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Urealms Inktober

It's Inktober... but with Urealms shit

Whats Inktober? this, this is Inktober. 

2018 Prompt

Join in on the fun when ever you want! or... don't that's also fine.
-Ninja ~_~


  • It's the poisonous Shroomtrent from The Woodcarvers campaign! 

    Lets give this thing a go! It's my first time doing Inktober and I wanna keep it up and complete the whole month! Why not make it Urealms themed? I'm going to use the wiki a lot for this one when finding things that match the 2018 prompt!

    -Ninja ~_~

  • A fun Idea for Stretch could be Vitali's Stretchy arms from Woodcarvers, you could do the scene from when he killed his own wife for the extra spook @NinjaGuy00 ;
  • i'm spooked~
  • edited October 2018
    Looks great man! Love the trent!
  • edited October 2018

    Tranquil Romulus 

    Sitting besides the stream in Temple Of The Monks with his Granddaddy ( Kobold Headhunters campaign)

    "As my Granddaddy used to say...Don't cross a bridge when you can swim." ~_~

  • Cute!  ~_~
    What are you going to do w/ the D20 when the # goes above 20? lol
  • @PoppyrusRose one of my d&d friends pointed this out to me... so my answers is the world ends after 20..... or I add a second die.... one of the two outcomes. ~_~

  • Roasted .... ughh Pork

    Anyone interested? :evilsmile:  << this guys the cook  ~_~

  • I was wondering if somebody was going to do an inktober for urealms, its looking great!
  • Spell of Bearding

    “I’m getting her back” -Xavius Barringster ~_~
  • Sallazar Thornblade, aka Chicken Head

    Heh... it was this or the harpy pork to match chicken for todays theme ~_~

  • Bob...

    “I leave the tent… turn around and just kinda give that look for a few minutes” -Bob (The Sunswords)
    also it's a fun nod to any earlier animation of mine form a few years ago! ~_~
  • cool i seen many try to go through the entire of October only for them to give up half way, so i'm voting for you! you can do it!
  • Exhausted... They make their last stand

    (The Fall of Dundinborough)
    Thanks everyone for the love & support for this project! ~_~
  • I really like the fall of Dundinborough one!
  • Phanto the fallen star

    “We were the ones who turned the moon from a bright STAR… into the dark force it has become” -Beenu Apparition

    I really need to pull it back on the scale/ complexity... I can't keep making them bigger and bigger with the time I have  ~_~
  • Precious Pot Puppy

    Many Tricks ~_~
  • Flowing rapids...

    ...of the Monkey Fish water falls ~_~
  • @NinjaGuy00 monkey fish are the special-est of children and i love them, great work :smile: 
  • The cruelest of beings....

    are often the oldest, their power surpass even urealm's divine beings....

    but not always.....


    Gotta :heart: them monkey fish  ~_~
  • Fantastic work Ninja! I love the flavor and every minute detail you've included, these are so great!! So great that you better keep an eye out for Sallazar the paint thief!  >:)
  • Whale wrestling

    "I wrestled a whale once..” -Harlin Hardbody ( It was a tie)

    Thanks Harlin this was hard one to think up! ~_~
  • Guarded by Gwyneth Sunsword herself

    “You’re looking for this key.. it’s orange… it’s maybe got an emblem of the sun...” -Nisovin Campaign 1 Band of Thieves

    Gotta love the classic quests of season 1 ~_~
  • Clockodiles

    A favorite creature race of mine ~_~
  • edited October 2018

    One weakness... the giant Beenu Warmachine had one weakness...

    Man I love how the weakness was discovered by Deadbones as a last ditch effort. ~_~

    Ps... sorry for the drop of quality with the last few... they reflect my busy college scheduled ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hey I've got a lot of projects due this week before a break... which means I'll have more time to work on these during the break... eventually... I hope :smile:  
  • Gemlings!!!... because they're angular...ish

    I couldn't find a cannon color so I went with emerald green!
    One buff BOI to help all the smoll gems ~_~
  • That's a cool key!
  • Swollen Flesh Monstrosity!!

    Oh god it hurts just to look at... is it simultaneous flipping me off and dabbing with a foot?..
     ...yes yes it is ~_~
  • Bottles from around the realm

    Many many bottles... all references... ~_~
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