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Overgrown (Working title)

         I've been making a game for the past 3 months (not counting all the lost time when I lost all of my code from the year before). So I decided to show my progress as I make it. (There may be a week or two between posts or hours between them it depends on how the progress is going and type of area I'm working on) 

        But to make this fun for you guys as well every so often I will ask for a new character, type of level, cut scene, etc that you want in the game, however, it still has to be realistic to my time schedule so it can't be some gigantic scene or character that has insane detail. ( will be defined later, and levels can be almost as detailed as I can make them) Pretty much I just have to approve it, and in around February there will be a beta test (((I hope))) 

        There might be a sort of .... "Holy choice" (yeah that won't get me copy right from Rob) .... where you might be able to choose where the story will go if I don't have a specific direction I want it to go in at that moment. (Remember I still have final say on where the game goes) 

Also ummm.... anyone who can help (music (ESPECIALLY MUSIC), pixel art, portraits, animators, and or voice actors) I would be eternally grateful since I'm mainly just a programmer . ( Also*cough cough free copy of the game for the help + anything else that there can/needs to be arranged that's in my power)  You can ask about it 

So yeah, I guess I should show some characters and basic story now :drunk: 


^That is Gwyneth. And that's about the best portrait I can do of her in a 6 hours time limit(I have to make these fast) She is the main character. 

          She is going to lose most of her memory at the beginning of the game as they fall down a giant pit and get's partially taken over by a bio-hazard. (Plants-415, they are sentient plants that corrupt ones soul, and take over the host as they give in to temptation)  She will be be heard by a wondering #$%@$#% (I can't reveal his title for now) Knight named Troth (doesn't have a portrait yet) that will stop the overgrown plant in her eye. (Still need to draw that in when I get back to doing portraits) 

Then they are attack by a small of ghouls (Work in progress name for those taken over by plants)

One tutorial on a tactical rpg system later.

After defeating the enemies you are put in a dilemma to where one of the ghouls hasn't completely converted to a mindless beast. So you have to options. 

Putting them out of there misery, or try to mend their soul.

Either one puts you into a bullet hell like combat.

If saved the character joins the party, and each main level will have a encounter like that once completed.

And that's enough of the story for now or else this will get to big with everything else I want to include below this.

So time for some more characters (most in concept stage, and the ones in my notebook can't really be shown since I don't have a proper camera/phone)

This is Tom
And he had a sister whom used to work for a Baron. . .
She's dead now  (but the main character can see and interact with her.)

This is Manly Man Raum whom with his brothers protect small settlements within the game. But joins you party once his settlement perishes.

This is Mercy. They're. . . . An Assassin.

Named either puck or bell. They're German. . . .Yeap

This is Gregor. He has almost been fully taken over

I'm starting to realize that I shouldn't put to much more on this so, I'll stop from here

Random Bits and Pieces from the actual game (Heavily unfinished):


  • YOOO that looks super promising, my dude! 3~ months of work and you are already being at this stage of the development as a (I assume) solo gamedev is really really good. 
    Reading about the gameplay, danmakus and TRPGs are my mint and chocolate so I am pretty stoked to try a demo of this game.

    Also I just recently started experimenting with gamedev stuff (sadly on unity though) but if I ever reach a point where I can contribute with anything cool and you ever need any help with this project, feel free to hit me up in the DMs.

    Regardless, you gained a follower that's for sure.
  • @Savin duuuuude you would probably do the best music for this game
  • Hey this looks great! Glad you see you round the forums again! 
  • This is pretty awesome, I might be able to provide some music for this project if you would like, maybe just a couple of tracks to begin with since I'm a bit busy with other work right now, but I could probably do a full soundtrack a bit later on.

    You can check out my URealms fan music on my SoundCloud if you haven't heard it before here:

    And thanks @Kingedyou for the recommendation!
  • @Savin
    Thanking me for recommending one of the best composers I know to a cool new game? Thank you mate
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    Okay small graphics (large on the programming side and story side) update on the game

    Programming bug fixes (I can't really show the fixes):
         Game Crashing Bugs:
             Okay I'll start with the programming part which isn't not much I can say other than I fixed about 10 different bugs that dealt with something I'm going to call a null character # where if a character wasn't clicked by the mouse before actions were taken BAD STUFF HAPPENED and it crashed my computer as well as the inventory intertwining creating another null character #, etc. To be fair I have a lot of spaghetti code, so I was expecting something like this to happen at some point so it wasn't a major dent into my time tables.

    Inventory 90% done:
             Now the other main thing I've been tinkering around with is the inventory system where at this moment it is almost fully functional, and the only thing I have to make it do it save it as you click between character's. I also was able to make it accept as many variations of weapons as I want and also made it relatively expandable for later expansion's if I need it to interact with the world.  (It's still going to take me another few weeks to save it between character's. . . *sigh* but its decent)

    Story and some graphical work: 
    Okay so where did I leave it off at ah yes the moment whence one saves the other character (redacting names unless it won't spoil the story).

