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I think Im cursed



  • @Knifu_Waifu ;
    Ya know. This reminds me of Eizen and his Reapers Curse from Tales of Berseria.
    Essentially, if something can go terrible wrong for him (or anyone or anything around him) then it will go wrong but it is usually one of the most unlikely things that will occur.
    He also has a habit of flipping a coin and because of his curse it only comes up tails, never heads, kinda like your dice.
  • Made a huge final boss for my party and they had gathered a raid party. Rolled 5 ones and only killed one person with insane battle and dmg mechanics.
  • @CaptainDeston yea, i know the feeling,I had the party fight a dragon, no sorry "Welpling" , and as the dragon it was all 1s all the time, half the times I rolled was either a 1 or 2, leaning more twords one, the dragon ended up commuting suicide by adventures.
  • @Knifu_Waifu ; Its true. You have been cursed by the gods of RNG
  • My players aren't cursed with crit fails like some of the guys here, but damn they have a knack for rolling low. Every time I say "as long as you don't roll x or below it'll work" they manage to roll under that number. Tbh we just use it as a joke at our table now. To counter that I also have a guy who crits on really meaningless things, which just adds to the joke.
  • Well i dont run that much dnd, but do run a werewolf the apocalypse game that one of my players botched everything they did for an entire 6 hour session. Guy was fuming after it. :bopen: 
  • Well if we are continuing on my bad luck, I got picked last for choosing my speech day for class, which means I go first, on the first day.... yay :(
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    Nope still cursed, rolled 2 ones out of 5 rolls. and my other rolls weren't above 10 
    Edit) I rolled another 1 at the end of session so 3 out of 6 rolls are ones

  • Let see if I am curse as well

  • cursed thread? 
  • @Knifu_Waifu ;
    Ill roll to uncurse you 
  • @Knifu_Waifu ;
    you really are cursed. Rip

    Rip roll 
  • Nope Im cursed, I would post the screenshot but I can’t right now so I’ll just tell the story

    > Knifu never rolls well, so whoever rolls the lowest gets into the campain
    >Someone calls out, “Knifu rolls his first ever 20”
    > proceads to then roll a nat 20
    > crys
  • So, still cursed, rolled 5/9 rolls as 1s, please send help
  • So my bad luck streak was sort of broken, I rolled only 2/14 of my rolls at nat 1s 
  • I think my worst roll streak was in this urealms campaign and i just kept rolling ones. I was a Warrior, and i had to save a bunch of people, but i kept rolling ones and charging straight into the enemy. Every time. I ended up rolling a 1 on my 2nd deathroll as well, but thats 5 turns of combat, 1ified.
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    So.... I played URealms Finnily, I was a swashbuckler with both Preperation and Spirit Rush.... I rolled 1's on both of those abilities, I had pearl of hindsight so I wasn't stunned, but it just ruined my combo :(
    I also rolled 2 ones on my first two rolls of the game as well as these two
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