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How Tiny is a Tiny Keen?


  • hmm idk i would maybe assume that it is 2 
  • like yo dick!

    ahaha got em 
  • Normal keens are like 2 feet tall, so tiny keens are 1 foot tall?
  • At least 1in tall
  • i would think a bit smaller then a foot tall.
  • Keens are normally 2ft so i'd say a Tiny Keen would be half a foot to a foot and a half.
  • Lets just assume that this is comparable to human height ranges and lets consider only male subjects.

     The average male is 70.9 inches, three standard deviations lower, which would contain the bottom 0.1% of men is what we will consider to be tiny, this is men 62.6 inches and lower which is about 88% of the average height.

    Using this ratio, if the average keen is 2 feet, 1 foot 9 inches and below could be considered tiny.
  • microscopic even.

    you know ant man?

    That's just a tiny keen.
  • Maybe 1ft. Teeny tiny gnome :smileneena:
  • ah but the true question is how small is a Schizophrenic keen with double tiny
  • A line = a foot
  • Jesus blackboars are 8.5 feet tall
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    Ok im being serious so there could be a difference in size by id like to say half a foot average difference so it can be 1 and a half al the way to half a foot but being ever so slightly logical if would be more likely to be one foot if you ask me, but iut should be seen in a way any gm should see fit to dispute it on so it depends on what the player and you as the gm would decide upon as the tiny keens hight, Note: A Tiny Tiny Keen would be less probably half a foot to an inch, to be fair it would not be possible most of the time to get it unlees you were extremely lucky. And please note this is my view on it so please don't say im wrong cause its my opinion.
  • And if you believe im wronge tell me what seems illogical ill try to see how and why and help me and you understand more clearly. Just helping.

  • @Rob this shows the normal race sizes, but the question is how big a keen that also has the tiny attribute (and so is even smaller).
  • @BlackWhiteCavias it gives us a base number to work off of though. Now we know for sure that nornal keens are 2 feet tall. So from that we can gander a guess as to how much shorter "tiny" is
  • My personal guess is a normal tiny keen is about half a foot, but if you want to go tinier i can imagine a quarter foot. I once got a schizophrenic tiny keen peasant, and i got skullbash and flexible limbs, so i was a miniature bullet. 
  • A Tiny Black Boar would be the size of a dwarf, a Tiny Blackboar would be about 4 feet (Dwarf) and a tiny gnome is like 1 and a half foot. 
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