    So you will be placed in another dialogue sequence talking to troth seeing that their is something off about you after you saved the other character, and realize by saving the other character Gywneth loses her own control against her own mind-corrupting bio-hazard but completely cures another to fully back control from the bio-hazard for as long as they may live.

    This is to create a moral dilemma within the character should you rescue other's or prolong your own existence. (As well as for the player your stats go down each recuse you do and go up if you EXECUTE THEM) 

    After the conversation a conversation with Troth you stumble upon a house in which Troth didn't see on his way back 

    (Concept not nearly close to done, and doesn't have the shading in it yet.... the shading gives it more depth and makes it look less bland) 

    This is where you will meet Peter (Say hi)

    and his young sickly brother. (The brother is not drawn out yet still in large sketch form)

    After a conversation with the both of the you realize your on a time table in which there is only so many more weeks the brother can live without treatment. 

    Then Troth hears something outside and commences another combat where there are two ways of finishing. routing the enemy or getting all character's to a specific point on the map.

    and that's enough story for this update.

    Character's: (I realized that I should also put in there passives since I think that might be fun)

    Peter (The fire-keeper): 

    Kindled: For the first 4 turns of battle double your stats but for the next two turns your base stats are heavily reduced

    Okay okay as you may have seen dear Peter here has a sickly brother, and only has so many days to get him in good health. This has been caused by his younger brother not following his order's and staying near a fire at night, which has caused him to be attacked by not the bio-hazard, but SOMETHING MUCH WORSE.  

    Peter got there just in time to save him from dying just before the "Thing"(Okay okay the "Thing" might be a boss at one point) fully enclosed him in it's digestive fluids, thus only hitting a part of his head and arm which is not slowly traveling to his brain and heart to %$^%&$ @%^$ (SECRET) him.

    He then's gets back to the house where the Main Character's stumble upon him

    Rachel (The fortunately unfortunate)


    Wayward: High dodge chance but decreases as consecutive attack's go her way.    

    (also her picture isn't done yet

    OKAY okay okay she looks a bit to modern but I'm going to muddy her up a small bit.

    But it's natural that she was raised in a relatively normal standard of life. Think of her as not knowing that the bio-hazard has existed until recently since she has been sheltered by her family until one day they came. 

    A man in the name of !&%$^ slaughtered her family in the name of @#!$!@ (I'm sorry but this has to be secret for a while) But in her parent's final hour they got her enough time to escape, and yeah the Main character's will find her possessed at one point in the story but the bio-hazard.



    Arsenal - Has triple the carrying capacity, and will always have at least one more shot in their weapons.... ALWAYS.

    (He hasn't got much of the treatment on his illustration, yet I just started drawing him a couple of hours ago)

    This dear viewer is Moncreiff and down to the very last one in his family they have all been soldiers of the battlefield. And Moncreiff...... HE LOVES THE TASTE OF BATTLE TO WHERE HE HAS SLAIN THOUSANDS OF CREATURES FOR HIS HONOR.

    As well as being a great cook. . . . . . . . . yes . . . .  . . 

    Since most families die young with the scarcity of medicine and the bio-hazard roaming the land, he has lived mostly alone. And one day while he slept one of his most trusted allies backstabbed him by putting one of the bio-hazards in his room.

    and yeah stuff happened.


    Okay well that's the update for now, there were more character's I could show but that would spoil the fun parts of the story. . .. 

    Also @savin it would be a life savior if you could do any music at all for this project, I've been putting up all nighter's for this project all ready and it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about music as much.  If you are still okay with helping I would be eternally grateful :drunk: 

    @Noubi ;
    You have no idea how much words of encouragement help me to keep at this project so thank you.

    @siennamydog ;
    Thanks. :smile: 

    Game news:

    Also if anyone has any character they want in the game just ask I have time to put in 2 extra character's at this moment in time all I need is the name, description of what they look like, example of a passive, and small part of a backstory.
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    Looks awesome! Not exactly sure how far these characters should go but I have an idea for one:

    Name: Katranga Tyflim

    Description: She is a tall broad woman with short darker hair and skin. She appears poised at all times. Her leather clothes tell the tale of her tough past.

    Passive: "Vigor" - Deals double Damage with melee weapons by throwing them at her foes with a chance to retrieve them during each round of combat. 

    Backstory: Having lost her mother to a terrible illness, she turned to the streets to raise her adept younger sister, Elyn, alone. Learning the dark underground and taking jobs to get Elyn through school took a piece away of herself. She is always looking to strike a deal for a bit a service and is always poised and suspicious. Once you've gained her trust, however, she will always have your back... As long as she is away from the tavern that is.

    Hopefully you can get something from this! I'm excited to see you progress!
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    Name: Steve Charlton

    Description: Dressed in a simple tunic, workers cap, gloves and goggles, Steve is on the taller athletic side. He appears laidback and easy going, but looks reliable. Has a small amount of dark brown hair. 

    Passive: "Maintenance" - Damage dealt with Weapons cannot be reduced or negated. Armor cannot be reduced or negated. 

