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House making Advice

Hey, I'm making a campaign and making many maps for it also. Well, I have a question on how to make the house in photoshop, I'm still new to the program and all, also I I'm not with art and shit. So any advice will be really helpful. thanks  :) I guess my main question is how would you make a straight wall is what I'm looking for since I have no idea what to do.


  • What I do, it once I've figured out the color for the frame of the house (usually a brown off a palette I use), I use the Rectangle tool (pictured below) and make a square with 8 line thickness and no Fill. Click and drag and try to align it to the grid as you make the walls, you can always CTRL+T to re-adjust the size slightly after if its off. Then you can just fill in the empy space with whatever your floor will be (either solid color or a tile), erase a section of the wall for the doorway, and decorate the room. I typically throw in some assets that several other people here have generously collected and shared!

    Lemme know if you have any more Qs, best of luck m8!
  • ( @MasterDJV )
    Thanks, man. I guess I can also use this for castles walls and straight streets as well, or is there a better way for those things?
  • Should work for those! For streets I also like to take a cobble texture and set its opacity to about 15%, makes it look more worn and "official"!
  • Where do you find these cobble texture, is it an asset or in photoshop?
    (Also I like your use of the 
    Exclamation mark, I'm imagining you just yelling all this information at me.)
  • Lol, its just an asset I've picked up
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    This is very late but you can also use the grid option in photoshop which allows you to perfectly align rectangles with the grid without the need for transforming afterwards. This also lets you use lines with the line tool on a grid iirc. Enable the grid in Edit>Preferences>Guides, Grid and Slices. You can toggle the grid's visibility in View>show
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