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Campaigns to skip.

I want to recommend Urealms to my friends but they don't have the time to watch EVERY campaign so i want to know lorewise what campaigns can be skipped? I know that Many Gobos of Pat is non-canon ofcourse 


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    My take on campaigns that can be skipped:

    Season 1:

    -Porc hunters (still a fun campaign, but no major lore or important characters)
    -The Gobos of Pat (what do I need to say)
    -The Unseen Rogues (didn't watch it, but I believe not too much lore and no real recurring characters)
    -Kobold headhunters (no major lore implications, Romulus only real recurring character)
    -The Zarlin Catacombs (no major lore exept for the introduction of some characters)
    -Side quests exept possibly Death of Virgo (if you will be watching the Cobblers) and Blood Snake queen (if you're watching Okagnoma Guild Hall)

    Season 2: 

    -the Cobblers (no major lore implications or recurring characters, visions might be interesting though)
    -TOUW part 1 (no major lore or important recurring characters)
    -Maybe Murder Bros and Buckeroos (has some lore and Galen as an important character)
    -Maybe Unexpected Discovery as it is mostly leading up to Den of Devils (which is however an important campaign, so this one might also be needed)

    Season 3: Here it become real difficult, if any these can be skipped, but even these are dubious

    -Maybe Azveltara Z and Lyn Azveltara Gaiden (Lyn and Beenu storyline is important but no real other major lore implications that I can think of, mostly here because I have to select some to cross of the list. Azveltara Z more important than LAG)
    -The Purge (most important lore implication: some OP villagers join Bopen and Lance becomes ageless (the last act is important, but the rest of the campaign not that much also here because some things need to be selected))
    -Galen Sunsword PI (most important things in campaign: Quintara is chaotic, Sallazhar and Douglas exist and Galen is being taken over by the old gods, the ending animatic is pretty big, but not the rest of the campaign)
    -The last Beenu (backstory that is nice, but not fully needed)
    -A night to remember (most important lore: there have been other ageless wars in the past and Bopen gets some more legendaries for his crew (and Sallazhar executes the will of the old gods))

    Aside from this I would suggest that some campaigns are watched in order (don't watch the second one before the first if you're planning on watching both):

    The Jewel of Dingo Isles > The New crew (> The Skeleton King)
    The Skeleton King > Senate of Deadlantis (>A night to remember)
    The Sunswords > Silvermine Mountains
    Zarlin Catacombs > Unexpected Discovery > Den of Devils
    Death of Virgo > The Cobblers
    (Blood Snake queen) > Okagnoma Guild Hall
    Woodcarvers > Grand Paladin Order (>The Purge > The lightbeards)
    Early sin campaigns (Okagnoma Guild Hall, Den of Devils, GPO) > Sandbolds
    GPO > Galen Sunsword PI
    Woodcarvers > GPO > The Purge
    Murder Bros > Buckeroos
  • IMO, the only campaign you should skip is the gobos of pat. Even then, they introduce the throwing donkeys into arenas tradition and have the first player character death, but it was ruled out as non-canon (however people who watch the wizard academy campaign won't get the gobos of pat becoming non canon joke if they never saw it)

    Maybe Kobold Headhunters since all you get is Romulus, but it was such a funny campaign that I think it's worth watching anyway.
  • I didn't watch season 1 and managed to keep up, in my opinion most episodes are important or will be, as such skipping any is a bad idea, however that doesn't mean you have to watch them in order. In my opinion any season first episode is a good start, if not the fall of dougenbour has very little lore before it so another good start, from that lead them through what they would be interested in, whether that be a specific thing about that campaign or just more general humour
  • @Mortem

    I would disagree with your statement about the order not mattering, in general it won't, but I am of the opinion that there are a few campaigns which you have to watch in a certain order for them to be way more fun or to just get some jokes (SoD > A night to remember is one of these, as Rob uses the previous decisions of the players against them)
  • If your friends wants to get into URealms, I'd more consider what Campaigns you should look at that make for good entry points rather than their lore implications. Like asking how little lore you need to understand to get the relevant characters, rather than what effect the episodes have on the lore. As such, I think the Sunswords makes for a good first campaign, since it can function as a nice introduction to Gwynneth and Phineas, even if it's not the first campaign they appeared in. Then if they liked what they saw, go on to Silvermine Mountains and then Woodcarvers and continue on with Season 2 from there, while maybe going back to see the Zarlin Catacombs and the New Crew. The end-goal I'd go for if I were them would be to watch so they know about almost all the characters in Den of Devils before watching it, but that may just be bias on my end, since that's one of my favorite campaigns that I think would work pretty poorly as a first campaign.

