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Our Time is near. soon we will have our own God.



  • @LexderMob All the new cards at beginning of this season seemed to indicate we'd be seeing Walrus and Gnoll far it's just be the same old ones. :/
  • What if we make Philhipé but a girl?
  • @Maris ;
    what if philhipe was already a girl
  • What if you resurrect Gwyneth as she was before being replaced by the Grand Paladin?
    Two Gwyneth's running around, one the Grand Paladin, the other a confused new god but at least in command of her own mind.
  • i'm pretty sure we will not make a god that is a copy of someone, we will most likely get to choose their race and appearance maybe morals and certain elements and powers. but i doubt Rob would give us options like make you god look like Gwyneth or Philhipé
    (his name is Pete by the way not Philhipé)
  • How is this big d&d game not bigger?
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    @OneEyedEddy ; wrong Discussion to post that question. try to post your question in a more appropriate Discussion.
  • What race choices did we have again for the OGD? I personally lean towards kobold since he\she will be working with Maelstrom and Empusa.
  • @Awesomeagle23 ; Rob didn't go in on too much detail, said we would get the standard race options like kobold elf and all that. but he also said we would get other chooses but wouldn't confirm exactly which and as he gave examples he said that it maybe would be things like Spiders Walrus and Goblins. so we haven't had it confirmed exactly what the other choices would be but we have a idea.
  • @LexderMob got it. Man creating this god is gonna be so fucking sweet.
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    so have not been as active on the forum as i usually am, so just wonder if there been any news or updates about the OGD? 
  • @LexderMob ;

    I don't think there has been any news (I believe he said in a stream that it would take some time, but that was already some time ago, so I have no clue when it will be)
  • Please don't let it end up as a walrus...
  • i am kind of open to most ideas, i would not mind a walrus but after thinking about it, i would like it to be a Goblin they deserve some power on there side for once @TamTroll
  • Is Cachecol still relevant
  • To be honest I’ve grown to just feel that I don’t particularly mind what the divine is or what their goals are, every option will be valid and there’s always next time to make a different one
  • Do you think we could create Justins Mom
  • I feel like we should go into this with some kind of plan so we don’t end up with everyone doing their own thing and get a god with no consistency that we don’t much care for.
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    I'm pretty sure that is going to happen even if we have a plan (as not everyone will follow or even know of the plan), I do however expect that Rob won't give us choices that would make no sense together and even if we choose stuff that doesn't seem to make sense he will most likely make something out of it.
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    Ok so chat, you want this new design to be:
    Justin's Mom
    A Walrus
    Not a Walrus
    Named Phillepe
    Two Gwenyths fused together 
    A Monster
    To Die
    Be a Professor
    Be the Love Child of Quintara and Thor
    Be King Scramantalus
    Chachecol the woven (who are they?)
    Be Phillepe Revived
    Part Goblin

    Tbh all these things are doable, a part walrus, kobold, Goblin, fish, woven and Gwnenyth who is born to Quintara and Thor, is a Proffessor and a King, and is also Justin's mom
  • @Dart
    I wanted a goblin can we do that too?
  • ah okay so philipe again we already have that tho
  • the gods name is going to be a fusion of two old gods names so he/she cant have a name of a preexisting character
  • Unless somehow a mixture of two people’s names is a character’s name
  • id bet that your more likely to win the lottery than to get a name combination that happens to be an already existing character name
  • I'm amused by this thread jumping from last May to just after the new year began~ XD
  • It is a little amusing, but we are closer now than then.
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