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Virgo's scar, cannon side?

In just the final episode Virgo's scar was drawn in two different animations and each have a separate side for the scar. Is this suppose to be an inside joke for the URealms team? Or was this a simple over sight? Does anyone know what side his scar is actually on?


  • Well puppets just flip when they look left or right. Making it so his bad eye could ether be left or right.
    but does it really matter which eye is scared?
  • I bet he flips his sprite so he can have either or.

  • URealms magic. It's both and neither.
  • I noticed in the season 2 final animation that his scar changed sides, idk if there is a canon side.

    not sure why people are bringing up puppet sprites tho.
  • Well, for one, his eye was cut by the dragon. Later on, he healed it, but purposefully cut out the other eye so Coe could use the eye as a magic 8 Ball.
  • @Ninjathis when exactly did this happen?
  • And yes guys I know how the puppets work. Im reffering to the annomations and official cannon drawings of him.
  • @Ninjathis Be careful. You are using lore of things Characters said vs lore of things you witnessed.
  • i have my money on the sprite flip.
  • I'm sorry. I was trying to make a joke about the Death of Virgo campaign, apparently I'm just not that funny. Not meant to be a real opinion or anything. :(
  • Its like the kid who dressed up as Zuko in the ember island players episode. "THE SCAR IS NOT ON THE WRONG SIDE"
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    Ok with that push form rob I'm going to say that Virgo's scar couldn't be healed even if he wanted it to be. We never did get a good definite answer on why people are missing parts. With this, I'm going to say with an air of confidence that divine damage can never be fully healed.
  • From what I can see the scar is on his right eye. The biggest this that contradicts this is the forum portrait of him. But from what I can tell in most of the donation animations it is consistently his right eye that is scared.
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