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What Would Your Divine Be?

I want to hear any and all ideas for what people would want for a divine if they got to create one. First set in the URealms setting. Then if you wish feel free to share any ideas for such divine or god like characters you have made in your spare time.

I myself would want to bring a divine who's purpose is to 'save' everyone. The idea of this divine is that they would be born with the knowledge of the final gift spell. The same one that carries on the spirit of the light. However, what they would do is to attempt to join all souls of the realms into one. To bind them into a single living being that could be immortal and 'safe' from the threat of death. First they would seek the gods for their knowledge. Beginning their journey portraying themselves as someone only interested in the old knowledge of the realms. The stories long forgotten. A quest up the tower, a journey into the coldest mountains, a visit to the city of nisovins, then they would begin collecting. First it'd most likely be a betrayal to a group of adventurers seeing as one must start small. Then they'd work their way up to an elven family looking to bring about a confrontation from arguably the most knowledgeable of the gods. Quintara Lotus. Do the gods come back together to stop this being that joins all spirits into one being or do they remain in solitude watching the self proclaimed 'savior' quietly grow in the realm.


  • I would want to create a divine called that travels the land just just observes everything that goes on and writes about it. This being would have divine powers and so would be able to travel through time and space to get anywhere and write down the most important parts of the history of the realm in a sort of "chronicle." I like this character because at any point in any campaign, he could just show up and be an observer that maybe is forced into participating in a fight or something. 
  • @TinyBomby I like it. It is a much more off hands approach to a character. Even then there could be much more to them and even a dynamic between believers would work well.
  • I'd think it'd be fun for there to be a divine that counters us, the old gods.
    Something that when it's involved in a campaign, it can mess with the stuff we are trying to influence.
    No idea how it'd work, just sounds fun if done well.
  • @donkeymonster problem with that is people would get pissed because then they would feel like they payed money for rob to just say no and take it all.
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  • @Grimdrome
    Yeah, doubt it is feasible to do without annoying people. But to be fair, I always enjoyed Rawb's tricks
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    Id make a divine that would travel the world in search of heroes. And basically sing songs about that hero. Sorta like the muses in Hercules (Also hey buddy  :p)
  • (What's up my man   >_< ) I like that too; something just to add to the world. I know world ending things can be exciting, but the occasional draw away from the action is always nice.
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