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What We've Done to Gwyneth and Lance

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Now this is my first post but this thought has been on my mind for a while. The 2 choices that could have been Grand Paladin (Lance & Gwyneth) have both had a slightly twisted fate because of us. Gwyneth lost herself to the soul of the Grand Paladin after not only the loss of her father, but her brother's betrayal, and the loss of her baby. And Lance, who became the very thing he despised after being taunted by Bopen so much that he couldn't handle his new fate and ran away, essentially having a mental breakdown. I don't really have a point, I just wanted to say how it's kinda poetic if you think about.


  • @Indago ;
    For sure, that's what I love about how this storyline has gone. It's super duper poetic and the dice have told a sinister story. Despite wanting the Lance GP decision I like how this stuff couldn't have come out more tragic in a sense.
  • what we need is to somehow imbue Lance with some very powerful dark magic, but still keep him on the side of good,

    that way we can have the grand paladin and the grand... death knight i guess? as two opposite forces of power fighting side by side.

    like that would ever happen.
  • Lance for death knight I love it
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