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What is everyone’s favorite URealms campaign from Season 3?

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Now that season 3 is over I want to see what everyone’s favorite URealms campaign from Season is whether it’s for RP, Combat, Story or just plain fun. 


  • I said in another thread but I really liked The Purge, story wise I still feel weird about Gwyneth going berserk like she did in the opening cinematic even after context from The Lightbeards. Besides that, the dynamic of the party in that campaign was really fun, I liked Justin's character and the fun little thing he had going with money, it'll be cool to see what he gets up to outside of battle on Bopen's crew.  Roamin's character and his mom were great, so sad the mom is gone, she could have had so much potential in the future.  Spiff's character and her girlfriend had a really cute thing going on and the grief displayed near the end was heart-wrenching. The gimmick of so many crit fails with Deadbones was also fun and I like how he turned it into a nice story for his character, trying to get better.  The end was also very interesting, with solidly reinforcing that Bopen can't be killed by conventional means and turning Lance into an ageless which is sure to have interesting consequences for the foreseeable future.
  • For me it would be the Senate of Deadlantis, and then maybe the Purge after that. Obviously winning the Divine decision automatically makes that campaign my favorite, but even after rewatching it a couple times I can still consider it my favorite for this season due to the great role-play, especially with the Deadlantis section. 
    After that the Purge was really great, and probably had the most tension filled battle at the end against Lance. Morton was an especially great character by Justin, and having Bopen arrive after they had managed to defeat Lance was really great.
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    My favorite campaigns in season three was propably the Purge, followed by Senate of deadlantis and the last Beenu.
  • My favorite campaigns in season 3 were The purge, Galen Sunsword private investigator, and The Lightbeards  I really liked the story and characters in the Purge, the lore in The Lightbeards. I really liked all the lawyer/figulenty stuff in GSPI, the jokes in that campaign just don't get old and stay hilarious no matter how many times i watch it. 
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    Gotta say the purge almost solely because of the hype animation it got. But there were basically no bad shows the only one I find forgettable was the touw 2 but I still enjoyed it live
  • The sandbolds was pretty good, but just like everyone else I probably have to go with the purge. 

    The preview video gives me fucking chills and admittedly the season finale did not do a whole lot to add to that, but thats mostly because it was already super hype.

    Morton and Percy were absolutely incredible characters. Admittedly I don't really remember much about deadbone's or Spiff's characters that campaign, but I don't remember many characters at all to be honest. 

    Morton was just so incredibly to his character. He was pretty much just a greedy mayor and Justin played it incredibly. He never felt like he was really doing anything uncharacteristic and to top it off the dude is rocking 3 and a half legendaries. 

    Percy on the other hand felt like Roamin's best effort to really get into role playing. He went all out on making a busted character and just focused on his character rather than min maxing. I don't know if rob talked to roamin beforehand or what, but it was a great story.

  • I 2nd 'The Sandbolds'.
  • The Purge was really great even for a "combat heavy" and "long-encounter" type of campaign. Sandbolds and Senate too, especially for lore, but that weakens them in an "on their own" kinda way.

    But my favorite is Galen Sunsword PI; everybody's character was amazing and did not outshine the others like in Purge and LAG I feel.
    There was also the perfect amount of derailing, and the most tenses moments in the season: the pursuit and last act were nerve wreacking, I could sleep afterward.
    The DD was on a small scale, like the Purge one, but had less overhaul impact. Perharps that the the most "oh well" point.
    In the end, I feel like it's a very good entry point for new fans, like Sunswords. It's solid on almost every aspect, not too connected to the rest of the universe to overwhelm, really funny and tense.
  • 1. The Purge > great story and characters with a lot of stakes and emotions.
    2. Galen Sunswords PI > funny, impactfull, emotional and exciting. 
    3. Senate of Deadlantis > exciting, emotional and a great story.
  • a night to remember 
  • My favorite was definitely The Sandbolds, both because I won the divine decision for it, and because Millbee's character combined with Deadbones' attribute made the Sandbolds so corrupt that by the end of it Maelstrom seemed justified for wanting revenge on them. The campaign went off the rails in the best way possible, and I love nothing more in this show then when things don't go as planned. 
  • Like everyone else, gotta go with the Purge as what I felt is the most satisfying stand alone campaign of the season. The character arcs were phenomenal, the combat fantastic, and the humor on point. However, for me the Senate of Deadlantis and every campaign after Lyn Azveltara Gaiden I could argue come right up as a close second. For Lightbeards especially, which seems to get more interesting and better the more I watch it.
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    For me the lightbeards is easily the best. The others are all so good but GPO is great also.
  • I agree with the majority, The Purge was just so good. Galen Sunsword PI probably close too with a good mix of lore and millbeeness
  • I have to say I'm surprised how popular the Purge was as I didn't think it was the best this season though I thought it was really good.
  • I really liked the Purge too. Tho my favorite campaign was Senate of Deadlantis.
  • As a viewer, the Sandbolds with the Purge as a very close second, as a player, Senate of Deadlantis for all the pure RP and visible character developments, and as a GM, Galen Sunsword PI needs a special mention for making an all-lawful party the worst thing to happen to a plot ever.
  • I'd say Purge narrowly beats out Galen Sunsword for my S3 favourite just because of how hype the final combat was. Insane luck like that is where tabletop roleplay really shines.
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    Spoilers ahead:

    The Purge was buck wild. But the subplot in Galen Sunsword of screwing around with the players and Galen was great, as well as the unexpectedness of a party consisting of lawyers. It made me laugh super hard, which is why it is second on my personal podium. As for a third favourite, it is a tie between Lightbeards and the Senate of Deadlantis due to them both having major lore implications that will effect next season in a major way ( A big war, ageless have cities underwater, etc... and Thor being stuck in a statue, Gwenyth's angst after becoming the Grand Paladin in part due to how the process works). 
  • i liked Galen Sunsword, Sandbolds, and Lyn Azveltara Gaiden.
  • For some reason, I’ve always been a person who claims that Season 2 was the Golden Age of URealms, but after rewatching most of the campaigns from Season 3, I think the Golden Age is just getting started.
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