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Question about believers

What do you think happens if someone writes a book about a believer that knows its a believer then a believer takes control? because believers by nature cant know there believers  


  • The believer sprite would reject the book. It wouldn’t create that character.
  • Rob has stated this before, either in the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign or its behind the scenes.
  • I am guessing @mlglevimonaghan ; you are referring to Believers in the URealms Live setting, and not the classical Unforgotten Realms animated series version of Believers :)

    It is easiest to think of a Believer as an AI that uses machine learning/neural networking, powered by raw/wild arcane magic. It was probably developed or researched initially by the Beenu.

    Rob explains how dangerous Believer's can be as they can take on any character from a book, but I know the potential danger is far worse, especially if a fellow like Nisovin learns how to manipulate or even control them.... Legitimate Chaos could ensue. We're talking about Changeling levels of danger here, societal and political collapses.

    Makes you really question Nisovin's motives to research them
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