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The Locket Discussion

The Locket we are referring to appears durring s3c10e1 at just past 5 minutes in. Showing an image of a well dressed elf or possibly gnone on the left side of the open locket and a photo of a female benue on the right.

Rob clearly mentions "oh yeah there is that sneaky part at the..." he wants us to know about this, yet clearly continues on. Leading to the need for discussion.

So far the male presumably elf could be any number of people. And as for the female benue there is only one clear option of people we know of it might be, the gender fluid benue Ghost blade. Although I find this hard to believe due to how well she is dressed.

Here is a theory I have. These are Ghost blades real parents. I know this sounds absurd but we never actually see the birth of ghost blade. We have no idea how she was actually introduced to her current 'family'. After all ghost blade shows clear evidence of being a benue and an elf (the ears). Both her mothers are elves. Even with dragon magic why would any dragon inpregnate a dual elf couple with a benue child. At best its possible the child wasnt seeded in its current mother but transported into the whom.

Any other thoughts on who these two mistery people could be?


  • @MoistForGnomes I feel like that'd be a bit of a cheap cop-out given how it was part of a divine decision, although I do feel like those two characters do have importance and despite nothing supporting it I get the feeling it's related to Bopen since we know so little of their past.
  • My theory on this locket, with the Elven Male and the Female Beenu are actually the King of all Elves himself. Rohbear Leomaris and the Queen of all Beenu [Unknown Name]. It would explain on why Rohbear didn't want Lyn to go around killing the Beenu as he was trying to negoation terms with the Beenu but also explains why he shows aggression towards anyone that speaks of the Old Gods.

    In the Flashback where Lyn and Rohbear talk and Lyn speaks about how they (us) promise me a child if I do this, Rohbear saw our influence kill a race as well as probably his lover too. Then his hate towards his own Brother, Nader, for speaking about this blasphmey of the Old Gods. Backed up by the dark hold he put Dougless in when he started speaking stories of Old God influences.
  • @MrAnything01

    His hate towards his brother predates the BoM and so the extinction of the Beenu, so that can't be the only reason he's angry towards him
  • Thats a great point you have there MrAnything01, but there seems to be a few problems with this theory. To start the elf looks nothing like any depiction of Rohbear shown to us to date. Secondly as BlackWhiteCavais mentioned the pre dating hatred. But with a few changes in future campaigns this is something i could see developing. The issue with this is that the king of all elves sees other creatures as a lesser form usually. Similar but not as extreme as the high bears. Why would the original elf love or possibly mate with a benue?
  • You guys already have the answer to this, you just haven't put it together.
  • What if the Elf is a son Lyn had that we dont know about?
  • It’s lyn’s husband(unnamed), and lyn’s daughter Ghostblade. As for why it’s at the end of the preview video, I don’t know. Maybe because it was revealed this campaign that ghostblade was the one who killed Bruce.
  • @MrAnything01 I don’t think it could be Rohbear, just cause in the Cobblers Borris has a bison where Rohbear marries Layla, one of Golestandt’s children, who specifically takes the form of an elf. However, since visions are not necessarily true, this isn’t damning evidence. @kreeperkiller63 I also don’t think it could be Ghostblade, just because the way that they are depicted kind of implies that the Beanu is like a lover of some kind (at least she seems to have a similar locket depicted around her neck). 
    However, it’s almost definitely related to Lyn and her husband in some way, as it’s the image that would have played the end of Lyn Azveltara Gaiden if the divine desicion had gone the other way. Perhaps it’s Lyn and her husband, and Lyn is disguised as a Beanu for some reason? That would be incredibly strange, but we have seen her disguise as a Beanu before. Or maybe it’s Lyn’s husband and some Beanu who he loved in secret from Lyn, essentially cheating on her? But his attitude, and appearance for that matter, seems to contradict that, based on what we saw in that one vision in Azveltara Gaiden. 
  • Again, it is a Theory. Yes, i know is hatred for his brother pre-dates what Lyn did, however don't you think it is just back-ups his hate towards us? First, it infected his brother, now it has infected Lyn. Yes, we voted for visions to be damned and that my not look like Rohbear.

