
  • I found out about DVZ when Etho/pause played it, and i wanted to play it, but never managed to show up at any of the streams. But i played DVZ since day 1 of the brucesgym. Took a while off during the PMC days because i didn't like the upgrade system and stuff (like having to buy the ability to proc), but i returned about late PMC.

    Back when creepers were removed & replaced by goblins, i used to love going "Gobo Squad" with other gobos, it was just so fun to blow up jimmies with ~5-8 gobos. And when the "gobo Squad" (or as i call it "Gobo Airlines") Doom event got added, it instantly became my favorite Doom event.

    My favorite DVZ game was actually this month: it was a 3 hero game & i was Bopen, and i just kept running into the dwarves backline with either bruce or niso after me, and kept killing jimmies that werent grouped up, felt so good. (tho nisovin solo-wormholing me every time he had wormhole available wasn't that fun... tho rather me then the 12 dire wolves on shrine)

    Longest game ever played (Never got a epic game sadly): about 3 hours: I was playing dragon-axe and was one of the last 3 dwarves remaining, ended it with personally about 2-2.k kills. i beleave the total kills were about 20k, so not that shabby, considering i play pretty passively. (not on the front line, i was personally more the "i like proccing through hallways during the mid to end game" kinda person)

    My favorite maps were:
    - Mount Willakers, because of the deja vu when plying on it, it reminds me of the brucesgym days &  a good balanced map. 
    - Dogecak: I love this map. Its so fun to pay one, good gold amount, a man bridge (there is ALWAYS at least 4 golems at the bottom of it waiting for jimmies to fall) & out of all the maps i got hero on, its like almost always on Dogecak.
    - Molten Grotto (i beleave thats what its called, i might be confused with another one): Gold is really annoying to get on this map and the man bridge is way too hard to defend, but outside that its actually a decent map. Lots of secrets, like the doggies & the cellar in the fishing hut. i loved to "protect the fishing hut/doggies".

    My favorite hero was definitely Nisovin. Its just so fun fly everywhere with the rocket boots. Last time i managed to play him was when he still had his old spells, never managed to play niso vin after he got that bow & etc.

    I really would like to thank Rob, Nisovin & the rest of the team for continuing DVZ for as long as they did, the heart and love they poured into it & all the changes made to it! i'm so happy we still got a weapons like the warp weaver bow even so late into its lifespan!
    Thanks to DVZ i found Robs channel & i will always remember DVZ for what it was: A fun minecraft minigame that i could always play to relax & have a GREAT time!! I just hope it will one day come back in a new shape/form, or in a new game.
  • I liked DvZ. It made a lot of good memories and I'm sure I won't forget it.

    That being said, here is the last game I ever played, I was a nisovin.

    I think we did pretty good.
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