    Generally, I think that if they start watching the show but don't like it enough to stick around, they're not gonna care about the lore anyway. But if they start watching it but love the show from just the first 1-2 campaigns, they'll want to look into the lore later anyway. The purge may not be that important to the overall lore of the world of URealms, but it's a very fun underdog story. Rawb has stated in the past that the show is like 90% goofs and 10% serious story anyway, so it's pretty clear that the main focus of the show is to have fun.
  • @Cloud If Headhunters is out based on unnecessary lore, then Unseen Rogues should be too, since Headhunters and Rogues are basically two stories tied together by one thread, with little no impact on the rest of the canon (well, aside from the introduction of Abracadab). Buckeroos and Murder Bros. also don't do much, though Murder Bros. does have Empusa.
  • @CaesarBarringster

    Buckeroos has Galen, however the location in the timeline is unknown, so the effect of that is unknown
  • @BlackWhiteCavias Hence why I think it's unimportant to the overall lore. It may introduce Galen, but... I barely remember Buckeroos, and I completely forgot he was there because it had no significance to the overall picture, being a campaign where we get to see the players become cops to hunt down their old bandits. All we know is that it's not long after Murder Bros, which is sometime around or before Silvermine Mountains (since people still think it's around). It's a campaign that introduces some stuff, but nothing major that's related to the current portion of Rawb's master plan for URealms.
    If you're just trying to catch up on URealms' major plot lines, there's a few campaigns that (currently) don't need to be watched as they are loose threads. To get the current plot (Bopen Happy Fun Times and the impending Ageless-Living War!), you absolutely need certain campaigns. You need the 3 finales and stuff related to the Ageless, Bopen, and Grand Paladins and Lance. You don't need, say Buckeroos and Murders Bros or Headhunters and Unseen Rogues, because they don't really have anything to do with the Ageless-Living conflict and are thus "loose threads". Before the finale showed off Sursur Flame, I would've said you could skip Den of Devils and the stuff vital only for it, but I'm less sure now.
    If we get down to it, almost every campaign (minus Gobos) is important in some way because, as Rawb wants, the Realm is populated with characters. Galen pops up here, Fox may pop up there, off in the distance we got Lance doing Paladin things (or Ageless things), and maybe you can spot a white-haired Elven "Lieutenant" of Theta Squad or a bumbling oaf of a dwarf doing something minor. But, a lot of characters do what I said Ca-Rell and K4 do: minor stuff. In the grand scheme of things, the big stuff if Ageless lore and Grand Paladin lore, and stuff that is needed to understand that lore.
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    @CaesarBarringster I didn't say Kobold Headhunters is based on unnecessary lore. I do think you don't get anything lore-wise besides Romulus in it though. I believe it's important to watch Unseen Rogues because the "yes?" joke would NOT be understood or funny in future campaigns, which we see it a fair amount. It's the origin of hat rats and abracadab, like you said. You also see Squinks which is one of the first times we start to see previous characters appearing again.
  • I personally think they should just watch the campaigns people consider the most enjoyable and have any needed lore knowledge filled in by someone who has watched all the campaigns when needed.
  • I feel like they should just start from the first, and watch all the campaigns if they feel like it. They all bring something, or some joke to the table, or some character that gets referenced later. If they enjoy the show they will want to watch all of it. That's how I felt when I was two seasons behind, I wanted to watch it all, but took my time with it.
  • Skipping all but the last act of Sandbolds is a decent ideals. Most decently one of the last you want to show them all of it, at the minimum.
  • TBH If your friends aren't necessarily going to be interested and are pressed on the amount of free time they have I HIGHLY recommend starting with a fun campaign you think they will like regardless of lore implications. You can usually explain those or do some short clips for context before you watch. If you try to start from the beginning there is a decent chance they may just not find the show worth parting a serious chunk of their time to. I also don't really think any specific campaign is absolutely necessary if you're willing to play lore keeper.

    Most of my friends are passively into the show and just watch it live when they have the chance. They haven't seen about 75% of it as they simply don't have the time to enjoy it any other way. They rely on me to fill in gaps as the show goes on, but still theorize about what might be coming up with each other. They'll usually watch a campaign if I say it was incredibly fun, but otherwise they'll let ones they miss fall by the wayside and ask for a brief summary.

    That being said, I can understand how watching the lore can be more important than explaining it to many people. So if you feel it's not something you'd want to do, there are a lot of good suggestions above. 
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