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All the New Profile Characters are SO SLICK

I love these. Bruce, Quintara, just all of them. Nice job to all and especially to Six!


  • May I ask where you can buy them? Quintara specifically?
  • Wait, how'd you get Quintara? I don't see her in the shop.
  • Pretty sure you got Quin from donating a lot to the Lightbeards
  • Quintara animated portrait was a reward for donating a certain higher amount during the Lightbeards, and was said to be put up on the shop later for 100,000 gold. I don't see her on it yet though. I'm sure she will be put up there for grabs in due time.
  • I got her from donations. Although i have saved up more than enough gold to afford her either way. Lightbeards was the highlight of the year though and deserved a lot of money.
  • Quintara was a donation reward for $50+ iirc, though as said, is supposed to be purchasable later in the shop. She is amazing though~
  • Gotta love quintara
  • here comes all the gifs.

    (Generous Internet Friends)
  • Oh yeah, they're great (I still love Ca-Rell and insane Phineas, though). Young Virgo just screams NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD, Bruce  is looking ready to fight, Virendra still looks pretty even as a buff rock lady, and who doesn't love Quintara Lotus.
    I just wish the "Grand Paladin" Accolade didn't inexplicable scale up in size to fit the width of the Accolades box whenever I switch avatars. She always looks disappointed in my choice.
  • @Murlin22 I do~ Although the Grand Paladins are so much better ngl. I hope we can get animated portraits of different colors to put behind characters.
  • edited December 2
    I love mine so much. I'm just collecting waifus at this point.
  • @ShadowPoow Ain't that the dream?
  • How long before they're available to everyone?
  • @ShadowPoow This is the true goal of collecting gold from the daily rolls and donations. Not getting XP for Divine Decisions, no, it's about getting the waifus!
  • @RaHuHe Probably as soon as Niso and Rawb figure it out. Not to mention the art is finished. That and they probably want a bit of time where those who donated are the ones who get to show them off.
  • @RaHuHe near the start of S4
  • @CaptainDeston I really wanted that Quintara one. I picked up a Prepaid VISA for it, only to then realize donations are in American not Canadian so my 50 Canadian became 30 American. :frownneena: 
  • @CaesarBarringster This was Robs true goal of course.
  • @ShadowPoow Rest in pepperonis 
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