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What is the highest possible Max Stamina you can have on a character in URealms?

I decided to see if I can find out what the most stamina you can get on a character is. For this, I'm going to disregard whether or not achieving this total is possible with the restrictions of gold. I'm also only gonna use unique cards among the entire party, unless there's something that specifies it otherwise, like the Auras for Templar.
I'm also gonna exclude items like Midas items, since we're probably not gonna get that much gold left over from filling an inventory with Light spells, and calculating the maximum possible gold is a completely different task.

Race: Obviously, there's no better choice than Blackboar. They get 40 stamina, which is the most, even if another party member is a squire for this character. 
Cornerstone: Schizophrenic, 20 Stamina, + you get another Attribute to get the stamina and effect from.
Schizophrenic Attribute: Guardian, +6 stamina, and you get two armors, which is very useful, especially considering you're a Blackboar. At the very least, it's 60 extra stamina, assuming we can allow ourselves to get the Paladin's Heavy Plate
Regular Attribute: Omnilingialism - If every character pick different races, we'll get +35 stamina from this attribute.
Class: The Class itself only really matters for stamina, so we'll pick the one with the most stamina, death knight.

Weapon slot: we'll just place the dream staff here, considering it can act as a weapon while being a light spell, that comes into play later. If we're assuming the Dream staff can be pulled out infinitely, we can place 3 copies of them in all slots of the other party members.
Guardian Slot (Weapon/Armor/Shield): Prismatic Robes (could be 90*3 or 30*3 + 60 depending on your rules) or Heavy Plate.
Armor Slot: Grand Poncho, could be 255*3 or 10*3 + 245 depending on your rules.
Shield Slot: Greatshield

Abilities: Thor's Ale, Holy Canteen, Conversion, Flare, Soul Reap, Blessing of Strength, Book of Bones and fill the rest with Limiteds, light if possible.

notable abilities and items: Ankh of Kallisto, Book of Bones, Aura of Constitution, Melted Flesh, Thor's Ale (Light Spell that's also a Limited which is quite rare), Legend.

Note: For Light spells, I'm only picking the ones that are found in the random light spell deck, in which there are 27 limiteds.

Other party members:
Give one the Anal attribute and fill his entire inventory with Light spell Limiteds. Make them a squire for our blackboar. pick a race for them that's not Blackboar.
Give another the Dragon Aura Platebody and make Dream staffs for all their weapon slots. Make this a templar and give them Aura of Constitution and 5 other Templar passives. Fill their ability slots with limiteds, light if possible. Make sure they're not a Blackboar or the same race as the first party member.
The final party member gets 3 dream staffs, the 6 templar passives from the templar and 10 limiteds. Make sure they're not a Blackboar or the same race as the first or second party member.

So how much stamina would this character get? Well let's calc it!

Here's the assumptions I'm gonna make: Blackboar does not triple armor if it's already doubled by Squire. We're also gonna assume that the bonuses from Prismatic Robes and Grand Poncho don't get doubled.

There would be a total of 49 limiteds in the entire party and 52 light spells. This means that the Ankh of Kallisto grants 104 stamina and that the Grand Poncho grants 275 Stamina. The Heavy Plate grants 180 Stamina and the melted flesh grants 20 stamina. Assuming everyone in the party go Ageless, the Book of Bones grants 40 stamina

So here's the complete total:
(40+40+20+6-5+40+180+275+15+104+30+30+20+40+10)*2=1690 Stamina

If there's something I did wrong or you'd like to use different assumptions, feel free to let me know.


  • I did a similar attempt at this around when the forums were first posted except I adhered to the restrictions of gold but also only min-maxed based on a single character assuming none of the other party members got anything that would help. According the what I have it bookmarked as it should be 812 stamina. The only thing that needs specifying that isn't shown on the sites character board is that he started rune master then got templar with multiclass. Looks like I also changed cornerstone with the keen stone blade but I don't remember what it originally was and there appears to be an empty slot in the abilities that may be due to some card being removed. I think I might have also taken the assumption that you get the gold difference between your original class and your new class when you multiclass but I forget.

    Even if its really old and have some nuances I can't remember it should give you some ideas to improve or ways to do it with gold limitations.
  • @blockington99

    Right, that's a pretty great example. Far more straight-forward and simple than the way I did it, since you can just look at one inventory to find out the total, and don't have to somehow draw 20 Limited abilities for one character.
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