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Why is Lance an Ageless if he is a Dvergr?



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    @CaesarBarringster Yeah I know. It died like 14 days ago, and whoop here it is again alive and well.
  • @TheWizard

    the simple awnser is that rob and co didn't realize it at the time. maybe canonically none of that actually happened.

    as for "dwarf genetics" way i see it it works like this.

    "Were you born from a mother?" If "Yes", you're a Dwarf. doesn't matter if both parents were Dvergr, both Dwarves, or one Dwarf or one Dvergr.

    "Were you carved out of stone?" if "Yes" then you're a Dvergr.

    presumably in this case then, Dvergr technichally have two methods of reproduction. a sexual one and an asexual one.
  • @TamTroll That sounds depressing. "Do you have a mother?" "No, I never had one..."

    Sounds like porc talk if you ask me.

  • @CaesarBarringster
    Your whole Dwarf/Dvergr genetic comment has reminded me why I love this community so much, lmao bravo mate bravo
  • @CaesarBarringster

    " If it's dominant, then Bruce and/or Virandra should be "Soft" Dwarves. "

    They were MADE out of rock by Thor. Lance was born from Virendra herself.
  • @CaesarBarringster My theory is that Dwarves can only birth Dwarves but Dvergr birth either the determining factor is the whole basketball use of the children. the more they are used as "basketballs" the more Dwarven they become. this coupled with the copious amounts of Silver used on baby lance to keep him small and baby like may have lead to him growing to be a Dwarf instead of a Dvergr. Thats my idea of whats going on here anyways
  • @Rob And that's why I qualified my genetic spiel with the equivalent of "And this all probably gets fucked up because the Dvergrs were literally made from rocks by a god".
    Though, to clarify what you mean, Rob, are you implying that "Softness" is a dominant gene which Virandra and Bruce had, but it simply didn't express because they were created from rock (interfering with the gene expression)?
    Just curious. The more I see stuff from this thread, the more it gets me thinking and the more curious I become ("Lance's actual fate? Nah, I want to know how Dwarf/Dvergr Genetics work")
  • @CaesarBarringster Knowing @Rob we won't get a clear answer for about a year and then he'll bamboozle us with an answer we didn't expect at the end of the next season.

    Speaking of which I did not envision season 3 ending with that big of a mind fuck but it happened and it is glorious.  >_<
  • @HeliosSuntamer It's all apart of his secret "Rawb Fu" where he tricks us into paying him money to stab us int he heart with feels, and then tricks us into paying him even more money to twist the knife in the wound, with the goofy nonsensical stuff being in between to keep us distracted from his Abracadab Sleight of Tongue.
  • I know Rob debunked it but my theory as to why Lance is a soft skinned Dwarf is that Virendra slept with the baby sitter.
  • While were takling the big questions, if Everyone goes insane when they turn into dragons in U realms, is it different on "perfect" worlds like where Kallisto and Phanto come from or does there history end with a blood bath as the most perfect example of there society ascend to godhood?
  • @Jimmy_the_4th ;While we can't say for sure, it was kind of alluded to at the end of Season 3 that the reason that Virendra was the first to complete the Song of Dragons was because the elves followed the song in the "good graces of immortality" and that you need to be mortal in order for you to truly be able to follow the prophecy. Go watch it for yourself for the exact phrasing.

  • @DungeonDavidyeah, but in the extended universe, Kallisto and Phanto must have gone through the same process to become dragons right?  Would they have gone temperarily insane like Maelstrum?  What happens to these worlds after they produce a sun dragon?
  • @Jimmy_the_4th Not entirely, we know that dragons can be born normally from eggs and that the dragons we've seen that were originally normal(ish) mortals don't seem to have Kallisto/Phanto levels of strength. So it's more likely they either just existed like that from the get-go or were born from some other giant secret ninja dragon.
  • @UnluckyBimi

    not quite. while it's all softcanon at the moment as it was talked about during a lore-stream, the idea is that the dragon aspects such as Quintara Lotus will never become powerful Sun-Dragons like Kallisto and Phanto, becoming a sun-dragon requires being mortal and fulfilling the song of dragons. Dragon aspects, Highbears, and Elves before the birth of magic are physically incapable of succeeding this because they aren't mortal. Kallisto and Phanto kind of "Broke the rules" when they made immortal races and birthed immortal dragons so to speak.

    Maelstrom and Virendra became young Sun dragons the same as Kallisto and Phanto, but their powers were weaker because they were so new. Given time and training, Maelstrom could become just as powerful as Kallisto.

    I wouldn't say that society ends in a bloodbath as people ascend though,both Maelstrom and 
    Virendra only attacked the location of their initial ascension and only for a short while. Maelstrom calmed down and was eventually able to reign in his sanity once he was alone, and from what we saw, Virendra fled the scene to find a lonely cave somewhere. Had Bruce and Virgo given her time, she likely would have calmed down as well.

    i can't quite recall, but i think in one of those lore streams there was also something about all living mortals becoming immortal after one or two sun-dragons ascend, having the dragons leave the planet as an immortal utopia, likely both as reward, and prevention to stop too many sun-dragons from existing. Kallisto and Phanto just kind of skipped to the end with this world though, and royally screwed things up as a result.
  • Rob
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    Good job TamTroll! You understood a lot of the lore pieceing that together! Had Bruce and Virgo given Virendra enough time she would become the first mortal of the realm, a non elf, to become a Sun Dragon God! Sure is a shame that Virgo had a powerful sword that could kill Divines on him!
  • Rob
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    By the way, does anyone want to guess why Dragons go insane when they first transform? 

    The thing with art is it's all derivative. I draw on my past to write new things constantly and I pull from anything that inspires me too. As a plot device, dragons enraging answered the question as to why we had Bruce Willakers and Virgo fighting a dragon at the end of S3. This was something we had to get planned by the animators literally years in advance so how do you write a story around it?

    Well we know from DvZ lore that Bruce Willakers had a wife and he turned her into a bow. Now in DvZ times that always sounded like a funny joke. Bruce Willakers is known for outlandish claims, a lot of them just being factually wrong. But we also see his son at the start of Season 3 using a bow that is so powerful it sends monsters and beasts flying backwards, just like Bruce Willakers bow would do in DvZ. If you understand the deep meta of me the artist, it becomes clear that Lance Willakers must be using a bow from his dead mother.

    The elf lore is deep, it has to be they are elves, so there is so much you guys don't know that at this point it gets hard to remember what you do and don't know. So I can't talk much about how Virendra dies, but I mean Virgo a certain sword on purpose that ends up in a very certain spot on purpose.

    No, the reason Dragons go insane is very simple, I love Dragon Ball and when Goku would look at the moon he would go from his pure of heart innocent state to a raw monster. The power of turning in a dragon is simply so overwhelming that you become an animal until you can control it.
  • i like to compare it to a scene in "Animorphs", where a Bison accidentally gains the power to morph, and accidentally turns into a human.

    It just starts screaming, ceaseless, never-ending screaming. All from the fact that a feral mind suddenly has the entire brain-capacity of a human to fill, and it can't handle all the sudden realizations and sensations.

    So, basically that, but with dwarves into dragons and with power instead of intelligence.
  • Damn.  There goes my head cannon of the Beenu world dying because it had already produced a sun dragon who destroyed everything before calming down.
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