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Since it is URealms Offseason...

What are some campaigns or some plot points you guys are eager to see developed or expanded upon next season? I myself am eager to see a few things:

The recovery of Golestandt and the battle for that.

The next ToUW campaign should be exciting; I think too despite them being (in my mind) the more lack luster campaigns just because the first one got train wrecked by bad internet for coe at the time. I do have think every story to come out of the tower though has overall been a blast and the characters made have been very fun to watch.

The Sun Keys; now with this one we learned through visions in season two and had a campaign dedicated to teaching us about what lay in the prison of the shadow realm. I believe seeing this go further will be interesting as it usually subtly happens in the background of campaigns.

Bopen, of course Bopen and his story is something we will probably see or at least want more of since he is one of our main protagonists (or antagonists if you're a firm believer in THE LIGHT)

Lance. Lance will be a huge one. Lance obviously had much more... grandness to him from Rob's words on him and that he was an option for grand paladin. However, his rolls in combat have made him extremely underwhelming and have driven his story to a place of failure and irony. He went from the light blessed son of Bruce, a significant paladin in the order, a possible rebirth of a more grandiose Grand Paladin, hater and killer of all things ageless (With a powerful bow); and all the way to breaking said bow on mistake, dying, becoming ageless, and now running off somewhere in the world. I honestly think Lance's story will be a major plot point to come just because of how important his character was supposed to be.

Finally, I think the last plot point I think I want to see personally is how the gods tried and failed to resurrect the sun. This seems too to also be connected with the old god divine in a way too.

Obviously I am a fan boy who's had his share of wishes of where the plot went, but none the less, I am very excited to see the natural flow of this story progress as nothing is perfectly rigid. To remember too;

Those who fear death will always be afraid. For all things must live and all things must fade.


  • I wanna see more of my baby Galen and how his character will evolve. I did a whole evaluation on him a while back but he's come a long way and I can't wait to see more!
  • There's too much I want to see that I'm afraid we might not get to, mostly revolving around the fates and stories of characters from seasons 1 and 2.
  • For me there are a lot of things I want to see

    However in particular I want to see the lore expanded in areas that it is needed, particularly the other dragon Aspects and High bears

    We have a pretty good grasp of Quintara Lotus's character, however all the others, all of them, we have yet to see, with Golstant being the exception, I know the light divine is sort of left the world a little, but even so we can go back to see him, and there are the others such as Viranga
  • I would like to see the impact of Maelstroms newfound Divinity and how the dragon aspects react to it.
  • There will be 5 URealms campaigns in 2019 with the 5th being a mid season finale. We will be seeing a lot of ageless next year and also we might be going to the city of believers!
  • What I'm most hyped for is our Old God Divine interacting with the world.  >_<
  • Seeing more ageless doesn't surprise me, this last season we spent a lot of time with the light side, we had 2 ageless campaigns, makes sense to have next season focus on them more
  • @Rob >_< Hype beyond belief. This'll be great
  • @Cloud I agree. There are a lot of characters. Especially on Bopen's crew that we have yet to dig into.
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