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I just realized golestant is still out there just flying

The reason I'm making this is I want to know what other people think that Rob might take this whole golestant thing because a DRAGON is just wandering the realm


  • I have been wondering that as well, golestant might be a bigger problem than Bopen, it left along to long
  • we are confirmed getting a golestandt recovery campaign 
  • I know golestandt is a dragon but when we saw him in the Senate of deadlantis golestandt was there and he was just like quintaro lotus (I know I butchered that spelling) did he go insane or do we just not have the information yet
  • Senate of Deadlantis said there was a season 5 campaign where the Ageless are going to try and capture him instead of letting the elves have access to the silver. Considering the rest of the decisions during s03 with regards to the war and the development of Wraiths and what ended up happening to the Purge cast, that's shaping up to be one of the more interesting plots they can go with.
  • @Powerpuncher15 ;I don't remember if this was mentioned specifically in canon or just Rob stating intended lore but he previously stated that all 6 of the dragon aspects reacted differently to splitting into separate elements after the death of Phanto. Golestandt's reaction was completely loosing his mind as he was changed to the exact opposite element to his original state(light to dark). There is probably more at work in him loosing his mind than simply the element changing but that is all we know for now.
  • @blockington99 thank you for the clarification
  • i was kind of dissapointed at just how much of a backseat Golestant eventually took to be honest. Between the finale of season 1, and the woodcutters, it seemed like chasing down this feral dragon aspect and dealing with it would be the overarching plot for a majority of the show.

    instead we got bopen. still nice, buuut... you'd think people would be more concerned about the giant feral dragon flying around.
  • @TamTroll ; Thinking about it though kind of makes since, especially with Gwenith Sunsword as the grand Palidian. Remember this is the third time the elfs had to do this according to Galen, so with Bopen being a new threat, he might be considered priority. Also Gwenith might be biased and how she is right now, seems as though she would be more intent on revenge then the good of the realm.
  • @Knifu_Waifu

    to be fair, the mention of this being the third time this has happened only ever came up AFTER bopen took priority, and golestant took a back seat. from a narrative standpoint at least it could have been a minor retcon to diminish the priority a bit. season 1 finale definitely hyped it up as if golestant was going to be a big deal.
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