    So that is why I was thinking that could be a younger Naders, I wasn't going to put it in the same thread but it didn't feel has true as the Rohbear theory. Yet! I do believe that this could be Lyn and her Husband, not just from the evidence of Lyn being about to disguise as a Beenu, but more of the fact the Locket Image is a thing that only we have viewed.

    So my theory is that it's the Old Gods' Locket of Lyn and her husband, the Beenu is Lyn not because she is disguised but because we view her as a Beenu instead of an elf, we would like like for her to stuff by transforming her into the thing she hates the most. But after all this said, these are just theories and the answers to them may or may not be true. Just have to wait and see what Rob gives us.
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    I know Rob is saying That we Have the answer to this question, But i feel we would Have to know who the beenu Woman is in order to come to a good conclusion. And when it comes to beenus we know still not That much about thier culter or behaver? Like the one beenu name we Have is from someone how isn't named by a beenu. We also Have No clear idé of who this medalion could belong to? Like most folk would Have images of there loved ones in there and Not them self, so most likly this is images of folks close to the one That owned the medalion. So in the end i think Rob believe we Have what we need and mabey we do, But we dont Have any good grasp of what is part of the puzzle and what is just random fact. We would first need more context before the answer could be put together well. Or at lest a hint what we would be looking for. 
  • Well if Rob says we know the answer it’s likely that we do know the beenu woman and iirc we only really know 2 beenu that matter (Ghostblade and Lyn took the form of a beenu one time) @LexderMob
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    However that theories been mentioned before, so Rob saying we just haven't put it together sorta disproves that. @Mega_muncher (The Ghostblade one).
  • True but what Lexder is saying is that we need to know the beenu woman to come to the conclusion. Rob saying we have the answer probably implies we don’t need to know about their culture. There are a lot of male elf characters but Ghostblade is one of the only beenu so if we have all the pieces, it’s probably something to do with Ghostblade. Maybe Lyn owns the locket of her family or it’s of Ghostblades parents but if we have all pieces I doubt it’s a picture of the Beenu Queen or some other beenu. We do need more context to get a less general answer. Did Rob ever rule out that it’s a locket of Ghostblade and Lyn’s husband though? Rob said we haven’t put it together yet before Kreeperkiller mentioned it.
  • @Mega_muncher It being Lyn's doesn't really make sense, since she didn't like Ghostblade and only saw them as a tool. Also, Ghostblade was raised to be an assassin, and that Beenu looks well-dressed and noble (which doesn't really fit any side of Ghostblade we've seen in either time-frame). Rob did comment before Kreeperkiller, however it's been mentioned in a few of these Locket discussions on the forums. Also, one key thing is that they also had Naders' symbol on 'em.
  • Yeah that actually makes sense, I just don’t know who else it could be though, is there any other known beenu or someone who could be a beenu? @UnluckyBimi
  • @Mega_muncher I don't we have any other known Beenu, but there's one person who could've been a Beenu or been in a close relationship (either friend, lover or child since you don't really put non-close peoples' pictures in a locket otherwise). The only character (who I recall off the top of my head) who doesn't have a confirmed race is Bopen. (Nothing supports it though, although I do have a personal nagging feeling that it has something to do with Bopen despite having no leg to stand on). - But it could be Ghostblade, or some other Beenu, however seeing what Rob said I find it hard to believe that we truly have to know who the characters inside are to understand the truth behind the locket. It's probably something so obvious that we've all glanced over.
  • @Mega_muncher The reanimated beenu skeletons in Zarlin
  • Yo, can we connect the beenu apparition (the one from Unexpected Discovery) to this locket?
    Not 100% about her being a beenu, but she may be ancient and has knowledge about the meta stuff like Nader. Also Sursurflame was found in that place so it may be a clue for further involvement.

