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How to Kill Bopen Idea



  • @Badger_IronHide what do you mean by copy and past you unto it? do you mean your first post?
  • @TheIr0nKn1ght only problem is that phanto isn't mindless up there in the sky he's dead. So we cant kill the moon(him) again. 
  • I mean we could make the OGD kill Callisto and make a birth of magic 2
  • @claytonimore20 you misunderstand. while he is dead his body and influence is their, to kill bopen you need to destroy the moon.
  • more ideas also *bump*
  • Other idea from other post that i posted.

    I began to watch the azeltarian gaden in the intro with Bopen and Gweneth pause and read the text. It says how quote "Bopes is your weapon used to pain the gods" you know how sertain characters can listen to the players with outside information through the order of chaos is bopen a member and he is here to do our bidding? of how he is our weapon used to pain the gods of how he Bopen wants us to suffer and to lose people in the show for enjoyment? I was watching and realized that Bopen might be with in us and that he can speak or possibly know of us as the..

    Old Gods.

  • I don't think Bopen is ageless at all, he goes against all known rules of the ageless, we first see him form from the body parts of The King, Queen, and Prince of Dundinborough, no other ageless are formed from multiple people.

    I believe Bopen is more an entity than anything, a soul with no body. I think that the entity that is Bopen is bound to either the black ring, or the gold sword that he always seems to have, maybe when both come together, not entirely sure. I think Bopen was sealed away before The Fall of Dundinborough, but some condition was met when the Royal Family was in that bunker.

    Maybe the one of the Royals had the ring and the magic that sealed Bopen away ran out somewhat recently and Bopen chose the come forth at that moment because he was surrounded by his minions, the ageless, with the only threat was the King, but he was already taken care of because Bopen used the Royal family has his physical form. Maybe he chose that moment because it was grandiose, maybe because he didn't want others that could slay him as he was forming near him. Who knows, Bopen typically does things because he wants to, hes a spoiled King playing pirate

    Also Bopen has never shown his human form meaning 1 of 5 things. Either Bopen has no human form because he is literally made of multiple sets of bones. He does not wish to reveal his human form because it does not amuse him or his skeleton form has a more authoritative aura. He really is an ageless God and would not have a real form as being a shapeshifting God. He is actually just an entity bound to a ring that possesses skeletons. And finally, my favorite, Bopen has a human form and we have seen it, but we do not know the the person we are seeing is actually Bopen because we have never seen Bopen change between Human and Bopen. No this can be proved as of now because the last we saw Bopen he ripped Percy's skeleton from his body and made it his own, meaning Bopen either know has an 8ft tall body.

    Now what if the next time we see Bopen, he is back to normal height and Rawb says something like "Somebody else killed him since we last saw him and he took his skeleton" or "Bopen did not like being 8ft tall so he magicd himself into being normal height" that would only be proof that Bopen has a human form and that we have seen it, otherwise why would Rawb have made Bopen normal height.

    Half of this was a rant, some was typing as a I came up with the stuff. I am done
  • Ya that is a good point but remember if he says it from behind the streams it might not always be cannon he stated that in the lore building stream. @gameatic101 ;
  • @Badger_IronHide Can you clarify what it is that that may not be cannon
  • Everything that happens on streams, naders tales and coes quest is cannon i think (excluding gobos of pat) @gameatic101 ;
  • Well we the Old Gods could just create a champion with the express purpose to kill Bopen. I'm sick of Bopen and It would be ice for the Old Gods to do some good for once
  • @Revoltman I know that, but what I mean is that @Badger_IronHide brought up that something I said may not be cannon and I am curious as to what EXACTLY I said that may not be cannon so I can see the flaws of my theory.
  • @gameatic101 what i mean by not being cannon is how he may have been destroyed and got shorter we dont have full conformation for sure that is what i am saying is uncanon. And if you dont mind me asking when did Rawb says something like "Somebody else killed him since we last saw him and he took his skeleton" or "Bopen did not like being 8ft tall so he magicd himself into being normal height. I just want to know so I can do some looking. But I see what you meant and I now I understand what you mean.
  • Also in  Azveltara Z The anime animation that is show if you look at bopen when it shows bopen and gweneth if you look at his hand you see some very interesting details for example his hand I believe I see a ring again going back to my main point. But were it says quote "bopen is your weapon used to pain the gods" on the part when gweneth and bopen are back to back and a black skull is in the middle. What does that mean. Every time we find a new theory or some type of question or answer a new mystery appears. If anyone who has read this or is reading this I believe that we should work together to figure this out.

