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XCOM: URealms Unknown AAR

Hello Commander,
It seems like an Alien Threat is attempting to invade Earth, and I need you to assemble a team of defenders to fight off this threat. Welcome to URealms: Enemy Unknown.

If you found this thread first by accident and would like to join in, here is the signup thread:

For those wondering, I'll be playing with Enemy Within, and all of the DLC, and on Classic Mode! We will be based in Asia. I'll be posting notable events throughout the game, like the battles. This thread is where the Roleplay kicks in, and where the main AAR reports will be posted!

I hope this is something that could work out! Maybe if this works well we can move onto Nuzlockes, and other games that involve character names for more interaction!



  • I want to sign up, I want to be male
  • I'll sign up for duty, gotta kick these Aliens off our planet (male btw)
  • I wanna do this even though I have zero background knowledge of this game. Make me female too just because that'd be neat. For background if you want to give me one make it Scientist related maybe I was so bad at being a scientist you're throwing me into combat to see if i can survive.
  • oh and for my character if you want/can try to play my character as much more of a coward as I'm not used to battle.
  • I'd like to signup as a male heavy duty machine gunist, wanna blast those aliens back from where they came from.
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    Sign me up boss, I drink ayy lmao blood for dinner. Make me a male sniper if you can, and let it be known that my signature is puncturing enemy skulls through the left eye.
  • If you are still taking I could be a male Assualt class (shotguns for dayssss)
  • i'd sign up for male assault, ideal with all defensive stuff but double tap.
  • i haven't played xcom before but if i can join then ill be a male
  • I will love o help protect earth
  • @Toruk ;
    @runegod20 ;
    @xxthatguy11xx ;
    @Pufflemore ;
    Soldiers are now active.

    Also, first AAR post incoming :D
  • (do we get character sheets?)
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    Operation Brutal Mist

    "The Rookies First Mission"

    Location: Cape Town, South Africa

    XCOM Operatives on Mission:The XCom Operatives land in what seems to be a foyer for a restaurant. They scan the area, taking hold around some benches, with the Veteran Heavy, Heartgold taking the charge. However, something catches the rookie know as Runegod's eyes, a strange looking canister, something we now refer to as Meld. He runs over to the canister and collects the odd substance. The other two rookies, Pufflemore and Murlin hold up in some sort of open truck, making sure HeartGold's back is covered. As the party begins to get uneasy, 2 Sectoids come running through the dining room section of the restaurant, into the kitchen. What they didn't know is that Heartgold was just outside, and had the two Sectoids in his sights. He aims his LMG, and fires. The two sectoids fall to the floor.

    The three rookies begin moving around the Meld container, but are ambushed by Two Sectoids, who both fire at the rookies, critically damaging Pufflemore. The other two rookies immediately take cover by two strange alien contraptions, while Pufflemore flees to the truck to get better coverage. 

    HeartGold tries to get back to the squad of rookies, but as he tries too, she sees two more Sectoids coming from the same place the two he obliterated come from. He mutters under his breath as he flees to the rookies, and takes position near them, reloading his LMG.

    Runegod and Murlin however, are under fire by the two Sectoids. As Runegod is hit by a Sectoid, he manages to take one down, and flee back towards the truck as well. Murlin manages to keep the Sectoid at bay while Runegod goes around to flank. He runs over to a lamp post by the side of the Sectoid, and shoots, and just barely misses the Sectoid. As runegod fears for the worst, the Sectoid begins to charge up his Alien Pistol. But fearing the worst for his compatriot, Murlin chucks a grenade over to the Sectoid, and kills it. He grabs the rookie by the hand, and guides him over to where Pufflemore is, and goes back into the heat of the battle, to aid HeartGold.

    There seems to be a stagnation on the Battlefield, as both sides are pinned. Murlin comes in at the right time, and tips the tide. A Sectoid, itching for some action moves up towards the entrance of the restaurant where our operatives landed. However Murlin, starting to get the hang of this alien fighting thing shoots it in the face, and the Sectoid body falls over. This comes at a cost though, as while Murlin is distracted, the other Sectoid gets a shot off at HeartGold, getting him through his armor. HeartGold, pissed off that he was hit runs up to the Sectoid and blows it to smithereens with a Grenade.

    Heartgold and Murlin manage to assist Pufflemore, and Runegod up, and get into the Skyranger and come home victorious.

    The Commander seeing everything as he always does approaches Murlin while they're recovering from the battle.

    "You fought valiantly in the face of danger, and put your comrades over yourself. Because of that, I am rewarding you with the Urban Fighter badge."

    The Commander then puts the medal on Murlin's suit, and leaves.

    (Hope you guys liked Part 1! Stay Tuned for More!)    
    (I should also mention that if you guys want to roleplay in here while in the barracks, go ahead!)
  • Yay I'm more useful in this than I've been in any other rp forum and I don't even control me in this 
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    @Murlin22 ;
    If you want, you and the other guys and gals can RP in here! It'll be while you guys are recovering/chilling in the barracks! I think it'll be something that'll allow you guys to contribute more! :D

  • I would like to sign up. Male. The quiet type, will take a bullet

    Its not required but if you have a soilder available with the Ireland flag on them please pick that one for me.

