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Lore Stream this saturday!

Also there's elven text on that scroll.... uh.
Wait, has somebody already made this thread


  • Looking forward to it! That looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun. :3
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  • I wonder what that scroll says
  • "deadbones is a nerd hahahahahaha
    Hey why not, give rawb some money since you read this"  >_<
  • Shoulda known
  • I've gotta re-teach myself Elven, I used to read it fluently 
  • whelp I guess we gotta give rawb money now
  • Does resubbing count? (rhetorical question, of course it counts)
  • We fell into his trap!
  • hmmm I would say it might count
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    Hail god-king pig
    Also, OGD is expected to be in April
  • With all that Walrus lore we just got, I'm hoping that means Walrus's become a Playable Race for Season 4. I can even give ideas for the Walrus Race, which would include their ever increasing intellect, if they want.

    The one thing I'm not a big fan of is the idea that the Elves (and possibly High Bears?) are before the Dragons coming to the Realm. The Dragons came to the realm to create, so why would they adopt the Elves (and the High Bears) as their Children, and not create their own Children, and treat the Elves and Bears like the Beenu's (IE, Inferiors who can be slaughtered freely)?

    Of course, none of this Canon; it's all fun until it appears in a book on Nader's Shelf. Still, I heavily enjoy Lore Streams. I hope Rob sticks with his Bi-Weekly Lore Stream idea he said in the Stream Itself (which is again not Canon).
  • @friskyBrisky Well Rob said the beenu were there before and Phanto and Kallisto created the elves and highbears.
  • @Maris Yes, that is the official lore, but during the Lore Stream, they started talking about the idea that the Elves were before the Dragons (I don't remember about the High Bears). Which I don't really like (especially because it makes no sense that Dragons who wanted an empty world would adopt 2, possibly 3 of the races, but not all of them), but if they go with that direction that's the direction they go.
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    I like to think that the Concept of Elves and Highbears existed, and were a race, but perhaps were nothing like the ones we know today in Urealms. From what it seems, Phanto and Kallisto lived on their own planet with its own soceity and own set of races, and were of a race  that at least looked like Elves and Highbears. But when they Ascended and came to the Urealms Planet, they remade their original races. I understand that you don’t like that they just ‘adopted’ previously existing races but I think you are assuming that Original Elves and Highbears are exact copies of the ones we have in Urealms. 

    of course thats that’s just what I gathered from most of the lore stream and none of its canon yet so who knows
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    When rawb was talking about the walrus walking upright they wouldn't have to hop because they have two legs they're just really stubby which means the super ripped ones would have to waddle 
  • I can message here now to but still not the help desk. Feelsbadman.
    ~~someone please spare me from my suffering~~
  • @bl1ndn3rd Well that's true; and considering what Phanto and Kallisto do create appears to be very uncreative (based on the stream, they mostly made real world creatures, that then become corrupted by Phanto's death). My interpretation was that the Elves and High Bears went underground, like the Beenu, when the World 'died'. Regardless, I'd prefer it if the Elves and High Bears were entirely created by Phanto and Kallisto, not remade or adopted by them.
  • @friskyBrisky I don’t know what your going on about, rob said once that the elves were before the dragons. And when he said it, it sounded more like he mis spoke more than anything else.

    Unless I missed something elves were not before dragons. And are likely not going to be either.
  • I just got around to the Lore stream. The Walrus part gave me a lot to think about. I'm using my Physics/math degree to come up with a good Walrus city name. Right now I'm going with the name being a string of numbers that happen to be the map coordinates of the city, but the number is also mathematically equivalent to "Walrus City."

    As for what Walruses think of the scientific inconsistencies in the world, I would have them generally believe that Quintara Lotus, her randomness, and the randomness of Arcane magic have resulted in instability in the universe. There may actually be a faction that wants to remove Qunitara from the world so that the instability doesn't destroy the universe. Others might just blame it all on quantum weirdness and dismiss it because it kinda works even if it makes absolutely no sense.
  • @friskyBrisky just finished the lore stream and rawb said how dragons work is they ascend and go create their own world meaning yes they existed on a different world, but things like groundbolds and beenu they existed pre phanto kalisto, its a little odd but we will never go to space in urealms so it doesnt really matter, but you got to love the walrus race idea and no ones talking about global splitting, which I thought was pretty good.
  • Loved the lore stream. hope we can have more of them in the future.
  • @ItsjustAvy

    There will be another this Saturday
  • @BlackWhiteCavias oh wow, my wish came true xD
  • Last one cancelled but Rob said there'll be another this saturday!
  • @Maris Thanks for the update, I was curious what happened.
  • @ItsjustAvy yeah, he was sick and i believe he only announced it on his patreon and he also changed his twitch stream title while offline.
  • Is the Lore Stream today?
  • Did the lore steam happen after as no VOD on twitch
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