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Did I just miss it, or..?

I remember Rawb mentioning that we were supposed to find out what the 'fate worse than death' was supposed to be.

I don't know if I'm just an idiot, or it was passed over or what, but I didn't plainly see the answer at the very least, if it was in fact there.


  • It's becoming our servant, so pretty much eternal damnation in one way or another. At least I think that's what it was.
  • well it wasnt exactly sp[elled out what it was it just has to do something with salazar
    but what exactly will happen in the painting world we are not too sure yet. We can guess.

    As far as I understood during the end credits Rawb mentioned something about it will occur with the campain of us building our divine.

    We can now assume and guess what does that mean. Ergo maybe the fate worse than death is us remaking the poor baringster to serve our needs or something completely else. maybe its being the handler of our god?

    Then again maybe I just missed it
  • Well the “Ultimate Suffering” avatar is going to be revealed some time after the finale I think, which should give us an answer of some kind.
  • @LMCobra505 omg, what if its an animated avatar like Quintara but its (whats her name?) trapped inside the avatar and its animated to look like she's trying to escape the screen?
  • @MasterDJV
    dude.... that would be fucking wild
  • My current guesses are that or being trapped in the last DvZ game ever, living the same curse that Bruce did. But I really feel like it'd more likely be this because that is a "fate worse than death" that we wont forget about since it'd be right in our faces unlike dvz soon! (rip of course)
  • @MasterDJV That would honestly be amazing, even though now I’m kind of hoping that it isnt that just because I want to be surprised. 
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    honestly i believe it might be they are erased from the show's material realm unable to effect the world but they are still alive living outside of it watching from the side lines like the old gods but unlike us they have no power to choose watching the world slowly die and us make terrible choices (of course the wizard's second rule is worth mentioning when talking about our choices). but anyways she would still be aware of this and realizes the only reason she still exists is because we remember her and at any time she could be forgotten and unlike us she knows she has no other realm but the one we reign over, and at any time and inevitably she will slowly be forgotten, slowly fading from existence which would be a whole lot worse then death.
  • @MasterDJV dude... wow, that'd be, just wow   :(
  • Nah, he says in the credits we dont VR to know yet@BoreanBlade
  • I'm pretty sure they are the one to be infused with all our power, taking into consideration phantos speech about power corrupting 
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