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Our Time is near. soon we will have our own God.



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    I just hope we get something that most of the Old Gods want...and not a flop either brought on by a troll minority or fudging from the game runners. : /
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    @SMS00 i dont think you will have to worry about that, rob will most likely give us options that are balanced to begin with, and if what we have heard so far is true we will vote on several aspects that will form the character, so if one of dose aspects are silly it will still not effect the character that badly
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    there will probally a be a balanced system based entirley on rng votes but at the same time i want a hideous monstrosity fuelled with all of chat's wishes. all of them. So it's an absolute hideous genetic monstrosity (unless someone in chat wishes for it to look absurdly handsome)

    I would pick the "All of the above" option
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