    Backstory: Steve grew up in a simple loggers village, but he was always strong and hardworking. He dabbled in mechanics, and enjoyed fixing things - this included everything from bridges to Shields. Eventually, he decided his services were needed throughout the world, rather than his simple home village and he has become a wandering handyman, fixing any problems which may arise. He self titles himself as "Steve Charlton, the Handyman of the apocalypse."
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    Quick Update: A small demo of the opening of the game should be ready by Tuesday (Will include the opening scene + first level or two) . Which will will showcase the combat, in both it's form's of being a tactical rpg, and bullet hell. As well as showing the updated (More simplistic) art style.

    Also here's a quick glance at the art style of the game:
    (Only going to show main character so there won't be any more spoiler's in the 50 + playable characters :evilsmile: )  

    New portrait art style: 

    Rough Draft:
    the crying one will be redone

    Much faster to make (20-40 mins)
    Ages better with time
    I personally like drawing in this style

    Doesn't show the full character (originally a portrait took up to 4-9 hours)
    No complex shading
    Doesn't stand out as much as the previous portraits 

    Combat sprites:

    Still need to clean up the axe animation a bit

    If I can get any opinions on the animation or art style that will be great also I have made the two requested character's for the game but what would be the fun in showing them now when they can be found in the next demo coming out on 4/21/19. . . :bopen:  So. . . . I am open to taking up one more requested character, so yeaaahhhhhhh. :evilsmile: 

    Also if anyone is willing to help I really need some help with music...  I mean I'm terrible at making the stuff....
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    Dude this looks sweet. Also the new art style is much better imo. If you're still open id like to submit an idea
    Name: Liv Moltfire

    Description: She wears a red witches robe. And a red witches hat that has a slightly curved top. Underneath is a light cream colored woolen shirt. And a leather belt with a place for her wand. Her hair is long ,orange,  and slightly patchy. (If you don't know what a patchy haircut means. Basically it just means she has some uneven strands of hair that make it look rough and unkempt.) Her skin is fairly pale. And she has what almost look like vampire fangs (tho she isn't a vampire she just has sharp teeth)
    She is also short. Though with a slim body type.

    Passive: Firecraker - All damage done by Liv causes a the enemy to be set on fire for a short time (That's the basic idea you can change it to suit your game however you want)

    Backstory: The story of Liv Moltfire is shrouded in mystery. Nobody really knows where she is from or how she was trained in magic. What is known though is her very explosive and fiery personality. And her very odd spurts of anger. As such she has gained the nickname of "The ticking firebomb".
    Making her angry is not recommended by anyone without a way to defend themselves from a raging tornado of insults and fire spells. Though she has nevertheless earned a fair bit of respect due to her willingness to kill things for a price. And she is quite witty and clever when she isn't uhhh... lit up
  • If youre looking for voice actors I'd be down to give it a try, and if you need more I know some people currently going though acting school that would probably be very interested.
  • Update on the demo : 
       It's going to probably take me a couple days to a week to fix it and release it.

     I was trying to finish up the code the last few days to make it more polished, but instead it broke down the system, so its going to take me some time to fix it. (The inventory can't save anymore and the durability on weapons is inversesd, for reasons I no vague idea in) 

    Sorry that it's going to take some more time. . . but I want the proper demo released to see if everyone likes the combat in both forms of tactical rpg to bullet hell.

    Okay so...

    I'm making your character right now during any down time I have right now, so it should make it into the game. 

    Having some voice actors for the game would be great, but I'm going to have to think about it since that means we would need around 20-30 people to make all the voices for all 50+ playable characters and that might be a bit much.

    Also do you guys want me to do smaller weekly updates every Sunday on the progress of the game rather than the larger sporadic updates now?   
  • @TheGallantKnight ; One. nice. Looking forward to it.
    Two. Id love to have weekly updates if it doesn't hinder you.
  • Bad Update: 
    My code for AI for the tactical rpg became to complicated for me to have an faintest idea how to fix. 
    The Problem before I tried to fix when polishing the code a while back was trying to get the AI to know that's there is more than one person on a field at a certain time attacking the closest one. However, in the past couple weeks it has been unable to move on to another character other than a pre-chosen one. 

    This is something that is out of my range of being able to program in, and puts an hold on the tactical rpg idea for another time.  I'm doing this to not stall on my idea for the game(cough cough I have a grade on the line) , and so I'll make the game into something else that I will keep updating here on. It will probably take me until the middle of summer to finish it, but it should still be able to come out this year.

               However there is a okay side to this. Instead of making a tactical rpg, shoot em up, I'm going to most likely make a side scrolling (or top down) game, where you fight bosses being in the bullet hell.

               I have some old code from a while back which I will be reworking and hopefully nothing is broken in it. So I should have a rough demo of this by Friday most likely having about a 9 min demo (cough cough it may be the deadline for a 9 min demo that my teacher pushed back for me).

    Also sorry that I wasn't able to actually finish the tactical rpg style game I wanted to do, but hopefully its fine that I'm changing directions into a game that I know I can actually finish. :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: 
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