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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?

Recently in the Urealms Stream, Rob as mentioned several landmarks - The Final Talon, Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, Etc. If you could create Landmarks or places with the existance of magic and all that urealms stuff, what would they be? 

Include as many creative ideas as you like!


  • One of my ideas is a mountain made up of magic mirrors. It's where the mirrors for bewitchingmirror and mirrorshield come from, and all the mirrors have different type of properties. Some only reflect physical objects, some are made of liquid, some turn the spell into a pinata, its freaking crazy. Like a gigantic magic mirror funhouse, but it's a giant mountain. 
  • The Cheesewheel. A giant biome of literally just cheese. There is so much cheese people have no idea what to do with it, and no one can figure out why there is cheese. Why is there cheese? Because of robSneakyCheese. All the Old God Cheese goes directly to the cheesewheel. 
  • Glitter Bog. It would have bioluminesent micro crustasias in the water which was absorbed into the trees and animals, giving all things in this bog a magical, sparkling feel. It looks like it's one of those sparkly nail brushes which sparkle everywhere. It looks really magical, and it's more colourful and harsh on the eyes than the average bog. 
  • Honestly the Cheese Biome sounds like something I could 100% get behind!
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    Danger island. A jungle island with a volcano in the middle of it which was secretly a dragon's lair that went down to the bottom of the sea. Then the dragons den exploded and instead of the island atlantising due to it's bottom disappearing the den being magic it propels the sea coming into it up onto the island propelling it into the sky. It’s populated with ageless and ships unfortunate enough to be picked up by the water current. 
  • The Tar Lake - in a very desolate, solitary area close to the sea, there is a massive tar pit, bubbling and warm and poisonous to ingest and touch. Gives off toxic fumes. You cannot breathe near the tar pit. Underneath the Tar Pit is a HUGE ageless spider den, Housing several venomburners and even the big boss venomburner. The spiders crawl out of the tar pit and dont have to breathe, as their ageless. 
  • a giant penal colony called "Ostralia" on some island somewhere
  • A place called the Impact Site. Nobody really knows what happened, but there is just a giant crater that has become almost a tourist attraction. The only strange thing about it would be the copious amounts of war debris strewn around the pit. Old armor, chipped swords, cracked shields. It would seem a large battle happened here many years ago... Perhaps over what created the crater? Nobody knows...
  • The Green Sea; a large forest of trees that shift and move in order to make traveling through it as difficult as possible. It is home to many beasts, a few primitive goblin tribes, and a rumored Ent Enclave though this has never been confirmed. 
  • The Siffiran spiral: a mining site where the Silver for equipment like the Siffiran Silver hammer ( siffiransilverhammer ) and the Siffiran Silver Shield ( siffiransilvershield ) are extracted from. It's structured like a big hole in the ground with a massive spiral that goes far up from the middle of the hole. The Spiral acts like a lightning rod, dragging lightning strikes from the skies to it, and leading the energy from the storms to the silver in the ground.
  • Pot Puppy fight island 

  • Thunderheim: A place high in the mountains that houses devotees to Lightning and its power, whether they try to harness it or simply have an appreciation. The place is marred from the constant snowfall and wind, as well as the constant thunderstorms. Thanes make a point to visit here at least once in their life.
  • someplace where a bunch of skull breaker ageless killed themselves. so its just piles and piles of bones
  • or you know abracadab
  • Dude, now that you bring it up. The history of Australia is really like a joke from a satire. Perfect fit for urealms. @Revoltman
  • Okagnoma Guild Hall, or any Magic University or school. I also like the idea of villages built along towering spires or very thin and tall mountains, and connected by bridges.

  • cool thread, we'll go through it next stream
  • An entire city that seems completely normal at a glance but well trained puppeteers know the secret, in reality the greatest puppeteer in the world is controlling the city and none of the people are real they're just puppets (making the sims canon)
  • I really like the idea of Kingedyo. Alternatively, it could be a city controlled by someone who has the curse of Medusa. Or better a city controlled by puppeteers controlled by a Medusa...

    I also like the idea of an abandoned Beenu facility where they try to cryogenized some of their kind, but where something gone wrong and they are all dead. Maybe because of something infection like...

  • A forest of Fungus, small and large, mushrooms and spores. Could be the home of the Shroom Trents and whoever created them.

    Also, a living Biome of some kind; be it a Desert or a Jungle, every part of it is a part of one sapient mind that doesn't really like to communicate much, and actively tries to kill those that enter it.
  • The believer night club. One of the Nisovins made a night club where they can write all of your wildest, and weirdest fantasies into reality. In exchange you also are written into a book and saved in a library that believers cant enter, just incase they need your image for someone else's fantasy. It could be used to demonstrate how the Nisovins control believers.
  • i have a place in my current champagne called Gag Lake, it is a lake made from Porc vomit that is large enough to have a small island in the middle with a population of a thousand porcs. they made the lake when they got a suggestion to build a moat in order to better defend the village from some gnomes but the porcs not having large water supply nearby used vomit, but they forgot to build a bridge so they are forced to swim to the main land in order to find food. but they also often take pigs as food so when they try to swim back with the pigs it turns in to a porc, increasing the population and making the problem worse.
  • The manor of a elf who have the cruse of Medusa and used those under their charm to work for them as a slave labor force 
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    A massive blood snake den or pit, along shoreline. Thousands of blood snake queens. They produce so much blood that the ocean water within a massive radius it is red with blood. On the map you would just see a red spot on the ocean from this.

    you could also have a massive kraken sized blood snake that lives there and sometimes attacks nearby ships by constricting them.

    also if you wanted you could have intelligent blood snake queens doing whatever, pirating ships. Making it a cult, or whatever.
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    Ruins city. A city that has been ruins since forever, maybe it was before the dragons but there isn’t any proof of anybody living there. Eventually People have populated the city but nobody remembers when they arrived, they just always have lived there.
  • The Red Gill: A large canyon similar to the real-life grand canyon, but instead of water being the mechanism for it being carved out, it was a massive current of air that to this day rushes through it. Some elves wishing to be left alone carved a city into the side of the canyon. The most common cause of death is being swept out into the canyon, and due to this many of the worlds best flying mages come from the city; despite the high concentration of levitating magicians and air walkers, such magic is useless when the wind slams you into the canyon's red walls.
  • The ruins of that native kobold civilization duke daring supposedly destroyed 
  • @Noubi na it’s just a Lords Of Minecraft reference 
  • MT Willakers is a must. But for something original I would be temples of worship to each of the gods. A pantheon per say seeing as with all the gods I am a bit surprised there isn't a united elven church behind them all. I would also note a few other branch paladin orders. I could think of a lot here soon.
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    The Mirage Sands
    A large Desert made of black sand and ash, shrouded in frequent sandstorms and a maze of canyons. Its known for Malicious Magical Mirages, that lure unsuspecting Prospectors, Treasure Hunters, Adventurers, ect. to their doom with false hoods and deceit. At its center is a Black Granite Plateau, where a temple is carved into the rocks itself, its name forgotten by time, but within lies a treasure and a Monolith that has been rumored to answer any question it is asked.
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