    I dunno, might be a good time to rewatch that campaign.
  • Ok so sixelona is streaming right now and irishlily is talking with her in voice chat and she saw this post. She said she knows who they aren't but won't reveal it to use. She did let on that there was one right answer in terms of the Beenu's identity.
  • @blockington99 Or did i? i only said that i saw one right answer, didn't say to which question it was to. hehehehehehehehehehehe
  • @Irishxlily are you sure about that?
    "They've got some really wild theories about who the beenu is" <six interupts> "I mean I saw one right answer"
  • @blockington99 maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong. I could have been just referring to the theorizing as a whole or about the beenu woman directly. >:D
  • Okay, so since the answer is somewhere in this thread, I’m going to list who we’ve theorized could be each character in the locket.
    The Man could be:
    Ghostblade’s real father
    King Rohbear Leomaris
    Lyn’s son
    Lyn’s husband

    And the Beenu could be:
    Ghostblade’s real mother
    Queen of all Beenu
    Lyn disguised/symbolized as a Beenu
    The Beenu apparition in Unexpected Discovery

    Somewhere here is the right answer to the Beenu’s identity, as the very least.

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    @LMCobra505 should also take into account rob saying we already know the answer to this. Which means it can't be anyone we don't know whether or not they exist. Which removes the following from the list:
    -Ghostblade's "real" father
    -Lyn's son
    -Lyn's husband
    -Ghostblades "real" mother
    -Queen of all Beenu
  • @LMCobra505 ghostblade real mother’s are Lyn and Bei Mei. We made her child and made that child a beenu. We can knock off real mother and real father because that would conflict with already established canon.

    I don’t see how it could be the queen of all beenu for two reasons, 1. We have no reason to think a beenu queen exists. And 2. A beenu queen has no plot relevance to the campaign or any of the main story lines going on, so it would make no sense for it to be a beenu queen. So let’s also knock that one off.

    It seems more than a stretch to say it relates to Bopen in anyway. To me this theory goes like, “we don’t know where bopen came from, so we might as assume that the locket is connected” there is nothing to actually suggest bopen has anything to do with the locket. Nore would the locket being bopen make any sense in the context of when we see it.

    I don’t see it being Rohbear, though this claim does hold more weight to it than others. I feel like if it is rohbear, then it would look more like rohbear. It being rohbear does make alittle more sense in context. but at the same time, rohbear hasn’t done anything with the beenu for showing us the locket to matter.

    I dismiss the ghost beenu apparition for many of he same reasons, we don’t have an explanation, but unlike bopen we don’t need an explanation for this character.

    The beenu isn’t lyn, makes no sense in context. And out of character for lyn.

    one more thing I want to bring up is we don’t know who the locket belongs to, it might not belong to anyone and is just used to tell us old gods something, we don’t know.
    But if your argument is it wouldn’t make sense for Lyn to have that character in her locket, then I’m going to say, then it probably isn’t her locket.

    I don’t see it being Lyn’s son just because we don’t have reason to think she has a son, or if she can even have anymore children.

    I say we narrow it down to ether
    male Lyn’s husband, beenu ghostblade.
    Or the locket is just symbolic.
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    I'm probably horrifically mis-remembering, but didn't roamin in the purge claim that ghostblade was their father? I don't remember if rob shot that down or what exactly happened with it, but if you look at percy shaved and compare it to the locket you can see a striking resemblance. I would guess the locket would have to belong to ghostblade as percy seemed to hardly know his father to the point of not even knowing they are not elven, nor a dude.
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    @ThePhatSass Roamin claimed that the elf from Senate of Deadlantis towards the end of act 3 that just piled up bodies was his father, who at the time, the community wanted that to become ghostblade. And remember, Percy is actually a keen, so his elven father was an in universe reason to explain why he was 8ft tall, so he wouldnt exactly look like a "pure" elf
  • They never said it was in this one thread alone. So it doesn’t have to just be the ones mentioned here. @LMCobra505
  • I think the Elf in the locket is Nader. While Nader mentions his wife and daughters in the book of the Lightbeards, no one said they were elves.
  • @Mari_Solaris That is a good possibility, but whenever we've seen Nader he's had a beard. (Although he could've shaved it for a bit, wouldn't be the first character to).

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