  • @Boland ;
    Soldier is now active.
  • I hope I never have to be thrown into a mission with you horrid bags of sweat. I wish I could just relax and be the scientist I was destined to be. Just because I made one mistake ruining an experiment I'm punished by becoming a soldier. At least I'll look great.
  • Break me in as a guy carrying a medpack. Blond hair, navy blue armor, and the stupidest hat and beard you got.
  • @FungiWizard Surprised they even let you on the program with an attitude like that, doesn't even sound like you'd be much good in a fight either. Besides, it's no contest who's the most skilled or best looking soldier is when i'm on the field.
  • YES I SURVIVE THE FIRST BATTLE *put staying alive here
  • @runegod20 Don't be foolish, just look at your haircut. And even so, I'm much better than a just a lowly soldier, and have you seen those disgusting things? They'd bring down my complexion, plus I don't want to touch any fluid that comes out of those things.
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    plz if possible but sunglasses on my solider and the most wild west hat there is in Xcom
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    Operation Fallen Tears

    "And the Tears Shall be Shed"

    Location: Nagoya, Japan
    XCOM Operatives on Mission:
    The mission began as a simple downed UFO near the coast of Japan. The team of new rookies and The Pez set out on Skyranger to a local farm, where the Locals said the UFO crash landed. The team deployed near the farm, and got into their positions. Their first encounter with the Sectoids was in the Barn. This went rather smoothly as both were killed by Toruck.

    After scouting ahead, Boland found another one of those Meld containers. He quickly snatched up the substance and stored it in his armor. 

    After dispatching the two Sectoids, the party set their sights on the UFO itself, and was in awe of the craft, as it strangely took no damage from the fight that caused it to crash. However, they got too close. A figure formed from seemingly nothing, as it proceeded to attack the party. Thatguy, in an act of courage (and stupidity, possibly) ran up to the "Outsider" and killed it single-handedly. Thatguy then began to study the body of the Outsider, and as he was, the body disappeared, just like the weapons off of the Sectoids they killed.

    While he is studying the body, the other members of the squad engage 2 Sectoids. One of the Sectoids immediately run into the ship, and the other engages the XCOM operatives in a fire fight. The Pez immediately perches on one of the Silos, and fixates her aim on the Sectoid that ran inside while Toruk and Boland both run into the barn and hole up in there, and begin pinning the remaining Sectoid outside. As Toruk takes a shot at the Sectoid outside, killing it, everyone outside hears a giant thud inside the ship. Out from the ship comes a Sectoid covered in blood. The Pez immediately takes a shot from her sniper, and shoots the Sectoid in the head. 

    Fearing the worst, the three soldiers equip their pistols and begin to walk towards the space ship. And their worst fears were correct, inside the ship, slumped over the ship's command center is Thatguy, with a giant hole through his head and chest. All three soldiers look at the grisly scene in horror, as Boland calls for the Skyranger.

    The Skyranger picks up the three soldiers, the body, a key ship parts to aid their effort against the aliens. The commander, seeing the Battle, slams his fist on the desk, and says to himself:
    "Damnit, I expected casualties, but this early? He was a rookie too, damnit, this is all my fault. I'll make sure he is remembered greatly."

    The Commander puts the body of That Guy on display for fellow soldiers to see, and pay respects.
    (Well, first death. I'm sorry it came so early, but what can you do, bullshit criticals are bullshit. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy Part 2!)

  • (killed in action :( )
  • Oh no oh no! Most of us are fresh meat and someone's been killed in action? Geeze I really don't wanna go down there now!
  • Operation Driving Knife

    "Scuffle Down Under"

    Location: Sydney, Australia
    XCOM Operatives:
    The Squad was called late at night to Australia, where an Alien Abduction took place at what seemed like a trainyard. The veterans, the original fighters decided it was time to team up together, so they called forth for the mission, and thought it would be a piece of cake. The team landed on the impasse between two train tracks. 

    The team set forth and set up on the left side of the train impasse. The Pez, set perch up on the roof, but noticed that 2 Sectoids were on the bottom and commanded that to the team. the team set up, and hunkered down on and by the train. Then the Sectoids start moving.

    Before anyone can even react, one of the Sectoids aims his pistol at Nemman, and with the luckiest shot ever, hits Nemman in the face, killing him instantly. Their attitude shifted from confidence to down right fear as one of the oldest of the veterans was killed in an instant.

    The other Sectoid next to the one that killed Nemman enhanced him, and moved onto another spot of cover.

    Heartgold, filled with rage that a comrade died, rained a hail of bullets upon the two Sectoids, killing the one that enhanced the other Sectoid, killing him as a result. The Pez and Toruk move the body of Nemman to the Evac Zone, and prepare for the second onslaught of Sectoids. They reposition themselves to the center, just as more Sectoids appear. 

    However, these Sectoids are no match for Toruk and Heartgold, as they end up killing the rest of the Sectoids, as The Pez softens them up with his pistol.

    The veterans come home carrying their dead friend in a bodybag. Something the Commander was not expecting, because of their experience. He dismisses the Veterans knowing they had one hell of a day. He looks at the body of Nemman and says.
    "What they did to you was unfair. These fuckers will pay, for you and for That Guy. Your deaths won't be in vain."

    He then puts the body of Nemman on display, for everyone to give their respects.

    (Hope you guys enjoy Part 3!)

  • We will avenge these two deaths and all other deaths to come. They will not fall in vain!
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    This is awful! These poor souls. I just want all of this to be over. No more war, no more fighting. These aliens need to go. I don't wanna see anyone else die. Especially not me. So I'll stay up here and you guys can be the heroes. You'll all be praised right? You guys get praised and I'm safe in here.
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