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needing help to create a combat encounter

ive been getting into d&d recently after watching urealms from when it started which helped me get into d&d very easy. and the DM uses the calamus app for creating a map to use for his oneshots and campaigns. the place i go to to play d&d has a old flat screen that hes gonna set up so we can use it as a map table when i connect urealms mod from tabletop sim to the tv.
my idea is to do character creation on screen and they write everything down so on the tv during the campaign i can leave it on the part of the map whilst they can move there characters on the tv and roll the dice. ive got a story sorted out but i dont know how to create enemies for stats, stamina attacks etc like lackeys. do i create like character creation or is there a something already out there i can refer to


  • Look under the premade campaigns, their are some encounters their, some of which are really well designed 
  • @thackes I have been told make them characters but make them limited so make the enemies like the companion card or a player character but with limited gold. I would say like 500gold max but its up to you
  • @thackes
    What I often do for my encounters is make a character for the boss, if the boss of the campaign is humanoid, and otherwise just give enemy types two or three abilities they can use, and use 'cinematic health', IE: they don't get hitpoints, I just kill them when it feels like they should die.
    And for things like minibosses (because the standard encounter model is 'miniboss+lackeys') I give them a set amount of health, usually 100-150 and some cooler abilities.
  • @KaeawynShifter awesome ill take that into note as well :)
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