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I made a Hearthstone Secret based on the Final Gift Spell.

When you would die, you effectively reincarnate as the next grand paladin.

Your health becomes the minion.

You get a weapon with that minions attack.

Most importantly though this becomes your hero power.


  • So you keep going untill they have enough dammage to kill you twice, hmmm maybe could work, if it was would probobly be higher cost though
  • @Knifu_Waifu Well remember there isn't an unreasonable change you end up playing as a 1/1 and don't have the Secret up.
  • Yea, if anything it could be on the same lvl as ice block but sometimes better against a huge monster but bag againts as swarm
  • @Razer
    the only major issue I can see is that it’s a 4 mana paladin secret which would never be printed since all other paladin secrets are 1 mana, perhaps make it a 1 mana quest with the secret as a 1 mana reward and make his hero power give you another one of the quest, that would also help to balance it a bit more bringing it’s power level down considerably instead of just giving paladin a potential 4 mana ice block and jarraxus infinite loop 
  • Rob
    edited November 2018
    It's like a really bad version of iceblock. There are some minions with stealth/invuln too that i think would break it. The hero power does make it interesting, but they can still kill you through it so idk. Cool card!
  • I think it could do something like destroy a minion, then add its health to your total health pool? That would be pretty alright. Not meta, but alright.
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