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Why is Lance an Ageless if he is a Dvergr?



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    @CaesarBarringster Yeah I know. It died like 14 days ago, and whoop here it is again alive and well.
  • @TheWizard

    the simple awnser is that rob and co didn't realize it at the time. maybe canonically none of that actually happened.

    as for "dwarf genetics" way i see it it works like this.

    "Were you born from a mother?" If "Yes", you're a Dwarf. doesn't matter if both parents were Dvergr, both Dwarves, or one Dwarf or one Dvergr.

    "Were you carved out of stone?" if "Yes" then you're a Dvergr.

    presumably in this case then, Dvergr technichally have two methods of reproduction. a sexual one and an asexual one.
  • @TamTroll That sounds depressing. "Do you have a mother?" "No, I never had one..."

    Sounds like porc talk if you ask me.

  • @CaesarBarringster
    Your whole Dwarf/Dvergr genetic comment has reminded me why I love this community so much, lmao bravo mate bravo
  • @CaesarBarringster

    " If it's dominant, then Bruce and/or Virandra should be "Soft" Dwarves. "

    They were MADE out of rock by Thor. Lance was born from Virendra herself.
  • @CaesarBarringster My theory is that Dwarves can only birth Dwarves but Dvergr birth either the determining factor is the whole basketball use of the children. the more they are used as "basketballs" the more Dwarven they become. this coupled with the copious amounts of Silver used on baby lance to keep him small and baby like may have lead to him growing to be a Dwarf instead of a Dvergr. Thats my idea of whats going on here anyways
  • @Rob And that's why I qualified my genetic spiel with the equivalent of "And this all probably gets fucked up because the Dvergrs were literally made from rocks by a god".
    Though, to clarify what you mean, Rob, are you implying that "Softness" is a dominant gene which Virandra and Bruce had, but it simply didn't express because they were created from rock (interfering with the gene expression)?
    Just curious. The more I see stuff from this thread, the more it gets me thinking and the more curious I become ("Lance's actual fate? Nah, I want to know how Dwarf/Dvergr Genetics work")
  • @CaesarBarringster Knowing @Rob we won't get a clear answer for about a year and then he'll bamboozle us with an answer we didn't expect at the end of the next season.

    Speaking of which I did not envision season 3 ending with that big of a mind fuck but it happened and it is glorious.  >_<
  • @HeliosSuntamer It's all apart of his secret "Rawb Fu" where he tricks us into paying him money to stab us int he heart with feels, and then tricks us into paying him even more money to twist the knife in the wound, with the goofy nonsensical stuff being in between to keep us distracted from his Abracadab Sleight of Tongue.
  • I know Rob debunked it but my theory as to why Lance is a soft skinned Dwarf is that Virendra slept with the baby sitter.
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