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Campaign Thread: The Lightbeards



  • Spoilers for the campaign for those who haven't watched it yet.

    If you will allow me to theory craft for a moment, I believe that the fate of Virandra was not immediate death. Some others have likely theorized this, but I don't think it is any mere coincidence that Ghostblade was attacked by Quintara Lotus following his assassination of Bruce. Given the circumstances, it would seem that Virandra either adopted the identity of Quintara or Ghostblade mistook Virandra for Quintara. They share similar color palettes, and it would provide a logical reason for Ghostblade's mutilation which I don't think we have seen yet. The locket pictured after the opening cinematic would also seem to suggest some relation to the campaign as a whole. While it could just be that we ultimately murdered Bruce by way of Ghostblade, I think this theory is more fun ;)
  • @Elodalius I actually have an explanation for this actually;

    In The Sandbolds, when the Sandbolds ask Quintara to help restore Norokoh/Ghostblade, Quintara says "She's the Beenu who killed my brother!" As we know now, Ghostblade killed Bruce Willakers, who was the first Grand Paladin and first Mortal carrier of 'The Light'. 'The Light' was passed down to him from Thor, who had gotten in from Ouro'ras, the Divine Aspect of Light.

    Basically, Quintara, not knowing that Ouro'ras passed down his responsibilities to his dudebro son, who passed it down to one of his creations, thought Ghostblade killed Ouro'ras, and that's why she mutilated Ghostblade. She probably only later learned everything about Ouro'ras and Thor neglecting their duties, and that Ghostblade only killed some Dwarf, and she was like 'oh well, what's done is done'. It wasn't because Quintara and Virandra are related, it was a simple misunderstanding.
  • @friskyBrisky Okay, that makes sense. I didn't recall that interaction. That would make sense though.
  • @friskyBrisky I am not enterily sure if the second part can be correct considering a few things timeline wise, seeing as the quote about ghostblade killing Quintara's brother is from the second furthest scene in the future we have, she would know about the Grand Paladin by then (having been on the same council as Virgo for quite some time) which would probably cause her to voice her "disdain" for ghostblade differently, if she viewed the situation like you discribed.
    I actually think that she knew about the passing of the enternal flame already but seeing as that is all that seems to be left of Ouro'ras, views the beeing that held the flame in some sense as her brother. And the outrage over bruce's death happens because that it was the first time the "grand paladin" died and as such it wasn't thought that he might just be "revived" (in a sense anyway, the part that would matter to Quintara). way to much text for a minor nitpick, sorry about that.
    Also the Nader Opening animation in this campaign i think implied that Ouro'ras died during the attempt to revive Phanto, any thoughts on that?
  • @Falirion My theory on that is kind of a stretch but I believe that Ouro'ras isnt dead but doesnt exist on the same level as he did anymore. If you look in the Order of Chaos thread, the announcement in there includes Rob saying hello to Nader, Maelstrom, and Ouro'ras. 2 of which are known to have connections to us. Seeing as Ouro'ras is the aspect of Light, while this makes far to little sense as it is a long shot, I have come to the conclusion that Ouro'ras is the sun in our sky.
  • @Falirion how was it implied that Ouro'ras died?
  • @Dolfinmaster Kallisto is the sun dragon and why high bears are immortal. Ouro'ras is the dragon of light, and just disappeared with his other siblings (not including Quintara), they are all children of Kallisto and Phanto. 
  • @Sinfall yes im aware of that
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    @ItsjustAvy Well thats only my read on it but at around minute 4 of the animation, when talking about how Ouro'ras passed the Eternal Flame to Thor, Nader gives the LIne "And so, even if Ouro'ras were to perish [...]" and it cuts back to the earlier scene of the failed attempt to ressurect phanto, where a burst of energy breaks out of a Lizardperson (dragon aspect in "human"ish form?), with Golestandt and Quintara? (not sure if the one on the left is her) looking panicked, and more screaming in the background. to me that seemed like we were supposed to make a connection there. then again could be tricks involved

    especially since as @Dolfinmaster pointed out, Ouro'ras was called out as a Meta character in the opening post of the order of chaos board (which i completly forgot, thanks for the reminder.)
  • @Falirion Thanks for the reply.
  • This campaign gonna make season 4 just a little bit more interesting... especially with the reminders of subtle lore that y'all have brought up on here.
  • @Falirion @ItsjustAvy
    Maelstrom also did mention that final talon was where the light first died and Final Talon is the place where the dragon aspects tried to resurrect phanto.

    Theory time:

    It is heavily implied that Ouro'ras died here and also he gave away the light to Thor to protect it. He probably knew he was going die when trying to resurrect phanto and being the aspect of light he most likely created the final gift and greater lay on hands spells.

    These spells would have been created after the birth of magic since they would be useless to the elves before the birth of magic. 

    I suspect Ouro'ras created the greater lay on hands spell for the divine aspects to cast together to resurrect phanto but he knew it wouldn't work so he created the final gift spell to sacrifice himself to resurrect phanto instead. He also probably didn't tell the other aspects he would do this because they would be too afraid of losing him as well.

    Well I've got a theory nyow :3
  • Props to @DeadBones for attempting to imbue Wop Wop with the soul of the Grand Paladin!! OMG that would have been hilarious as hell!
  • he would have put wop wop into virgo's body right? i think that's how final gift works
  • @Shane
    that is indeed what would happen if you go off the card 
  • I had to catch the finale on YT, does anyone know who they Twitch raided after the stream?
  • Hey, so I don't wanna make a new thread for asking this so I'll just ask it in here.
    There won't be a deadrealms this month or early November, right? I know Twitchcon was a thing but just want to make sure.
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  • so I’ve been thinking. We now know that when a person ascends into a dragon they lose their mind.
    This didn’t happen to maelstrom ether because he had a lot of time to get it under control, or because he’s meta.

    but that bags the question what happens when someone who already lost their mind ascends Phineas?
  • @kreeperkiller63
    i assume they still act crazy, Phineas is insane but not power trip insane 
  • @kreeperkiller63 But Maelstrom DID lose his mind; Rob states as much when Maelstrom transforms during The Sandbolds. Ascended mortals, from what I remember between various BTS and info in campaigns, lose control temporarily because they literally can't handle the new power they've been given (the best metaphor I can think of is suddenly being able to see in 4 dimensions; you are suddenly capable of things we literally cannot imagine). The big reason that Maelstrom regained his mind and Virendra did not is that Bruce and Virgo didn't let her live long enough.

    As for Phineas, I'd imagine he'd act insane once he regained control. A newly ascended dragon kills everybody because they can't make decisions; Phineas kills everybody because he WANTS to.

    And because WE want him to.

    I scorn your Divine, Old Gods. We need only Phineas Barringster. :evilsmile: 
  • Went back a couple days ago to binge watch the entire thing while doing school work, let's just say I never got much work done.
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