     So we the Old Gods can figure out how to kill Bopen or if you want to keep Bopen alive

  • @Badger_IronHide Ok I see where the confusion happened here. When I say

    "Now what if the next time we see Bopen, he is back to normal height and Rawb says something like "Somebody else killed him since we last saw him and he took his skeleton" or "Bopen did not like being 8ft tall so he magicd himself into being normal height" that would only be proof that Bopen has a human form and that we have seen it, otherwise why would Rawb have made Bopen normal height.

    That is a hypothetical situation that would prove a point if it ever does happen. It has not happened, BUT IF IT DID then it would prove that we have seen Bopen's human form and that he needs to keep a certain height so it does not affect his human form
  • Okay yes that makes more sense And I think I see what you are saying. @gameatic101 ;

    also Come on People more ideas and opinions!
  • @Badger_IronHide ; Awesome glad that clears that up
  • What if you just role dispel magic on Bopen and get a 20 ,' : )
  • @Disgumiting ;I like the idea but this frustrates me the more I think about it because as long as Bopen is bound to something like a ring then yes rolling a 20 on dispel should theoretically kill him or at least his connection to his host body. I really hate how when I think about it more and more there are more times, in my head where, Bopen powers come from the ring so interrupting that connection with a dispel works for me and I hate how easy that sounds. 
  • But then if you were to dispel and get the 20 the character who ever does that has to have the dispel and then roll the 20. There has to be another way. But it is not only me the Bopens power was hidden of a ring of all things forged by the gods.
  • I'd say breaking his skull then using soulreap on the purple aura he has around or something him could kill him. That is, if bopen actually has a soul at all
  • @Phendrix That relies on the fact that Bopen's soul is tethered to his host body and not an item like the ring that the legends say his power comes from
  • That does make sense I see but then it Really comes down to what if situations and having the right ability at the right time. I am excited to see what is to come in Season 4. Come on People give each other more ideas share your ideas and beliefs of how to kill Bopen and when it might happen.
  • I do not think that anybody (Coe, Roamin, Justin etc) would be able to kill Bopen except Deadbones maybe. Bopen seems to have to be killed in a very specific manner and I do not think that ANY of Rawb's players have enough lore knowledge to know the possible ways that they might be able to kill Bopen. We saw in the Purge campaign how Percy killed Bopen through guarantee kill ability and that didn't kill Bopen just his host body.

    Maybe a way to kill Bopen is to kill him then destroy the body and bones of whoever killed him because maybe Bopen's ability is he takes the skeleton of whoever killed him. In the Bopen v Virgo fight Bopen took Virgo's head after Virgo destroyed Bopen's so there was no need to take anything other than Virgo's head.
  • I think we are heading in the right direction. Anyone else have ideas. I hope we can find some common belief or solution *bump*
  • What about absolutely destroying the body given after the FoD we have only seen him being killed and after what remains of him takes the body part of who ever killed him. Also ik this is somewhat cheap but the spell Erase might work if bopen do not have a Sin
  • ok so i was just watching the lightbeards campaign and had a thought in the fight against thor we are told that thor forms a rainbow light around his fist that then bleeds black but before he can use it he is turned into a bronze statue by virandra so what if bopen is just the "magic" or "soul" of thor. i mean it would kinda fit with the lore we have been told such as virgo being killed by a god and bopen knowing bruce and being there during the LB campaign. (I know this isn't a post on how to kill him just thought it might fit here).
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