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Cuts of my favorite moments in the show

A couple of my favorite moments in Urealms were in the first season. Quite a while ago I made these cuts of these moments. In the cuts, I took out mostly awkward pauses, commentary from players, and dice rolls to make them feel narratively tighter. And I added music to top them off. I posted these to the buffalo wizards reddit page back when that was a thing and just thought to bring them here for yall to hear.

Enjoy. Also if you have a favorite moment and would like me to see if I can put together a cut like these, I would be happy to try. Give me the moment, where to find it, and any music you might like. Some cool moments would probably be much more difficult to do this to because now Rob has music with them in the show, as well as many of these moments are partly animated. So I'd see what I can do.


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