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So I did some math...

Rob talks about how long the show is alot, so I did some math. If you were to hop in a space ship and fly at a constant speed of 120 mph to the moon, on the way you could watch the entirety of the show about 6 times, if you watched it wall to wall with no breaks, including not sleeping. If every 16 hours you slept for 8, you could only watch it 3 times. If we went the actual speed of apollo 11, the trip from the moon and back without any delays would take about 25 hours, meaning you could watch 2.5 campaigns while making history. Apollo 11 actually took about 72 hours, meaning if they played urelms from countdown to splashdown they only would have got to the second to last episode of season one. In another context, if you sent out a ball at the speed of light from earth the moment you started the show, the ball would be 221.204 BILLION miles away by the end if season 3.


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