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The Calm[open]



  • @Loreteck *Would smirk a little* “Is that enjoyable when I do that?” *Would wipe it off faster*
  • edited November 2018
    She purr's faster "It's like your petting my whole boddy master"

    @xxthatguy11xx ; @Maris @friskyBrisky ; @Lady_Kari ; and you too @mlglevimonaghan ;
    sorry for not being here today at all, had really busy one today but I should be free tomorrow and do the epilogue.
  • @Loreteck “Would make sure that the tooth blade is super shiny by continusly rubbing and wiping it quickly*
  • @Toruk
    *purss intensify* while everyone just gives you a weird look as your cleaning your blade to a Tee.
  • @Loreteck (Causally was sitting out of view on his crow’s nest  ~_~) “Alright, is that better?”
  • @Toruk
    "You clean me good master...though do you think once we get back to the manor we can"play", I do need a recharge after all that battling"
  • @Loreteck “Yes yes when we get back to the manor we can play for a bit” *I pet the hilt of the sword as I sit there for a bit longer*
  • @Loreteck (I mean to post earlier, which side needs more help? That'll be the side Kneken goes to.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    (The fights over, you guys won)
  • (anyone wanna rp?)
  • @xxthatguy11xx ; @friskyBrisky @Toruk @Lady_Kari @Maris @mlglevimonaghan ;


    It wouldn't be long now until the sirens come, as red and blue light's pierce through the light as emergency workers of all kind enter the scene of the clearing, and sighting the massacre that has been occurred outside the walls of the manor, some have lived to tell there tale of the rain coat killers and the beasts that came from the mine, but none knew where they were after the fog as settled. the patrons who housed themselves in the mochi manor during the storm was ether meet with relief or horror of what had happened to there relatives they have left behind, some even had to go to the Sanitarium from the mental trama they have endured. they to you all, you have survived,lived through the madness of the night, where revelations of self and others have been found, and the secrets that you didn't seek have been told, answer to one still remains, after today will you ever be the same? 

    congrats you guy's finished my first and short-ish campaign, now we get to the fun part of the end, the rewards, Now if you finish the campaign with a character that is well and alive(and not abandoned). here's your reward.

    main objective reward: survive
    all surviving characters get there legendary the next time they join the next RP where they can be a part in. if they already have there legendary then they get a legendary class instead. 
    meaning all your characters get's there legendary or legendary class, meaning once I do campaign where you can use this previous character, you get them and they get there legendary or legendary class.if your interested in what your Legendary is just ask and I'll just quickly make the card for you just to show.

    now for the secret/optional objectives

    fear itself: leave all three killers(the beast queen, the kosher family and the abomination) alive
    reward: all players dead or alive can get there legendary, dead players must give there legendary to there character in my next RP. 

    nothing to fear here: leave all three killers(the beast queen, the kosher family and the abomination) dead
    Reward: all alive players will to only get there legendary but there legendary class as well.if they already getting legendary class then they can get there legendary class, legendary(LCL for short)

    brought to you live: find the radio man at his station and catch him in the act of recording all the happenings of the murders of the storm for his snuff film for the black market.
    Reward: depending on your actions you could ether stop him, giving you all sheriff abilities(which use no slot's on your character sheet) or you could cut a deal with him and take the money, giving your character a large amount of wealth the next time we see them.

    dryad dreams: meet the dryad of the forest and defeat the spirit cause a disturbance and do one of three things 1. befirend the dryad for life as BFFs making you have good friend who can save while in trouble. 2. convince the dryad the good of civilization letting go of her prejudices of the major races. 3. fall in love with her, becoming her special one loyal to you till the end.
    Reward: you would have gain the legendary class, druid.

    Heart stopper: kill the abomination before he get's all twelve of his victims.
    Reward: you would get Inquisitive mind in which this honor goes to kneken(frisky), sevra(Maris) and andera(Toruk) since they were technically the only one's who lived and fought the boss.

    strong sense of justice: roll a nat 20 on the first knock out gas roll and stop the first second murder from taking place
    Reward: you may pick one legendary spell you wish to have on your character. our character is also now immune to all status effects. this reward goes to Toruk.

    killer queen: kill the queen beast
    Reward: you would get, hunter's instincts. a campaign reward attribute

    family matters: kill the rain coat killers
    Reward: you get one of the weapons the family was using for your character, if any.

    now a little special reward for kneken for one shooting the boss, she will get this for the major upset.
    (this combo's very well with your normal legendary FYI)

    now that's all over with you may continue to RP with NPC's and player after the event's in a one two week timeskip form the current event's that you have experience if you want. 
  • @Loreteck (.., Wow. I did so much more than I expected XD. 

    So to get this all straight. I get a legendary spell of my choice, my legendary weapon, my legendary class the soulrauder, inquisitive mind, and immune to all status effects. Wow that is alot. Also it was really fun, glad I decided to join it even with my strange combo  ~_~)
  • @Toruk
    (Well you already got your legendary, you get soulruader instead, but yeah you get your choice of Legendary spell to use, you got immunity to all status effects and you got inquisitive mind because I didn't expect the very unfortunate event that was the abomantion fight....but very fortunate event for you.)
  • @Loreteck (Huh.. did we not kill the beast queen? Man so close to that kill all three bosses one)
  • @Toruk
    (No you did not kill the beast queen)
  • @Loreteck (Rip. But hey, overall it was really really fun, and I can’t wait until the next offical one)
  • @Toruk
    (Yeah that might happen for little long while probably during fall brake, it's going to be Little different one, short like this, I'm gonna try experiment with a team verse team situation as well as testing some of custom races, as it will being take place during the Gulf war. after that  think gonna do an actually big RP.)
  • @Loreteck (can’t wait then.. amd if you don’t mind could we do some more rp over at my estate, amd I guess @Lady_Kari would be staying with me as they are a new student of mine? If I recall right?)
  • @Toruk (wanna talk to the head of the estate?)
  • @xxthatguy11xx (I would assume we have all went to our own estates again now. So unless you come over to my estate or I to yours for some reason)
  • @Toruk (ah, alright then, well if u wanna rp before u ended up leaving then alright :P)
  • @xxthatguy11xx (Honestly.. I think he would of just made sure everyone and the art was alright then head home to check on his own people with Kari, as Kari is a new art student or something.)
  • @Toruk  ;@Lady_Kari ;
    (Yes she's your new student, which I'm guessing your making yourself kind of an inhouse art teacher then. of course if wanna pick up after the thing is over, you gonna have to go immediately have to "play" with shelly back at the manor.)
  • @Loreteck can you tell me my legendary? 
  • @Loreteck ;
    ((Can isabelle change her class cuz I feel like after killing someone she would want her dark powers tooken away))
  • @Loreteck (I know. But you said there was a week timeskip or something. But if there is not I wouldn't care either way)
  • @Lady_Kari
    (maybe...but your legendary revolves around you being a dark druid...or a soon to be dark druid but if you want to change your class to something else I'm fine with that, just means I need to change around the legendary)
    (Ether or works, if you want to do it right after I'm fine with doing it right after, if you wanna do it a week later hen we can do it a week later)
  • @Loreteck (Alright. Lets do immediately after I guess so I can talk to kari, get kari to thre mansion, and do my thing) 

    @Lady_Kari (You avaliable at the moment?)
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