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Dragon Schools RP ( closed )



  • This seems crazy fun!
  • @Mortem
    Cornerstone: custom card
    Attribute: pyromaniac
    Class: tomeofquintaralotus
    Er... that attribute's a little weird in this situation heh
    from pyromaniac: firekickblessingofstrength
    from tome: cardtrickenlargeblink
  • @WritingWyvern
    I'll take lighting strike.he just sit's down not sure what to think right now.
  • I'm here now! i-i got NPCs
  • ( So i haven't been in the right mind space for dnd today, and I have work tomorrow, don't suspect much from me sadly)
  • edited November 2018
    @WritingWyvern (I have felt the same way recently due to a few lads. It is all good dude, take some rest if you need it)
  • *Would nod at Rokesh as he sits there on the floor, then looks around the room at everyone else*
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    Name: Unorlox Azletarian 
    Backstory: Born into the Azletarian family he quickly from a young age a important lesson. Power is the way to get the things you want, and to young him something seemed more powerful then anything else, the thing that could burn everything to the ground. He quickly grew a fascination with it, and when the time came, he was ready, he would do something legendary, something that would grant him great power, he would kill a divine. It was a long battle, but finally with a final roar, it fell and a mortal did the impossible, take the power of a divine.
    Appearance: Long flowing black hair, tall and thin, wearing a red robe while in elf form
    Character sheet:
    custom card
    Classes taking: 
    Gym class
    Draconic Vocabulary
    Draconian Vocals
    Vlarunga divine class
    Quintara divine class
    Mythic creation
    Runic writing
    Dreams and visions
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    Step two
    Name: Etho
    Backstory: Etho, a child of a mortal dreamweaver and a divine who was attuned with nature. Etho inherited both dreamweaving and earth magic but in some odd way his magic wasn't actually nature in it's... well nature. It was all still earth magic but not magic that could give life. He didn't understand it at first but it was probably his father's dreamweaver magic mixing with his mother's nature magic. Everytime he would want to use magic like his mother's, he would go into the dreamworld just to know what it's like so in a way the dreamweaver magic was the problem and the solution to this. A believer stone was given to his fathr as a gift from nisovin and now it's in the hands of Etho as an item to help him in school (My bad if the backstory is kinda everywhere. I just really want this done so I can rp. I can redo it if you want)
    Appearance: I'll draw something up later xd
    Character sheet: Etho custom card
    Classes taking: 
    Draconic vocabulary
    Draconic vocals
    Traits of divinity classes:
    Dreams and Vision
    Things Mortals Do
    The Divine Body and Mind
  • @Sabertooth1114 (did etho sing the friendship song?)
  • sorry for being gone so long ive been having my birthday)
  • (Quiet day huh?)
  • @Mortem You're good.
    @Sabertooth1114 I think you're good.

    Alright... guys heh~ I'll be the GM for a little bit here. So... if anybody wants to do stuff
  • Xd if anyone wants to rp thennnn
  • @Maris
    I mean...I guess I can go to the Vlarunga class then...since I don't know what else I am suppose to do in the rokesh class.
  • @Maris *Would stand up and dust himself off after lieing on the ground during his high* "So.. what now after I connected to my ancestors and the goop?"
  • (Anyoneeee?
  • ( @Toruk )
    Sup, hm want where are you doing last?
  • @WritingWyvern ;Last thing I did was look around the room at everyone else after wrapping up the Rokesh conversation 
  • ( @Toruk )
    okay, well do you want to talk to one of the students or Rokesh again?
  • @WritingWyvern I’ll let rokesh talk with his other students rather than the one porc of mine. Uh what students are there to talk to?
  • ( @Toruk )
    Lepton, which is my character, um one with scales who seems very tired looking, hm the janitor is cleaning the trash from the room at the moment.
  • @WritingWyvern (Lepton it is) *I walk over to Lepton and wave to him* “Hi there!”
  • ( @Toruk )
    "dad is that you?" 
    You see him looking to the ceiling still high from the fruit, i mean having a vision quest from the fruit.
  • @WritingWyvern “Dad? No I am Kodus! You enjoying the ancestor greetings?”
  • ( @Toruk )
    "Why did you have me, father? death and destruction is all I bring"
    He starts to drool a bit looking around confused 
  • @WritingWyvern I sit down on a chair next to him and watch him*
  • ( @Toruk ;
    In a bit, he sort of breaks out of it and started to look around.
    "Wait happen, who are you?"
    He said facing you with confusion
  • @WritingWyvern “Kodus! Who are you?”
  • ( @Toruk )
    "I'm Lepton, what the hell happens, I eat the fruit and say my father dancing this strange dance. He was also wearing a..."
    He turns to look you in the eyes
    "Um forget i said anything."
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