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The Most Hype Moment You've Had for URealms

As the title suggests I want to know if there was a specific video or moment in URealms that generated the most hype for you.

That and I'd like to know what the most impactful or favorite moment you've had in URealms was. Especially if you saw it live.

I would say for myself the top three hype moments I've had were the Den of Devils announcement video (At this point I was sooo ready to go fookin dragon hunting), Fall of Dundinborough announcement video with the Bopen theme, then the last one was probably The season 3 finale announcement just passing up the GPO trailer.

The most impactful moments to me have to be the cinematics of Virgo's death for the season 2 finale as even when I knew he'd lost the hope of the light came back for that brief moment and still remains my all time favorite moment in URealms. After that it has to be the intro of Lance and Bopen at the end of FoD, then I would say the next one was when the Buckeroos PvP encounter happened. It was such an intense fight with super lovable characters on both sides. Plus at that point a new Sunsword's life was on the line and with how much I love the light I couldn't watch my man Galen die.


  • I agree with the Fall of Dundinborough I loved it so much especially the end cackle
    but my favourite is the ending cutscene of Galen Sunsword PI, a summary of me watching live super excited but crying non-stop, so many tears that evening
  • @Melijeli
    The outro with the letter and the music is honestly one of my favorite moments in URealms too. Probably a top 5 with how dreadful and empty it felt as someone was torn away from another's decision.

  • If the link doesn't work, 21:57

  • Honestly I think season 2s finale had me most hyped. The ending was insane.
  • @Nene Duuuuuude I forgot about that Godly moment
  • Probably will never see 3 rolled at teh same time again.
  • edited October 2018
    Nerun campain anouncement. Or just new season/players being anounced 

    golstant destroying that town in S2C1 (woodcutters right?)

    Of corse the escape from the silvermine mountains

    another is Deadbones randome fruit thowing in S1E9 practicly saving the party

    (just listed some ones I didn’t think people would choose)

    But season 2 ending was I think, the most hype (that or purge)(or deadlantis, the hype behind seeing berfor the birth of magic, ohh that was the best)

  • Lance Willakers entrance in The Fall of Dundinborough.
  • @Dolfinmaster ;
    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
  • @Knifu_Waifu Those are some very good moments. To be honest the ending of season 1 where deadbones rolled the 20 to finish it off and the credits rolled made me cry for at that point in time the first time in a long time. It was just so perfect as that mountain collapsed.

    Season 1 felt perfect i it's own way I think that moment for me in the season 9 is one of those moments that I can agree to love most about season 1. It's not because of the story even though I felt the loose story telling was done well (Except you GoP). It was because it seemed like everyone there and the guys were having the very classic and goofy DnD fun even to the point where they would be idiots all campaign then DB just throws a rotten apple at a robot to completely win the encounter out of nowhere with no reasoning to it.
  • The first announcement for URealms because I was hyped for it when the guys were playing small tts games. Otherwise The ending of band of thieves and the hype for grand paladin order were my most hype moments.
  • @CaptainDeston Idk if you are referring to my choice or my avatar but either way yes i am. Lances introduction is solely due to his theme music. 
  • @Dolfinmaster That entire reply means you're a man of culture.
  • @Cloud I remeber the transition into URealms. Both glorious and I felt like it was a new era of content creation.
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