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urealms FAN livestream "The Drunk Hunt" (check Twitter for future announcements)

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I have recently started a new urealms group with 3 of my friends and I would like to livestream our first real campaign on twitch. (unless Rob doesn't want me to stream but from what i can tell its going to be okay as long as i only use the assets from the TTS mod and my own, which i do, so i should be fine. If you read this Rob and I'm wrong please correct me)

When is it going to start/end ?: The campaign will be on the 7th of december at around 1pm EST and will go for about 4-7 hours. We won't finish the campaign in one session and it might take from 2-5 sessions to actually finish ... unless everyone dies. (edit: the time of the campaign had to be changed due to my player having too much to do for work on wednesday.)

What is the campaign going to be about ?: The story follows a group of mercenaries who have been hired to track down the daughter of the rich and famous brewmaster Draugar Jadeling. They are tasked to bring her home safely and without causing another scandal. The brewmaster made that last part VERY clear because the last time his daughter ran away from home, she was found by one of the grand paladin order's battleship, on a pirate ship, inside the stomach of a sea monster and surrounded by kegs of ale. Needless to say getting her out of prison was not cheap and it damaged the reputation of the jadeling brewery quite a bit. The mercenaries have managed to track her down to a small settlement that has been built only a few months ago, the only problem is that this settlement was built in a land that nobody even knew existed until a few months ago so means of getting there are rather poor. The group had to hire one carraige driver to get there and another one to pick them up 3 days later, hopefully with the brewmaster's daughter.

Who is going to be playing: My 3 friends will be the players and are all new to urealms. We did play a small tutorial campaign and they were very entertaining and creative during both combat and RP. I will be playing as the GM and I do my campaigns very different than other GMs in both mechanics and general campaign format.

Whats so different about your style of GMing ?:
- Long campaigns that go over multiple sessions.
- non-linear campaigns where players can explore.
- all campaigns revolve around the same area so encountering old characters is more common.
- deathrolls tick up: first DR = 1, secound DR = 1 and 2, and so on...
- deathroll counter resets after a campaign.
- getting back up from the danger state only heals 1 D20 of stamina (that 10 stamina of healing from your wooden spear on highrolls don't seem so bad now does it?)
- status effects are only cured on highrolls
- Limited actions take your regular action (unless that makes it unusable)
- Event system: each player gets random event cards and vote tokens. event cards can be activated by spending vote tokens. vote tokens can be regained by succesfully completing events. the amount and contents of the event cards depend on the campaign. (basicly donation events but for players)
- Meta cards can be earned from events.
- you need 3 spells in one element to be skilled (I don't want to see an elemental mage gauntlet build in every campaign)
- There might be more but I can't think of them right now.

Is this going to be a high quality RPG show ?: Nope, not even a bit. This is just going to be a group of friends playing urealms and having fun. this campaign will be my first real stream so there will only be a basic standard stream overlay and no player stamina bar. I want to get into streaming because i think it would be a fun thing to do and actually get me to play all those games i never finished. I'll do one or two test streams on monday and tuesday to make sure atleast the things that are there work.

Where can I watch this ?: on my twitch channel:


  • Streaming the game is fine! You just need to be clear that it is not the official Urealms Live. Use words like "unofficial" or "fan"  :)
  • alright, thanks :D
  • Hope this stream goes well for you buddy. Our group has been streaming our campaigns since the summer and it's a whole lotta fun. Even managed to introduce 2 people to the game because of it
  • Good luck this week!
  • @CPTSKIM ; @Rob ; Thank you! Like i said, my 3 players are all new to urealms and so far we have only played a tutorial campaign and they loved it :D

    Also: The time of the campaign had to be changed due to my player having too much to do for work on wednesday.

  • @Blizta ; Probably wont catch it live due to work, but I'll try and hit up the vod. Always after new ideas, inspiration and things to try. Some of my favourite moments have been with new players at my table, leads to more unpredictability I find. Wont be running another myself until the S4 changes are live, but looking forward to having two new of my own.
       Good look mate, hope you have a blast
  • We are Live!
  • I would like to thank you everyone who showed up and my apology for having to end the stream way too early. There were a lot of technical difficulties because I'm still getting used to streaming and I wasn't feeling very well which is why i messed up some of the things i had planned so my apology for that.

    I hope to see again next time, when we find out what this black tower is all about and hopefully discord doesn't die next time.
  • Hey! I havent got round to watching it all yet, but Im enjoying what I did see of your campaign. You and your guys are doing great my man, keep it up.
  • @CPTSKIM ; Thank you! We will continueing the campaign on wednesday (not sure about the time yet), this time without sickness and hopefully without tech problems. :)

    I also recommend following me on twitter at to keep up with future Livestreams (We probrably won't ever have a set time for the campaign and I think it might get annoying for other users if i constantly update my own post on the forum).

  • Thats fair, i'll follow you on twitter to stop the bumps.
  • One last thing: I was wondering where you got those gold counters from? I couldn't see a mod for them on the workshop and wondered if you have, and are able to share the link/asset?
  • Now that you mention it I don't remember where I got it from. I think someone I played with once used it and I asked if i could use it. But that was about a year ago so i probrably shouldn't be using it on stream in case whoever made it has something against me using it.
  • Ah no problem. I'll have a rummage around. We just use text boxes for gold, but its much cleaner to have something like that.
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