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Campaign Thread: The Lightbeards



  • if you think about it we saw all 3 grand paladins get formed in this one campaign
  • @Dolfinmaster Huh. I guess we did, didn't we? This finale ended up being really good, in that regard, since Rawb went to so much effort to make sure we knew the gravity of what was happening. The Sursurflame, the Venom Burner, the Grand Paladin, the Willakers family, Thor. This campaign was a super important moment(s) in URealms Lore, so we ended up getting to see a huge range of stuff.

    Though, one could argue we saw the ascension of the first, the creation of THE Grand Paladin as the second, and its [the Second's] transformation into the, quote unquote, "Third" like a Time Lord.
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