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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • Well thanks for having me! 

    Day 4:

    Here we see Present Mic "spell"ing out that today is in fact day four! Thank Present Mic Kids!
  • @Javo is the real mvp! Love all your stuff dude, I really like how you studied Elias and took notes on your drawings, they look fantastic. I love your nature-y inktober pieces, is it a theme or a coincidence?  :)

    @Jalku This are great, love the clean lines. Mushrooms seem to be a common element of people's 'poisonous' drawings. I like your creative interpretations of the other two prompts, too! It's really cool to have you join in dude.

    Moved from very part time work to full time work recently so I've been kinda too tired to post lol. Haven't given up yet though, here's what I've got on my PC, I need to scan some other stuff and get the rest off my phone. Serious props to Javo for continuing the thread and keeping up to date! Here's the album, and here's my first inktober, I need to scan the others still!  :o

  • Here are some sketches for today, including inktober day 3, roasted! I'm doing inktober because I need the ideas anyway...

  • @Javo Appreciate the kind words! Anyway today is a new day which means....

    Day 5: Chicken

    I can't tell you why I drew a Chicken practicing Kung-Fu but what I can tell you is that he is looking good doing it!
  • Day 6 + 7: Drooling and Exhausted


    I decided to mix Day 6 and 7! 
  • Here are days 4 and 5, combined to show polymorph!

  • @Jalku welcome I really like your art style especially CHICKEN
    @Femmipoo looking awesome :D
    I'm still really sad that I haven't been drawing recently but I've been going from work to college to sleep but I still love seeing how everyone's doing.

  • Here is mine for today, combining exhausted and drooling!

  • Here is day 8!

  • Here are precious and flowing!

  • Day ???:

    Welp I am officially pulling out from Inktober. I got preoccupied with some other stuff for a few days. It was fun working without color and I learned a lot in the few days I was a part of it.
  • That's unfortunate Jalku, it was nice having another regular here :frownbold: 
    Anyways, here is a combination of cruel and whale!

  • Here are two, guarded and clock!

  • Here are two more, weak and angular!

  • And here is swollen and bottle!

  • Here is a scorched tree and some broken glass!

  • Here are drain, expensive, and muddy.

  • Here are chop and prickly!

  • Here are the next four, the last two are combined!

  • edited November 2018
    So, for the past year I've been programming a game and about a few months ago all of it got corrupted completely (my computer hates the unreal engine... a lot), so I let this thread go on the back burner for a while while I tried to recreate a years worth of code in time to meet my deadlines for when it's suppose to come out (Hopefully may).  I'm still not done with the code (I have so much more to do), but I've caught up enough to be able to post more regularly again. (Especially since I've got a friend now helping me now make the game) I would've given a update post about this, but I felt a bit ashamed/embarrassed of the lost work, so I said nothing. Sorry about that. 

    So, with that out of the way I should hopefully be posting every 2-3 days on the art I do for the game while I'm programming. And I'm going to make another thread in about a week for the game itself. 

    Also @Javo You sir are doing amazingly so congrats mate on keeping this going while I was away. :smile:  (Also your art is just great :peace:  )
    So for today's piece of work it isn't done yet but I'll show what it looks like right now. :)

    Also there will be a mix of character's and levels I make for my game, since I still have to stay on schedule, so I make it once a month that I'll take suggestions on what you want drawn for yourself or what you want in the game. So yeah.... Hopefully I'm actually back this time. :evilsmile: 
  • Welcome back @TheGallantKnight ; :)
     I'm falling a bit behind because of Halloween and school, but none the less I am here with bolt and slice!


  • Hey! Here is the crystal blood lizard, which's blood forms crystals when introduced to the air, like blood coagulating! The second one is one that was cut in half.

  • Hey! Here are four more to catch me up to the present! The first is a sketch of a piece I saw, and the other three are random doodles, a strange creature, scaled meat, and some dis-proportioned dude.

  • Hey! Here are some for the last few days and today!

  • Here are some for the last four days, though I don't like the second goblin much...

  • Here are two more!

  • Well here's what I've been doing. (Its going to be a link since there are videos with explanations at the bottom up them. ) (most of its brand new except for some logic for combat which I don't really show much of) 
  • Here are some sketches that I made for a one-shot campaign for family today!

  • Here are some random doodles! Sorry for being patchy in my posts recently, but I've been busy with college apps and the sort. I should be posting regularly soon!  :)

  • In a middle of a game jam so here's the first animation. NOW BACK TO THE JAM
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