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Urealms Inktober



  • Randall is adorable 
  • Flame Spooky & The Scorched Barn

    Is that the sound of screaming children I hear?... AND PUPPYS???? ~_~
  • The rules of the realm are in fact breakable

    ... only few surpass them ~_~
  • edited October 2018

    The Golden Golem draws power from gold,

    draining it of its magical essence! ~_~
  • A sword forged completely from gold

    A request from the  King  of Dundinborough himself

    Not rushed at all and made in 3 minutes ... nope didn’t happen ~_~

  • Traversing through miles of mud and shit 

    ... only to escape the paladins ~_~
  • Chip Chop

    left in the carpet of holding.... just floating around in the bubble realm ~_~
  • Prickly cactus’s surround the train tracks...

    of The Silverflats ... hopefully the train will make the trip without any interruptions from any band of bandits ~_~
  • #22 -- Duke's dream sword! These are all just so awesome haha!
  • Flexible Limbs?

    The great Vitali Zankovich is well known for STRECHing his strong limbs to cast Strongest of Magic  ~_~
  • @NinjaGuy00 Those hatrats are so cute!  :)
  • good work so far. you are on the homestretch now. just a fy more days left. keep up the good work
  • Divine Aspect Thor

    Wait did he just barf on that pig over there....? ~_~
  • A Gift? of sorts...

    It’s your choice death? Or a gift.... of immortality ~_~
  • Dalfgan... 

    two heads are better than one ~_~
  • I think I know what Slice might be
  • @Rein I'm all ready *cough* aHEAD of you on that one ~_~
  • *What ever happened to the 30th*
  • Cothlin the Behemoth jolted...

    ...the crew’s ship aggressively... pushing and shaking violently.

    ps sorry for the late upload... I'm actually constantly on time on twitter but it's a few extra steps to format and upload it here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ~_~
  • @NinjaGuy00 nah it is all good dude. They are all amazing so I don’t mind an extra little wait time  :)
  • @Toruk Thanks! it means a lot to hear that... this project has been so drawn out and its slowly been getting to me at times. However I'm glad to have held out and revive such praise and positive feed back!  ~_~
  • With a single slice

    the Skeleton King quickly decapitates Virgo Sunsword...  ~_~
  • edited November 2018

    And there we go...

    its been a real challenge... but it was a lot of fun too! Plus now I've got some awesome wall art for my dorm room ~_~
  • @NinjaGuy00 Congrats on Completing Inktober, I enjoyed seeing all of these, Your great and I love all the work you do for the community <3
  • edited November 2018
    these are all really cool and well done. :smileporc: congrats on finishing the full month too.
  • @NinjaGuy00 I somehow managed to miss this whole thread, so I hope it's not too weird that I'm commenting now. I also really liked your drawing of The Fall of Dundinborough. So much in fact that I did a few small touch ups and ran the image through a few filters to give it more of a poster look.

    Hope it's not too weird that I did this, but your original image was so cinematic that I really wanted to play around with it! Great job on all the art here!
  • @LadyOutlier ; looks sweet fam
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