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Who do you think is the most heroic living character?

In the show, a lot of the guys play characters who are very morally questionable, and a lot of the time there aren't very many conventional heroes. So who do you guys think is the most conventionally heroic character on the show who hasn't had their heroism led them to an early grave? Personally, I think Kallark is a conventionally heroic character, even with his funk induced semi-insanity. 


  • Duke Daring Probably although hes more of an adventurer than a hero
  • Has to be Vitali Zankovich for me, he's lost pretty much his entire family to the ageless but still stands up to gwenyth/the grand paladin about the purge. He hasn't "done" that much in the large scheme of things but he definitely keeps to his morals.
  • Definitely Kohai chan! He even has his own anime where he fights those evil birdmen! /s

    I would say Yohan fits the bill for a heroic archetype.
  • In a world ruled by Ageless, Death and Politics, there many fighters, but many of them are selfish, and self-obsessed. Only one man has the willpower, the overwhelming sense of justice to truly be called a hero, to not care about himself and save the lives of others. AND THAT MAN IS DUKE DARING!
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    I think Yohan is a very good contender, he was prepared to give his life to save the people who had enslaved him and to protect his lifelong friends, if Quintara hadn’t saved him he would’ve died doing everything in his power to hold Maelstrom at bay for as long as he could
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