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Unity Campaign 1, events and DD

Hello everyone, I'm going to have Urealms fan campaign with a few friends from discords and well I have prepared events for that campaign. I have no plans on recording anything, i just thought it would be fun to have people vote on things to happen in the campaign. If you ask me it makes it more like the live shows, which I think will be fun for all parties involved.

Now my events will work differently than most other games and I hope to explain it simply as possible. Basically, you give me a roll like this  and say the top 3 events you like, then before the campaign starts I cut off like the two least popular events. the Events are divided up into 2 groups, positive for the party and negative for the party, you vote for them separately, meaning you can give two rolls for each one.

The same for Divine Decision, where you have to give another roll, but it's just 2 options. Also, this decision might not affect the campaign, but my lore for the world, and I like having things be cryptic, so I won't explain what the worldwide effects are, until a later date.

an example of one comment can be:
Roll  for positive events, and my favorites are 1, 3, and 5
Roll  for Negative events, and my favorites are 2, 3 and 6.
Roll  for Divine Decision, and my choice is option 2

The Campaign names and details

Some of the Campain's detail.

Home at Last

You are all apart of a scouting mission, lead by the Demi Divine Modi Thorsson, to explore the old dwarven homelands of the north seas. The dwarves had lived on huge islands on the sea, building many great structures on them, but after a plague force the dwarves out onto the lands of Unity, this land has been almost forgotten. But the Children of Thor have seen a vision, of the once great islands being free of the plague, and the return of the dwarves back to to the islands. They are leading many expeditions into these lands, hoping to prove they can be resettled, but many horrors will be in your guy's way.

This will be using my unity lore from the RP forum games I had run in the past.

Here are the Events and Divine Decision for my upcoming campaign.
Note: Negative Events aren't described, just their names are listed, might change that for a later campaign 



Act 1

Tech Support: 
The expedition had hired a gnome from the tech company Lux Industries, name Luke Hay. They will gain fast communication with other expeditions, he will also reward each play a special treasure each. If this event goes off, other expeditions will have other Lux Industries gnomes, who may bring gifts as well.

Thunder Guard:
Spawn three Thunder Guards to protect Modi from threats, these guards are mighty as they mainly use Thunder dome and other Thane attack multiple times. They are lead by a powerful character called Thud Thunder Guard. Thud Thunder Guard leads the religious group known as the Thunder Guardians, who protect all children of Thor and used to guard Thor when he was their king. If this event goes off, all children of Thor will always have three Thunder Guards around them at all time.

Clan Jötunn:
Spawn a Giant Dwarf called Aurvandil Boulderbreaker, he is a subrace of the dwarf called the Jötunn, which lived on one of the major islands in the dwarven Homelands. These Giant dwarfs were made by Thor to look more threatening to all other races. If this event goes off the Jötunn becomes a playable race for any players in the next campaigns.

Act 2

Chosen Compass, cardinal of the South:
A player or a main npc will roll dice to see if they are chosen for the special role of a cardinal direction, this now does little to nothing, but give them a choice to roll 2 dice anytime they want and maybe some hints about the campaign. The true gravity of the event will come to the end of the arc if the other three cardinals events are chosen as well.

Timewalker’s eyes:
The legendary time mage ✦✺♛≭❖⊗ has decided to keep an eye the dwarves journey back home and he may decide to help a party member in their time of need. Having this event goes off then all of the campaigns this arc will have more Timewalker events.

Create a mermaid with a male gender, changing the race into the mer-race. He will change the direction the mermaid lore was heading, also help some crew members in the 2nd act and make it overall an easier act.

Act 3

Treasures like no other:
Around the destroyed town there will be treasures everywhere, this event spawn’s treasures all over the map, that can search for once around the area. With this said, two special treasures are also spawned and found, these special treasures are worth a lot and are highly valued.

People like no other:
Around the map, the players can find bodies of the end, but not all had to of died, this event can make two of them still live, but for how long is unknown. If found and befriend, this event can change how the story ends.

Act 4

Thor’s strength:
Thor has blessed one of the players massive strength to help then in the final act. When this is activated all players will have a roll off, with the higher roll winning, when the winner is chosen, they will see a vision of the past as well.

Last Flame:
During the final act, the players have a large chance of dying during the act, which is where this event comes in. Once a player has died, they are not out of the fire yet, as their body burns in a holy flame and keeps on fighting. The player who dies will keep on playing till the end of the act, trying to save the other players from a painful death.


Act 1

Brothers of Yangard

Father comes to work day

Act 2

Mermaid’s lust

Enrage with love

Act 3

Limited time

Explosive ending

Act 4

Ruby eyes 

Divine Decision:
Question: Who is Roamin in Unity?
Answer One: A Elf
Make Roamin The Paladin an elf in my lore, who lived in the per Birth of magic age
Answer Two: A Dwarf
Make Roamin The Paladin a dwarf in my lore, who lived in the aftermath of the Birth of magic


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