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I think Im cursed

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So earlier this weakend I was in my dnd session like normal, or well it wasn’t normal, I rolled 8 nat 1’s and only hit something once. I have had a really bad history of bad rolls, my worst case being crit failing 7 times in a row (just kill me now). Im wondering if anyone else is cursed like me? And what was your worst (or best if your lucky like my brother) streak you’ve ever rolled.

(for context my brother is insanely lucky, always winning luck based things, when he did play dnd for a little he rolled an average of 8-10 20’s per session, and in games I play sessions are 3-4 hours long)


  • Also I rolled so constently bad that my DM gave me the lucky feat for free (I don’t have the stats to get feats anyways, I rolled bad on those too, Im a bard and have the lowest Charisma in the party)
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    8 nat 1's? you sure your dice isn't weighted? 

    never trust cheap opaque dice, they can be all kinds of weighted.  
  • Oh dear... Yeah, I remember those days...
    My only possible solutions are to either A) get new dice, and keep them far away from the old dice
    and if that doesn't work B) make a pact with some kind of demon or spirit.
    oooooooor, you could ask your DM "Because the odds of any number coming up are the exact same, the numbers are basically interchangeable, so can my 1s be 20s and my 20s be 1s?"
  • @ItsjustAvy @KaeawynShifter. Yea problome with new dice is its a bot, but My dice give me simular bad results, and I tried sacrofices, after 5 goats nothing changed. Funny enough their are a few sessions I rolled well on, all friday the 13ths. Its like my lucky day, all the rest though, not so much.
  • And its not like everyone in the group suffers, last session litterly everyone else had 3+ nat 20s
  • I had 1, but it was on a dissadvantage roll, and paired with a 1 so it crit failed.... the dm said it was unfair and let me reroll it, into another 1
  • That's nothing i was playing a urealms campaign with my friends i was playing a rouge his concubine died the first encounter which made him depressed, and later one of my friends rolled 2 nat 20's( fluent in kobold) and cured him of his depression but two minuets later he died in an explosion 
    later i was given 3 characters to play and 2 out of the 3 died in total everyone rolled at least 4 20s and I rolled none
  • @buzzsaw847 ; Yea thats pretty bad, reminds me of the time when I was DMing a game much like senit of Deadlantus (I just stole it and made my own map, it was really bad and very minal) and the party's favorite NPC died at the end because I rolled 4 nat 1's in a row and pyroblasted everyone kill said NPC.  And these strings are just constent problomes for me.
  • I shall attempt to cast dispel and cure you both!!

  • Well... Sorry guys, that all I got
  • Thanks for trying
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  • @Kingedyou well thats a crit dispel now. Should be no curses here.
  • Well I’ll tell you if it worked next saturday
  • @Knifu_Waifu guess you are cursed :/
  • Float the dice in heavily salted water, see what number comes up. Do that a few times. It will tell you if the dice is weighted.
  • Sounds like you caught the curse one of my players had the last campaign I ran. First session, both he and his girlfriend were rolling pretty much only Crit Fails. She broke her curse after first combat. He didn't. Over the course of four sessions—so something like 16-18 hours—he rolled 80% Crit Fails. And he was changing dice like mad, and even swapped characters at one point. It changed nothing. The poor fool ran afoul of some demon, I'm sure of it.
  • @Arkanite. Wow 80% nat 1’s I’ve done that in a couple sessions I dmed but never that consistently
  • the best luck I ever had was getting 2 20's in a row, then a 1, but after that 1, I got another 20
  • @Knifu_Waifu Yup. The poor guy's one of my dormmates as well, so he'll never hear the end of it.
  • Let's test my luck.
  • Honestly, the most unlucky number. I'm unluckily lucky.
  • @Knifu_Waifu
    Get new dice m8
  • Alright next session, lets hope for better rolls.

  • Well, I didn't roll much, we avoided combat and beat around the bush because our tank was gone, so maybe next week

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    @Knifu_Waifu I think the only person with worse dice luck than you on the planet is Will Wheaton. Seriously he can't roll high to save his, or anyone else's for that matter, life. He once roll 12 Nat 1s in a 3 hour session of D&D or something absurd like that.

    EDIT: In other words, you've caught the Will Wheaton Dice Curse (As it has been so dubbed). Any dice or character minis you touch are cursed for all eternity to have terrible luck. This is both a terrible and wonderous power and can be used to screw over your friends and especially your DM. I'm kidding of course, but it could be a possiblility.
  • @HeliosSuntamer hmm thats funny, maybe I’ll give it a try, one of the players who did run into combate (we of corse split the party like idiots) rolled a 1 right off the bat, and I joked saying he caught my curse, then rolled 4 1s the entire session (shame halflings and their ubserde lucky feat, saved his butt for real their)
  • back when i used to gm one of my players rolled a nat one every other roll almost.
  • I GM for D&D 5e, but my first GM tenure was a D&D 1e Homebrew, homemade campaign. It was horrendous and I "Rocks falled" it after 3 sessions because it was REALLY bad and everyone was sick of it.. I had terrible dice luck during that campaign too so I was so glad for it to end.  :|
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