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Who's Line Is It Anyway? (URealms Idioms and Metaphors)



  • an apple a day keeps Golestandt away
  • although ive just realised that "some silver a day keeps Golestandt away" makes more sense
  • "There are no elevators on the way to Quintara Lotus."
  • "You ever want to see four elves beat up a goblin"
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    "We are two heads of a two-headed ogre" (a comeback being- "and you're the dumb one")

    "You can give a dwelf a pair of heels, but that doesn't make it an Elf"

    "Best thing since Boyfriend Quest" (or cobbler pie... RIP GuudeWiilies)

  • Literally anything that Bearo said in the Fall of Dundinborough.
  • 5th PC.
    ((instead of third wheel or something, I just wanted to bring this thread back from beyond the 50 page mark.))
  • You can murder your brother but that doesn't make you a Murder Bro!
  • "If everything goes to s**t, it's a goblin's fault" when everything falls apart with no one person being at fault
    "What's a kobold to a gemlicker?" essentially meaning something being different can still be liked by people who are/like different
    "He's got Bopen in his closet" cross between skeletons in the closet (dark secrets) and monsters in the closet (fear of the unseen)

    A more self explanatory one that sounds straight out of the South: "No seconds off a clockodile's snout" (no hair off my back)
  • "Is this food for everyone? Because I'm about to porc out."
    "Stop crying clockodile tears."
    "You can't judge a Believer by their cover."
    "Oh my various Old Gods!"
    "You hitting that tree with your fists is like trying to drown an ageless."
  • "It's not racist if it's right"
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