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I’ve created a character sheet for a physical game

im going to try and combine the table top mod and make it a physical game by using it for character creation 

i think ive covered everything have I missed anything important


  • Dang, if you make anymore... stuff for a phisical game post it. It looks really cool
  • Well the original plan was to print out the cards but at a gaming cafe I go to play d&d the owner puts a tv down and we use it as a interactive table 
    there’s a map creator called the calamus that the dms uses and that inspired me to load the tabletop simulator on the tv table and they can use the paper to create their character 
  • did a self testing tonight on creating a character and ive accidentally added a extra passive and passive/companion slot to the sheet it should have been 6 not 8.
    i might leave in there to see what comes out if it makes it more interesting for rp gaining a companion with some awesome passives or might be too over powered
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