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Where does Rob get the pokemon music remixes he sometimes plays during streams?

Like in the stream last night, during intense fights he played really good remixes.

I'm wondering if they're just remixes from youtube, or if he commissioned them or something. If the former, I'd love to be able to find them and throw them in some of my playlists :smileneena: 


  • He might have found them on SoundCloud or something, thats where he finds a lot of good remixes and SpaceJam ones.
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    I'm pretty sure a lot of the music he uses is from the anime. They have a lot of good remixes from the game.
    For example, one of the sad songs he uses is from the anime here and I remember him using this one a lot too,maybe in older streams

    Edit: Here's a playlist of a bunch of the anime songs from indigo league to listen through if you want
  • The popular one used in URealms Live intermissions is on Soundcloud -- James Landino Live Set - MAGFest 2015
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