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{Fan fiction} Urealms: The Scatter Laceration. By Soulsy

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Welcome to a Realm born from the Birth of Magic. 
The event known as the "Birth of Magic" has changed more than just the properties of magic as most of the inhabitants of The Realms would think. The Birth of Magic tore apart space and time itself splitting The Realms in two creating a divide known as The Scatter Laceration. The Old Gods and many of the races were ensnared and casted into a second Realms , A Forgotten Realms.
In The Forgotten Realms , The Beenu live and split into different variety of Beenu, the Elves and Goblins live as equals, The Kolbolds are split into two tribes varieties, the High-Bears became the humanoid Mid-Bears, and the race completely removed from the Unforgotten Realms the Orcs thrive.
But a long running war between two factions endangers the realms  and  The Old Gods also known as the 4 Magnus Dragons progress on reconnecting the Realms once again.


  • Stay tuned, I plan on doing many more of these. Please let me know if you have any question ,comments or concerns.
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    I got to flush out the world of the Forgetten Realms more in chapter 2, I have a lot of ideas and actually pretty excited to continue writing this story.
  • Uhhh. This is a creative work. Therefore fair use. But a little tip from author to author. Never release a creative work, using the IP of someone else. I've seen some very good fanfictions that really should be published, but used protected names. Relegating them to obscurity. There is a reason Rob changed the show to un-forgotten. Also. You probably really want to reconsider the title "grand dragon." It had some uh. Real world baggage. But I like edgy stuff, if it's intentional. Anything can be done well!

    That said. I will be eagerly reading your work. You seem motivated and you have a couple of chapters available. What more could a reader ask for?
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    @CongenialVirus Well, thank you. aaaaaand I just looked up "grand dragon" and as a black and white mixed race person, this is probably the funniest thing that has happened to me creatively, especially since I made it so the 4 of them have compassion for all of the races  (big WHOOPS!). Grand dragon sounded so cool too, such a shame. I will consider changing the title ,though. don't want any troubles.
  • *Update* the "grand" dragons are now the Magnus dragons
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    Just put up chapter 3. I am having a great time making this chapter. Chapter 3 gives us our first peek at the Ventus facility and some of its members.  Very proud of the erotic romance novel joke i made.
  • Been a bit but here is the next chapter
  • Yeah! Icebreakers rule!
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