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What is Bopen

So recently I was thinking about Bopen, and I was trying to figure out what he actually was, and it occurred to me that Bopen is likely a believer. We know he is not an actual ageless from what Phineas says in the animation when he looks at Bopen's bones. The other thing to note is that their is definitely a book about Bopen, because in the fall Dundinborough we see the book about Bopen read, and this also tells us that the book was in the room where Bopen first appeared. I think all of this combined means that believer. Let me know what you guys think of this idea, and what I might be wrong about.


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    I'm pretty sure that theory has been shot down before as Bopen has been affected by time magic. To my knowledge believers aren't affected by time magic. 

    I think he's the fanbase's avatar of malice and inclination towards seeing death and destruction 
  • I am not totally sure we have all the answers yet. My current thought process is that he is a spirit that inhabits a body. What that spirit is, I don't know. My biggest points of evidence is
    1. When Deadbones character in the skeleton king (can't remember her name, the Gorgan) tried to sense his mind, she felt nothing. This means the body isn't inhabited directly.
    2. He 'survived' a failed death roll. Rob has made it clear he doesn't bend this rule, if you fail a death roll, you are dead unless you have some ability, and they often come with a sin, though not always. The way it was described to me, it made me think that the spirit basically decided to make a new body, from the bones of the person who defeated him.

    I could be wrong however this seems like the best fit, some sort of spirit, maybe divine, though that is hard to guess. I will say one more thing. I think that the new grand paladin has thought of a way to defeat Bopen, it is ready to go to open war with all ageless, and go on the offensive, it has an idea about what Bopen really is, quote "What killed Virgo was no mere ageless, what killed Virgo, was a god" it knows what it is fighting 
  • I'm thinking he's a Devine created by well either Rob or Deadbones. In the same way we'll get to create a Devine he's something they've placed in the world.
  • @DoctorWorm
    That is possible, my biggest problem with that is I feel he wants meta stuff to be, well us
  • My guess is that we, the Old Gods, will end up creating Bopen in the future. Maybe through a divine decision, or even one of the special divine/god creation shows.
  • See I don't actually think he is a divine. Rob is always reminding us that just because a character says something it doesn't make it true. Rob also has never personally called Bopen a god so it makes me think that Rob is trying to mind game us by having character call him a god.
  • @Lathren
    I agree, in a way...I just had a thought that could add to my theory, the grand paladin, is basically a holder of the light, and it is transferred using final gift, is it possible Bopen is the holder of the dark? And when he 'dies' it chooses and inhabits a new target?
  • Shard of perversion seems to fit the criteria nicely 
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    Yeah and you know there is the case that Bopen was frozen by time magic so if the lore is consistent Bopen at least in the form we know him cannot be a divine I’m still onboard with the theory that Bopen is a puppet, almost like a bone golem held together by an unknown force, perhaps we have yet to meet the actual Bopen but if memory serves me right Bopen claims that he was there when Bruce Willakers died so assuming he’s telling the truth ( which is a big ask ) We have already met the person, object or creature that becomes Bopen.
  • @Murlin22
    Wait....when did Bopen say he saw Bruce's death? 
  • @Murlin22 @Mortem bopen never claimed to have seen Bruce’s death, just that he knows about his death. Which makes sense considering that Ghostblade was the one who killed Bruce. And Ghostblade was on bopen’s crew in the skeleton king campaign.
  • @kreeperkiller63 @mortem
    just rewatched the Purge and your right Bopen says a friend told him about what happened to Bruce not that he saw it
  • Probably one of the biggest clues we have about Bopen is the end of the purge campaign. At the end, when Roamin was using his legendary ability, rob asks specifically where Roamin's attack would hit Bopen. I've seen a theory tossed around that Bopen's power comes from his black ring, and if Roamin had destroyed it, he would have destroyed Bopen. 

    Could Bopen's ring contain (or be) a hypothetical "greater shard of perversion", which could have multiple uses? If so, destroying the ring shouldn't immediately kill Bopen but instead leave him with 1 last life, at which point he would probably go into hiding.
  • @Lathren
    Think he might be a bootleg believer the uses bones instead of books
  • Well, when Bopen "failed" his death-roll Rawb had Roamin describe how he'd kill Bopen. He destroyed the skull, where-as I think Bopen's spirit inhabits the sword which controls the bones as a puppet. It'd be a fairly simple explanation for how Bopen survived a failed death-roll. The bones aren't a believer nor a divine, since they've been frozen in time before.
  • I don't think the bones have anything to do with Bopen. The first time we see him he just pulls random parts from the people around him. I like to think of his body like an enchantress minion.
  • Thought, when does den of devils happen in the timeline? Before or after the fall of dounenbourogh
  • As I have a thought about Bopens sword. We know something powerful was made into it, by the visions in the cobblers...and I have thought about 2 options.
    1: Susurflame, we know it survived in the bottom of the dragon gold, so is it not possible that a dwarf king hearing of this weapon decided to try and get his hand on it and resmith it? And I don't think anything show den of devils happening after the fall. It also goes a way to explaining Bopens power, he has the soul of a divine dragon in his sword, or maybe he is Virugna, angry for being killed?
    2. Junkyosha the weapon that killed Bruce Wilikers, the divine light. A weapon powerful enough to kill divines...does it not make sense that this weapon was somehow found by the dwarf king and made into a weapon?
  • @Mortem
    Fall of dundenburow is one of the earliest canonical campaigns, Bopen is not wielding sursurflame. Not all dreamweaver visions are true so that could just be a fake vision. Junkyosha is still in that hands of ghostblade for all we know. There is a timeline somewhere it’s very useful to look at before trying to create theories 
  • @Murlin22
    May I ask how we know that? How we know dundenburow is early? If there is a way I apologise but I couldn't think of anything. Ghost blade lost the weapon to Quintara, she took it I believe, and beyond that it has been quite a while since then lorewise, and if Quintara did have it, who knows what she did with it
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    Wait I’m dumb I thinking about something else not dundenborough 
  • @Mortem
    i don’t think quintara took the blade, but I definitely can’t belive a dwarf king turned Junkyosha into a weaker weapon especially not when simply touching the weap9n would kill you if you were not worthy so I doubt a smith could get away with touching it to reforge it in the first place.
  • @Murlin22
    Okay, so my ideas are okay? Good as I think particularly with Junkyosha I am onto something. 
  • I highly doubt Bopen's blade is forged from Sursurflame nor Junkyosha. We know for certain that Den of Devils happens after Fall of Dundinborough.
    Bopen's blade most likely isn't Junkyosha either, since why would Quintara give a Dwarven King such a blade? Plus, nothing actually said she took it so why would Ghostblade give the sword to a Dwarven King? Bopen's blade is most likely forged from his black ring (and gold, although we know the gold part) in the story told to young Prince Phineas.
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