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Looking to recruit more players into our community

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Welcome to Unforgiven Realms!
We are a group of players that were so in love with Rob's work that we decided to create our own universe stemming from it.
Each of our players works on GMing certain aspects of our realm and the others will introduce characters for them. We strive for a larger community who can support each other and help build the best world possible!
We play in CST/GMT time around 4:00/5:00 UK where it will go till latest 11:00 UK.
As the new player, you will be given a race to decide all of their lore from the ground up. The remaining races we have left are Porcs (Porc and Blackboar), Beenu, Goblins, High Bears, and any other main or even subraces.
The only ones you can't are Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Kobolds but that doesn't mean you can't work with that player to use them however you like.
Not much lore has been done so you aren't too far behind to learn and understand the gist of it.
If you think you're a good fit for us, go ahead and join up.
Just leave a comment with your discord and why youre a good fit 
Once you're in, message me, Smexy, Wolf, or Candle and we'll make sure you feel at home.
Hope to see you soon.


  • Mortem#8809
    I think I will work well as I love creating worlds and lore, this sounds really fun so I would love to take over an aspect that I get to create lore for, just note however that I prefer not use face calls or voice chat, I can just would prefer not to
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    Well I love making lore for things and i have done it on my own for the Roleplay forums with unity, this sounds a lot like what I did, which was making lore similar but different to Urealms. So I feel at home with this kind of stuff and wouldn't mind joining another group's efforts on doing the same thing.
  • EclairForce#7120

    I like to help with writing content, I'm no good as a GM but would love to help play the story
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    I love the world of the show and I've been meaning to hop into a fan group. I'd love to help write lore and create a world with some other fans. I have some experience as a GM and I have experience as a writer for projects. 
  • My friend and I would love to play in a group! 

    Discord: vZEskimo#6287
  • Kiwi#3682

    I've done a great deal of roleplaying and specially DMing games in DnD 5e. I'd love to try my hands at URealms and this project seems like a really fun thing.
  • awesome!
  • Eh, fuck it. I can't be a player for you cause of time constraints, and I can't DM cause I got my own campaigns to work on, but if you want some help building lore, I'm your guy. I write tons of lore for my own campaigns, so I can definitely help people out with building lore for their own. I'm a writer by trade so it helps. My Discord is JukeInTheBox#0021. Shoot me a DM when you get the chance. 
  • The Pez#7861

    Love me some lorecrafting. I run a 5e game with inspiration from URealms myself- a series of campaigns set in an interconnected world, and I've written tons for it. Never GM'ed URealms before, though I could certainly try if I have the time. I like knitting together a story and/or lore that seems unique and makes sense in that world, so I'm happy working with others to construct the universe.
  • erock1118#7835

    For my custom dnd world I have 134 pages of lore. I hope I am not to late to join. I would love to get exposed to more groups and play styles.
  • Dart#0687, also English so those times are splendid.
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